PCHIT and patients online…

Josh Seidman & Ted Eytan (he of the latest, latest Health 2.0 definition) have written a piece for CHCF called Helping Patients Plug In: Lessons in the Adoption of Online Consumer Tools.

Susannah Fox@Wired 002

Susannah Fox (all hail!) from Pew is talking about patients online. She gave some neat data  Broadband is about 20 points below basic Internet access….at about 54% overall (up from 5% in 2000). It’s only pockets (those over 70s, Spanish speaking Hispanics). Health care is stuck in broadcast, not interactive. Susannah thinks that the option is to go mobile—especially for low income young minority males. I asked her about broadband….it’s growing but slowing she says, but there’s lots of potential to copy what’s happening elsewhere. Susannah’s quote of the day “Online banking may be softening people up for PHRs…”

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