TECH: Fred Trotter–HealthVault: No privacy commitments

I’m at the Partners Connected Health conference. Yesterday’s entry got killed by an overheating crash—but having blown the dust out of my heatsink, hopefully my Gateway is OK now.

Later today 5 cool Health2.0 companies are going to be showing their goodies on a panel I’m running. (WeGo Health, Enhanced Medical Decisions, DNADirect, PatientsLikeMe, and Praxeon)

I also heard an earlier panel talk from a next generation RelayHealth/online visit type company called American Well (not an oil company) which looks pretty interesting — real time video conf with docs “on call”, apparently some health plan will run it out next year)

Right now I’m at a panel on PHRs. We’re starting to talk about data privacy and trust. Funnily enough open source advocate Fred Trotter has today taken a broad swipe at Microsoft in an article called HealthVault: No Commitments and a Sleeping Watchdog in which he says that there’s no actual audit function and that privacy advocate Deborah Peel has been snowed.

So I asked….James Mault from Microsoft essentially said that they’ve done the best they can so far with a multitude of interested parties and that this is a continual work in process. He did say “ability or third party audits are built into the system” and that “at the end o the day the consumer will tell us what they want”. He didn’t mention the open source issue, and no, I’m sure Microsoft wont show him the code!

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