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GOTHAMIST: "Mayor Bloomberg may have failed with his plan to ease New York City congestion, but at least he can claim victory when it comes to New Yorkers’ digestion. Judge Says Open Wide for Food Calorie Info.

US NEWS: Election ’08 – Whom the Candidates Listen to on Healthcare.

NEJM: Boston Children’s Mandl and Kohane argue the personal health records systems under development at Google and Microsoft pose challenges. "I’m a great believer in patient autonomy in general, but there is going to have to be some measure of limited paternalism."

Microsoft’s Neupert to NYT: "I can imagine a scenario where we have a third party verify that our
system works the way we assert it does. 

THE NATION: White House joins San Francisco restaurant association’s appeal of Newsom health plan.

ALBERTA: Provincial authorities weigh "bold steps" to remake health system. "There are simply too many referral stages and patients are simply waiting too long."

CDC: Can social media drive personal health record adoption?

Thinking of Starting a Health 2.0 Firm? It’s All in the Name

WIRED SCIENCE: 5 New Drugs for Cancer, Blood Clots, Diabetes, and Hepatitis

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  1. SF Restaurant association:
    Maybe there should be a 5% additional tip on customer bills to cover employee health. Hell, we’re subsidizing wages now, why not healthcare?
    Before all you free market types start saying “See, single-pay is failing”, you should be aware that because Alberta has oil it has the lowest personal and business taxes in Canada with zero sales taxes and generous wages. So when they say healthcare has the potential to consume 1/3 of revenues means their revenues are really low. Alberta has also been seeing tremendous population growth. There’s a snowball’s chance in hell the system will privatize. Alberta governments have historically been conservative free enterprise types.
    You can read the press release here; (read the whole thing in “backgrounder”) http://alberta.ca/acn/200804/233275791DEAD-C59D-FD03-CA9E332EF8509BDB.html
    One notable statement: “Develop a plan to register all Albertans in the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan to coincide with the plan to eliminate health care premiums.” Hear that America, zero premiums!