Caring.com & Trusera — two Health 2.0 newbies talk

Two of the more interesting newcomers in the Health 2.0 scene gathered around the electronic watercooler, which is THCB’s podcast series, to talk about what they’re up to and why they are worth looking at.

Andy Cohen is CEO of Caring.com and Keith Schorsch is CEO of Trusera. Some of you may have seen Keith at the March 2008 Health 2.0 Conference. Andy is providing content checklists and much more for those who have sick or frail parents, which will be most of us. Keith is providing a sophisticated place for story telling and information exchange for those facing serious health conditions. Both have serious ambitions.

Interesting stuff — listen to the podcast

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  1. Caregiverlist.com is another great start-up with quality senior care info by folks in the industry (I believe the caring.com folks are from Babycenter originally): http://www.caregiverlist.com
    Caregiverlist created quality standards and gives information to senior on their care options and is a community for caregivers.