Health 2.0 at the CCR Workshop in San Diego and thoughts about Google’s Subauth, by Indu Subaiya

InduYesterday we attended David Kibbe’s CCR workshop in San Diego and learned lots about XML and the
utility of the continuity of care record in many different settings.  For more info about the CCR, read David’s posts on the topic – here and here

Over the course of the workshop, there were presentations by Rick Peters, the chief architect of the
CCR who has recently left a PBM start-up to look at several new
opportunities, Steve Waldren of the AAFP, Michael Rosenthal from Minute Clinic and Google’s
Jerry Lin. In the audience were people from Microsoft (Healthvault),
Qualcomm, Rediclinic, Patients Like Me, Edmund Billings from OpenHealth
and Michael Mee, who is working with Adam Bosworth on his new gig, and
a host of tech companies and provider groups offering or trying to
implement the CCR functionality respectively.

Google’s Jerry Lin sparked a heated debate about security and
authentication and whether username and password based systems were
enough or whether you needed 2 factor or 3 factor authentication.
Google’s subauth was pretty cool I thought although the open source
version known as oauth
is more likely to be relevant to apps outside of
Google.Continue reading this post over at the Health 2.0 Blog

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