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Health care information technology in an early Obama AdministrationBy JOHN HALAMKA

When Obama takes office in January, the economy will be his first
priority, followed by the war in Iraq. Health care will follow as his
next major issue to address. What will he do? I imagine
he’ll take a phased approach to ensuring all Americans have access to
health care. Given the change management needed to accomplish this, it
will take a while. FULL POST

The next president’s health agendaBy MERRILL GOOZNER

A year ago, health care held a solid lead in the polls as the number
one concern of the American people. But by the time the Iowa caucuses
closed, and Barack Obama surged to his unexpected win, it had been
supplanted by the economy … FULL POST

Social solidarity is key to meaningful health reformBy MAGGIE MAHAR

In the recent past, some progressives have warned that liberals made
a mistake when they reached out to minorities, new immigrants, and
gays, "ignoring" the mainstream middle class. But in fact,
"mainstream" America is no longer one recognizable culture. FULL POST

Is much more than we think really possible?By MATTHEW HOLT

On THCB today Maggie Mahar basically tells the health reform crowd to be patient. But two members of the unreconstructed left in other venues don’t agree. In the NY Times Paul Krugman says that deficit spending is OK, and correctly points out that Obama has a real mandate to fix the underlying problems of middle America  — and yes, that would include health care. FULL POST

"The EMR is the Foundation of Everything We Do"
Scott Shreeve interviews
Anna-Lisa Silvestre, the VP of Online Services for Kaiser Permanente. TRANSCRIPT

Sermo CEO Daniel PalestrantVIDEO with BNet’s David Hamilton

Sermo has very quickly become the big Kahuna in the physician social
network space. So big in fact that its rivals trumpet how different
they are from it in their models and approach. VIDEO

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