Lucas Merrow demos Eliza


Lucas is demoing today’s flashiest presentation at The Center for Information Therapy’s Wired.

Thank goodness; it’s 4:30 and there’s been no audience bleed out the door since Merrow took to the podium.

I missed Eliza’s presentation at the Health 2.0 Spring Fling, so this
is the first time I’ve viewed the platform. Eliza has my interest when
Merrow describes "how we converse with people with diabetes" rather
than "diabetics."

Sometimes it is all about semantics; in this case, Eliza shows respect
for each person’s health/wellness goals via the details, right down to
terminology, not limiting our identity to powerless ‘patienthood’.

And it works. People respond to requests with respect. Lucas shares a
case study. When Eliza took over for a client – 23 percent prescription
refill rate. They saw an increase right off the bat – 10% early –
"primarily due to the conversational nature of the service."

Eliza has it right here – Healthcare is a conversation. Let’s keep talking.