Interview with Kerry Hicks, HealthGrades CEO

HealthGrades has been busy. The publicly traded, pure-play provider ratings company is changing the way it offers ratings, it’s publishing a book, and it’s starting to rate drugs. It’s not alone. Last week, Consumer Reports announced it also is getting into the business of rating hospitals and using a model developed in conjunction with the Dartmouth crowd. Plus, there’s the CMS effort.

Given the way that ratings are evolving and HealthGrades’ partnership with Google, (more to come on Google from me separately soon) last week was a great time to talk with HealthGrades Chairman & CEO Kerry Hicks. (Sadly it was before the Consumer Reports announcement but fascinating nonetheless).

Listen to the Kerry Hicks interview.

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  1. The very same thing happened to me and I was able to google their contact information and I just spoke with a rep who was able to locate the charges and said they would be reversed…though I’ll have to wait and see.
    Here is the contact information for HEALTH GRADE if you’re interested:
    500 Golden Ridge Road, Suite 100
    Golden, Colorado, 80401

  2. It’s too bad that no one has picked up on the fact that Healthgrades is involved in a scam. Articles have been written by CNN, Ladies’ Home Journal and Family Circle but I guess they really don’t research the company thoroughly. I recently purchased a report on my Mother’s doctor for $12.95. Several weeks later I discovered a $9.95 charge on my debit card to Healthgrades that was not authorized. I have tried repeatedly to contact them with no response. Because I used a debit card I had to close my account so that they could not continue to charge me for what I have found out is a subscription for updates that I did not ask for. I googled them again and found that several people have had the same problem. I guess we need a company to watch Healthgrades.