POLICY: Friday quiz–A tale of two professors

I’ve been told that I make “vicious ad hominem attacks” about people I disagree with on matters of substance. So I thought it would be fun to show what some other luminaries say. See if you can guess who wrote this and who they’re talking about—yes both in the same long article and both people with similar roles and titles:

XXX XXX is a professor at XXXX Business School and the thought leader on consumer driven health care in the United States. XXX is the author or editor of three books that laid out the intellectual foundation for the consumer empowerment movement: (book titles redacted). XXX is a frequent and popular lecturer on all aspects of health care reform, and serves on the Boards of some of the most innovative health care companies in America.


The new approach is basically warmed-over "XXXX XXXX," not surprising since XXX XXX was the "project director." XXXX XXXX demonstrates yet again that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. XXX is still beating the same old drum about how awful fee-for-service medicine is. <SNIP> But the report is essentially a Hail Mary pass by an aging economist who can’t let go of a discredited idea. It is amazing that XXX is able to get a bunch of business people to go along with it, but that has always been one of his talents.

Now of course I myself have made similar “vicious ad hominen attacks” on both the author of this piece and at least one of the people described (and probably the other one too). So I think this is rather fun and quite acceptable language. But it’s good to know that I’m not completely alone in my bad behavior!

So answers about who wrote this, and who they’re talking about, in the comments please

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  1. Matthew, everyone who knows you knows you are a bad, bad man 8 – )
    (I feel confident in saying so, and I’m merely acquainted with you!)
    I’m not sure who wrote the piece, but I’ll hazard a guess that the subject of his/her sniping is a west-coast ‘professortrepreneur’ with a faintly french-sounding name….and exactly what, I’d like to know, is wrong with aging? I intend to pursue that track myself someday!