Around the Web in 60 Seconds (Or Less)

USA Today: Examines individual health policies and concludes they leave many behind.

USA Today: A record number of babies were born in the USA in 2007. Is this the next baby boom?

CNN: Teen pregnancies up for first time in 15 years.

NY TIMES: Paul Krugman predicts the doldrum economy to last many years and targets lack of universal health care as a reason.NY TIMES: David Brooks says we’re entering an era of "epic legislation" and health care is one of the areas where policy makers will redefine the landscape for future generations.

REUTERS: Family planning groups object to a Bush administration memo that
proposes to redefine abortion to include several types of
contraception, including birth control pills and intrauterine devices.

CNN: FDA lifts the safety ban on tomatoes.

WSJ Health Blog: California rulings against insurance rescissions could spread across the country.

HEALTHNEWSREVIEW: Journalistic hype of health news never stops, says Gary Schwitzer critiques as he critiques ABC’s claims about a "miracle drug" for Alzheimer’s. disease.

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