Ready or not, it’s time for Health 2.0!

Tonight the party starts, the beautiful (and not so beautiful) people gather, and the shows under way—and that’s just the Health 2.0 team! There’s also 900 + speakers, guests, media, volunteers and the community is buzzing. Wall Street may be going crazy, the election may be a cakewalk (or not) but in health care interest in combining user-generated content with personalization based on data is growing. Last year around 500 people got together to find out what Health 2.0 was. Really, we only had about 35 decent options from which to choose our eventual 25 demo panelists (and one or two of those were a little of a stretch).

This year we’ll hit about 1,000 in attendance, and Indu & I have chosen from over 250 possible presenters. Attendees will see about 100 of them. Jen McCabe Gorman, Ranger extraordinaire, has sat through 3.2 million demos—making sure that the presenters get it right. And our phalanx of moderators, advisors and presenters have also been burning the midnight oil.

Meanwhile John Pluenneke & Jamie Cao are corralling sponsors & exhibitors, Robin Smiley is about to issue 900 badges, graphics whizzes Patrick Wang & Lauren Golik are putting the final touches to a huge presentation, and head wrangler Joi Hawkins is smiling serenely through the chaos she’s been managing since Sara Walker retired into her confinement. Perry Hallinan is managing the production schedule while making a video on the side, Blake Robin is creating the best soundtrack of any conference you’ll ever hear, and behind the scenes, the staff at Scribe Media, the Marriott and McCune AV are (and will be) working their tails off. Not to mention the 60 volunteers coming to help!

Given that Indu & I thought we’d have a little conversational meeting with 50 people when we started this less than 2 years ago, I’m still amazed every day! Thanks to everyone for their incredible hard work (and of course my love and thanks to Amanda for putting up with me and the hordes of people in her house!)

And yes, there are still a few overflow only tickets left for those true procrastinators! Details about this and much more are on the Health 2.0 Site

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