New blog of women offering fresh ideas

A group of powerful women have joined forces to add their voices and shape the dialogue about health care issues through a new blog, Disruptive Women in health care.

The site is intended to be "a springboard for fresh ideas in health care," says Robin Strongin, president & CEO of Amplify Public Affairs in Washington, D.C.

The blog launched yesterday at the National Press Club, and today you can read posts by Google Health’s Missy Krasner about making health reform pertinent to the average person. Stephanie Mensh, co-founder of stroke survivor, writes about why Sarah Palin’s fake stance on supporting families with special needs makes her mad. And Glenna Crooks, president of Strategic Health Policy International, Inc. talks about why pharmacists need a larger role in health care delivery.

"My vision of a disruptive woman is someone who not only sees a problem, but jumps in to correct it.  She does so with guts and spunk and is not afraid to shake up the status quo," said Strongin, a twenty-five year health care veteran, "Each of these women brings a unique perspective, years of hands on experience, and a track record of speaking up, speaking out and making change."

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