What health care plans does Baucus have up his sleeve?

In a letter of congratulations,
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus told Obama he’s already
got health reform on his radar.

THCB regular Michael Millenson doesn’t understand Baucus’ strategy.

Here’s Millenson’s two theories on what this could mean:

Scenario No. 1: The Republicans in Congress, chastened by their election losses, join in a lame-duck effort with Democrats who, in the a spirit of forgiveness and comity, help pass a bipartisan health care reform plan before Christmas. President Bush, fresh from long weeks of prayer and repentance, signs the bill on the morning of January 20 with President-elect Obama looking on. Bush hands him a pen, and then they step out onto the Capitol Rotunda for the swearing-in.Alternative scenario: Baucus holds a press conference and Obama aides wonder silently why a *!# Democratic senator is upstaging a guy from his own party who just won a resounding and historic victory with health care at the very center of it. Republicans, meanwhile, encourage Kennedy to introduce his own plan, and maybe Bernie Sanders wants to try his hand at a real socialist version and, by gosh, it sure is great to see the Democrats being Democrats.

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