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Associated Press: Only 2 percent of medical students plan on going into primary care, according to survey published today in JAMA (subscription required). "I didn’t want to fight the insurance companies," said Dr. Jason Shipman, 36, a radiology resident at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn., who is carrying $150,000 in student debt.

Scientific Blogging: Do you go through withdrawal if you haven’t checked your email in more than eight hours? You may be addicted to the Internet. "According to Dr. Louise Nadeau, a professor in the Department of
Psychology at the University of Montreal, mental health professionals
now have a new affliction to face: Internet addiction."

NYT Magazine: For better or for worse, social networking sites and microblogging via Twitter have increased the level of ambient awareness we have about our friends and acquaintances. "The growth of ambient intimacy can seem like modern narcissism taken to
a new, supermetabolic extreme — the ultimate expression of a generation
of celebrity-addled youths who believe their every utterance is
fascinating and ought to be shared with the world," Clive Thompson reports.

Sacramento Bee: California lawmakers still haven’t agreed on a new state budget nearly three months after it was due, making this the longest stalemate in state history. Can you say complete political failure?

Arizona Republic: Arizona’s smoking ban had little to no negative financial impact on the state’s bars and restaurants. The ban went into effect in May 2007.

The Olympian: As Washingon state debates a ballot initiative to allow euthanasia, it’s looking for guidance to the south at Oregon — the only state to allow physician-assisted suicide. "Those who choose to use legal, lethal drugs to end their lives
typically are cancer patients who are white, educated and have private
insurance," the Olympian reports.

BBC: Experts are worried about rising rates of antibiotic resistance among multiple pathogens.

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