TECH: Yes there are other conferences…

Apparently Health IT is feeling left out and needs a CEO forum-type conference. The people at CCS are trying to create it at a flash hotel in Bel-Air no less. For a pretty humorous run down take a look at the The HIT Transition Weblog’s write up.

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  1. And while we’re at it, the Eclipsys whining cannot stand unclarified. Epic and Cerner, neither of whom are international conglomerates, have walked all over Eclipsys by offering a superior product. . . Get a job, dude!

  2. You wonder who’s actually getting all the work done while the big guns are at conferences like this. Did YOU learn anything?
    P.S. There is no “e” in Bel Air. If it were a really high level conference, it would have been at the Hotel Bel Air. Next time, rent a car.