PODCAST/QUALITY/TECH/HEALTH PLANS: Disease management, technolgy and the future of health care–Gordon Norman tells all

Gordon Norman is Exec VP and Chief Science Officer at Alere Medical, formerly head of DM at Pacificare and a font of knowledge and opinion about disease management, technology, the role of health plans, and the chances for overall change in the  system. We agree much more than we disagree, but if you have any interest at all in the restructuring of health care, I’m sure that you will enjoy our conversation.

You’ll also enjoy Gordon’s recent talk at Healthcare Unbound–his slides are here

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  1. Its interesting people bought Alere’s remote monitoring devices but couldn’t figure out how to actually monitor remotely with it or what to do with the data collected. Were the incentives such that appearances (“We have remote monitoring capability!”) were more important that actual management? Or maybe there was some kind of failure of imagination at the health plans that bought the stuff. But good on Alere to figure out how to capitalize on their investment and vision.
    I like his comparison of evidence levels — management is all about decision making under uncertainty. You just do the best you can with what you know…