Finally, a reason to support Obama’s health care plan

Scott Gottlieb (Wall Street flack, disastrous Bush FDA appointee, and now “Fellow” at the oh-so-independent American Enterprise Institute) is against it.

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  1. Why are americans paying for the plan? Why isnt’ congress imposing limits on what is considered “reasonable costs” for care? Does it really cost $100,000 for an x-ray? If there was a cap on reasonable and customary fees, health care would be affordable.

  2. Well Wes, seems that Wikipedia page has been deleted. Maybe it was because it didn’t contain many facts??
    I certainly don’t hold Democrats in too high regard as they have taken about as much lobby money as the Repugs and usually don’t have much backbone defining issues, and I’m NO fan of Barney Frank. But if we go back to the start of the Republican control of Washington when Reagan did two terms, the overwhelming Republican mantra has been, “government is your enemy and the unencumbered free market is what creates wealth, and the only good tax is no tax” – oh, and “god is on our side”. We’ve certainly seen Republican control of Congress and the Senate since about 1994, even Clinton had to deal with it. There was absolute Republican control in 2002 when GW Bush was president(“political capital to spend”). And the most powerful Republican it seems, Alan Greenspan, has been fed chairman from 1987 to 2006; he’s certainly no kind of regulation/oversight guy. So with all that Republican firepower where has the “fix” been? Hell, where has the deficit been during Reagan and the latest Bush? – THROUGH THE ROOF! If you check history the U.S. has had 12 massive bailouts since Reagan came to power. That includes the present on-going one. And certainly the S&L scandal which brought us the “Keating Five”, of which 4 were Democrats (the fifth being that moral maverick John McCain), did not prove Democrats have higher standards. Certainly the legalization of “Bucket Shops” trading with the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, when Cinton was President and Republicans controlled Congress, AND Greenspan was Fed Chairman, did spread the blame, a little, but overwhelmingly Republicans have presided over privatizing profits and socializing losses, as well as “spreading the wealth” from the middle class (who took on more and more debt) to the wealthy class – their constituents. It certainly wasn’t Democrats who authorized liar loans to sub-prime borrowers that had ARM terms everyone knew they couldn’t keep. It wasn’t Democrats who authorized comlicit real estate agents and appraisers from fueling false valuations, or from dishonest mortage brokers or wall street securitizers that had their connected rating houses give the bad debt the AAA seal of approval so they could sell it overseas. Does wall street have any Democrats? What we really need to clean up is the flow of money from corporate America to our political leaders that perverts policy and which gives us what we have. As for the phrase, “God Bless America”, where has he been, certainly not on our side.

  3. Polarized bickering over who got us into this mess only gets in the way of getting us out of it. Unfortunately increasing polarization has characterized US politics for nearly 20 years, and we are all suffering as a result. Instead of pointing fingers and chanting our faction’s bumper sticker philosophies, we need to work together to figure out what works going forward.
    As a life time Republican, it shocks me that Obama may be the one able to carry that off.

  4. Although Democrats pressed for much more aggressive measures to combat predatory lending schemes, the Repbulicans kept their distance. American leadership is the key to any viable solution, but the Bush administration’s leadership was disastrous. Alan Greenspan acknowledged that the crisis had exposed flaws in his thinking and in the workings of the free-market system. Alan Greenspan said he had made a mistake. Gee! Gives you that nice, warm, cuddling feeling. Doesn’t it?

  5. @Peter: because the Republicans caused the housing crisis? Better check your facts. Here is one democrat that will actually admit the truth. There are some other great articles that say the same thing if you just look… Check it out rather than just believing what comes out of their mouths today.

  6. It’s getting to be that if Republicans are against it, it’s a good idea, and if their for it, get ready to bail it out.

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