Around the Web in 60 Seconds (Or Less)

VentureBeat: Emphasis Search, This Year’s WebMD, Raises 1M for Specialist Matching Service
Surgeons Meet in Second Life: First International Virtual Association Formed
(Hat Tip: Medical Quack)

WSJ Health Blog: Are General Surgeons the Primary Care Docs of the Operating Room? Aggravated DocSurg: "The harder the patient, the less the reimbursement we usually get."

WIRED SCIENCE: PETA offering $1 million prize to first scientist who can produce lab-grown meat in bulk.

Web 2.0h … really? "The OrgChart wiki is one of the coolest and most wonderfully dangerous features I’ve seen on a suit-and-tie site like Forbes.com." 

Columbia Journalism Review: Dems Are Not Calling for Government Health Care. "After his abysmal debate performance" Stephanopoulos tries (unsuccessfully) to set the record straight.

DC City Council Pushes for Mandatory Universal Healthcare CoverageComing to a Hospital Near You: Mouth Swabs Swifty Diagnose Heart AttacksLAT: Men Don’t Get Healthcare Because They Don’t Want to Take it Off for Docs?

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