We’re pleased to announce a number of new additions to the roster of speakers at Health 2.0. First, we welcome Dr. David Brailer, formerly the Bush administration’s National Coordinator for Healthcare Information Technology and now the head of Health Evolution Partners. David has been busy since leaving Washington. For background, see this piece in the New York Times. Take a look at the Health Evolution Partners site for a bit more about his investment focus. David will be adding his special perspective to the Consumer Aggregators panel. He’ll be joining Google’s Adam Bosworth, WebMD’s Ann Mond Johnson, Microsoft’s Peter Neupert and Yahoo’s Bonnie Becker, along with moderator and  friend of THCB Jane Sarasohn-Kahn. UPDATES: The votes are pouring in the contest to nominate the final speaker for our social media for patients panel. If you haven’t had a look yet, we have a very interesting collection of nominees. Note: To prevent potential fraud our system tracks the IP address of every submission. Unfortunately, for some corporate networks this can cause problems. If you’d like to vote and have been unable to please email info@health2con.com.

APPLAUSE FOR:  Health 2.0’s latest charter sponsorsHealthline and Destination Rx. Welcome guys! ADDITIONAL UPDATES: Interested in exhibiting at Health 2.0? A limited number of tables are still available for sponsors. Contact  john@health2con.com for pricing and other details.

You can also go over and have a look at the latest version of the Health 2.0 agenda here.

We’re equally pleased to announce that we’ll be joined by Dr. David Kibbe, current head of the Center for Health Information Technology at the American Academy of Family Physicians. David will be speaking on our closing reactor panel "Health 2.0 — Looking Ahead."

In another big move, we’ll be adding Health Hero Network founder Steve Brown to the mix. Steve is currently entrepreneur in residence at Mohr Davidow Ventures. Steve will be joining David on the closing reactor panel.

If you’re planning on attending Health 2.0 there are still spots open, although they look to be going much faster than expected. A sell out, once an idea that lived in the realm of fantasy in our active little imaginations at Health 2.0, is looking like a distinct reality. (Both wonderful and a bit frightening at the same time!!) So if you want to be sure to get in the door, it probably makes sense to go ahead and reserve your spot now.
Meanwhile, a few people have had problems with our decidedly Web 1.0 sign up form, for mysterious technical reasons having to do with fluctuations in Internet traffic and their web browsers. (Memo to self:
what would a Web 2.0 sign up form look like? Would you be able to chat with us while you sign up? See a list of enrolled registrants?  Hmm… an interesting design question, that.) If you do run into trouble, or
find forms confusing, just email us. Our crack tech support team will dutifully sign you up and provide counseling.

Meanwhile, we’ll be determining the last speaker for the Social Media for Patients panel over the next ten days in a symbolically interactive way. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to cast your vote for the company/speaker that you’d like to hear from. You’ll get to pick from a talented pool of twelve companies involved in the field in one way or another. Stop by in the next few days to cast your vote.

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