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Esther Dyson explains why she believes Health 2.0 companies, such as Organized Wisdom are a great investment. Dyson has been an early investor and guiding influence on many technology start-ups, including including 23andMe, Medstory (which was acquired by
Microsoft), PatientsLikeMe, Meetup, and Flickr and Del.icio.us (which both
were acquired by Yahoo!)

UPI reports on a free online tool, the CaP Calculator, designed to help clinicians bring more personalized medicine regarding prostate cancer. Here’s the group’s missions statement: "The purpose of CaP Calculator is to provide a user-friendly resource that promotes thorough, educated discussion of prostate cancer risk and outcomes between health care professionals and patients."

Healthfinder.gov launched a redesign that aims to help consumers find better information faster. The site uses everyday language to explain maladies, and steps for prevention, as well as offering users the chance to personalize it for their needs.

MedHelp.org and Drugstore.com teamed up to launch a new online feature called Ask-a-Pharmacist and is the first to focus solely on medications. In the online forum, pharmacists will answer questions related to brand drugs, generic equivalents, common uses, drug
therapy, drug interactions, possible side effects and more.

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