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NYT Lying – Giving Ourselves The Psychological Push We Need to Reach Future Goals? Or Just Good Old-Fashioned Twisted Fun?

LAT: Food 2.0 – What to eat while Googling

Microsoft: Health 2.0

Wired Science: ""With the world teetering on the edge of a full-blown food crisis, it may be time to cut back on biofuel, said Barack Obama yesterday."

MIT Tech Review: The Candidates on Tech

HealthTech: "A Pan-European eHealth Infrastructure Could Revolutionize Healthcare."

SF Chronicle: Medical Tourism is Big…

WSJ: Medical Tourism is Not So Big

WashPost: Maryland Says Kids Can Sponge Off Parents Insurance Plan Til Age 25 – Keeps College Students Happy

TIME: During Recession, Uninsured Kids Visit Primary Care DocsDigg: The Worst Food in America? The Aussie Cheese Fry Plate avec Ranch Dressing, weighing in at 2,900 calories.

Putting A Price On Organ Donation: Australian Doc Suggests $47,000 Per Kidney

Acupuncture is not just for People. It’s also for cities.

NYT: Genetic Underpinnings Revolutionize Study of Disease Pathways ONION: Potential Employee Uprising Quelled with Free Pizza

SF Chronicle: 734 Businesses Sign Up Uninsured Employees for Healthy San Francisco Program

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