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  1. It’s gov’t that sustains the healthcare debacle, not the market. Allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, stop subsidizing big pharma, and let Americans write off all money spent on healthcare. The Gov’t and politicians won’t solve problems, b/c once they’re solved, the office holder is out of power. Easier to give lip service to an ideal, and make the same promises again.

  2. Dennis Kucinich has the most realistic plan (maybe not to voters yet) to control costs and provide universal, affordable access. The other plans rely on a vague hope that the same marketplace that got us here will somehow get us out of the cost/coverage mess we have now. Dream on.
    BTW the thumbnail link for the Republicans M-Z only links to the A-L list, but hey they have no clue anyway. Maybe Moses (Huckabee) will come down from the mountain with a Republican plan chipped in stone.