TECH: UPDATE The British & Germans are coming…..to Disease Mangement?

Health Dialog sold itself to partial investor BUPA, a British insurance company, today. The price tag valued Health Dialog at $775m

However, this may not be the only European incursion into DM this week. Rumor has it that The Health Buddy may find itself has a new owner very shortly too.  Bosch, the German auto parts manufacturer, bought Health Hero Network, Thursday.

Finally although its off its recent highs, Healthways’ stock is still some 25% about where it was in the summer.

Hey maybe after all this time someone has decided that DM works?

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  1. Give me a break – these firms are interested in market share and not helping anyone with their health. Having worked at dialog, I know they do not control health care costs. We also used the health buddy, which showed no outcomes in our internal trials. Overall, dialog uses regression to the mean to claim savings. They also sold to a private firm to keep their methods and results under wraps. The public in turn gets the bill for this. Please see reference to Medicare Health Support for the real evidence if DM works or not. It does not, but there are a bunch of smart people around the US (and soon to be world) who truly do not understand how these firms work on a day by day basis. The Mercers of the world should go at risk for their poor advice to clients and many medical directors at Blue plans also take the bait to the tune of millions. These folks should also lose their jobs for signing these large contracts that waste premiums on pipe dreams. Answer this question? Are you really going to change your health behavior in 2-3 calls from a nurse? If behavior is that easy to change then we would have no smoking, no spread of infection, no drunk driving. Oh and are you really going to change your health behavior is someone sends you a pill box at your home?
    Give me a break and wake up America….This is another example of how the medical industrial complex shirks the public and makes the rich, richer.