Health 2.0 Unconference NL

The first European Health 2.0 Unconference is happening this Saturday in Amsterdam, and we have a location folks! We’ll be brainstorming, cloudtagging, liveblogging and all that jazz. What is our (Dutch) definition of Health 2.0? Come, define, share at the first Health 2.0 Unconference in Europe. The Health 2.0 Unconference NL has 4 amazing sponsors and a great crowd of healthcare, media, social networking, web, communications/marketing, and creative types. Thanks to The Decision Group, KNMP (Royal Dutch Pharmaceutical Foundation), Twynstra Gudde, and Bubble Foundry for getting this off the ground in just 3 weeks.

For more info, contact one of your intrepid organizers:
Maarten Den Braber – The Decision Group
[mdb@twister.cx | twitter.com/mdbraber]
Jen McCabe Gorman – Health Management Rx
[jennifermccabegorman@yahoo.com | twitter.com/jenmccabegorman]
Martijn Hulst – Twynstra Gudde
[martijnhulst@gmail.com | twitter.com/martijnhulst]
*(with help from Jacqueline Fackeldey and Niels Schuddeboom)
Tot ziens – The Holland Health 2.0 Unconference Team

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  1. Thanks for the posting. It’s gonna be great today in our small country. You can follow us on twitter and see our posting on the mentioned sites.