POLICY: The DEA continue their sorry role

In raiding like Gestapo officers and then shutting down all the medical marijuana dispensaries in San Mateo county Thursday, the DEA confirmed the sensible opinion that it’s ana gency filled with total scumbags. I guess we can blame the cowardly Democrats who did not vote to suspend DEA raids on medical marijuana dispensaries even when they had the chance to do so last month.

But what’s worse is that for the first time that I can recall local law enforcement in California joined in, with both the City of San Mateo PD and the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force taking part. That’s just shameful behavior from those local cops, presumably incited by the DEA offering them a share of the take—as usually happens in these situations. Are they unaware of the local support for Proposition 215 and medical marijuana?

Clearly we need Federal resolution of this ridiculous waste of taxpayers money, and the consequent suffering of patients—but the local cops need to get a clue first. I sincerely hope that the citya nd county elected officials let them know about this.

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  1. Aren’t local sheriffs elected? Arn’t local DAs elected? Why don’t the locals elect law enforcement that will not co-operate with DEA. As for cowardly Democrats, I have’nt seen much back-bone from them on any issues, including the Iraq War. Everyone now votes in fear of the potenial sound bite instead of researched, informed and intelligent governance. And anyway when does a congressman have enough time away from hustling money to actually study an issue.

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