CCR Symposium: Current and Future Uses for Health Data Exchange

The Massachusetts Medical Society will hold a symposium next month called the "Current and Future Uses for Health Data Exchange." Adam Bosworth, former VP of Google Health and CEO of his new start-up, Keas, Inc., will be the keynote speaker.

The Sept. 13 symposium is intended for a non-technical audience of providers, administrators, and standards professionals who have an interest in the exchange of networked personal health data and information.

The all-day event near Boston costs $125, whcih includes breakfast and lunch. Seating is limited to under 200 due to the size of the amphitheater. For more information visit the Medical society’s Website.

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  1. Perhaps if it sells out they can web-cast this and use some of the very same Web 2.0 technology everyone is advocating for. We even pod cast HIMSS chapter events in Seattle at a local community college and I imagine that they have the same capability in Boston to do the same.

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