HEALTH PLANS: Mega Life and Health — Time to call AHIP, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and BlackStone out

I spent a little time last year on the issue of Mega Life and Health. There’s only one term for this company, and what’s really frightening is that it’s a major player in AHIP. If AHIP is ever going to get itself out of the self-serving position it’s in and transition to being an organization of responsible private health plans that can have a reasonable conversation about the positive role health plans can play , the plans who could live in a future of community rating need to leave, or jettison the scumbags like Mega.

What’s the activity I’€™m so upset about?

Mega Life and Health sells health insurance door to door to poor to middle and low income working people. They claim that they are selling a product which their customers understand. But the point their customers clearly do not understand is that the insurance€ has severe limits on what it pays, especially what it pays per day in cases of expensive care. So if a policyholder gets sick and needs hospital care, Mega only pays out a fraction of what the hospital charges, leaving the poor sucker patient on the hook for the rest. Last year the California Supreme Court ruled that this con, like all the best cons, is legal. And this type of policy continues to be sold (more or less legally) in most states.

Over at Colorado Health Insurance Insider
I found this tale of woe of an electrician earning $40,000 a year with
no benefits who joined Mega’€™s front organization the National
Association for the Self-Employed€ after being sold a bill of goods
by a commissioned sales rep. His son had cancer and ran up bills of
$500,000 of which Mega paid out $45,000. It’€™s not completely clear
from the story at which point Mega cut them off, but if the story from
the couple who sued in the California Supreme Court is an indication,
what probably happened is that the policy had a maximum per diem
payment of less than 10% of what was actually billed. And now
bankruptcy and poverty awaits.

Mega has already dealt with class action suits because it’s been selling policies through a front organization that many states find illegal. More importantly it has been selling these policies using a network of barely-trained door to door agents. For example as reported in the Mobile Register (AL) several former employees show that the company had no ethics and hid what it was doing from its customers.

None of the three former Mega agents — Chaney, Aplin and Parrish
— had insurance sales experience before joining the company. Each said
they left the company after they learned more about other health
insurance policies. "The training was how to close a deal. It wasn’t
about the nuts and bolts of insurance," 33-year-old Aplin said. Chaney,
29, said he worked for Mega about four months before he saw another
insurance company’s policy and began to believe he was selling
incomplete coverage. Salespeople "don’t even talk about the insurance,"
he said. "You talk about the NASE and then you get them and you go. "I
didn’t know that the insurance was linked to the NASE," Chaney said.
Parrish said the experience has been hard for her personally. "I wish I
would have had sense enough or the insight enough to have researched it
before I got into it," said Parrish, who said she checked with the
Better Business Bureau and Alabama Department of Insurance but did not
detect any warning signs. <SNIP> In the beginning, she said, she
thought it strange that she would be sent to pursue potential clients
in areas an hour’s drive from home while other agents were assigned to
Dothan. She said she found it odd that her paychecks came from her
district manager’s personal account rather than from the company.
Parrish said she also wondered why her questions at staff meetings
seemed to her to go unanswered and why agents were not supposed to
leave promotional materials in the homes of people who did not buy a
policy. Mega agents she knew were not supposed to use insurance terms,
but to sell the benefits of NASE membership and its preferred
providers, she said. Now she believes, they were "giving those people
false security."

Does anyone believe that these sales people clearly
communicated the exact nature of the policies they were selling, and
exactly how much it would cover of a share of a severe illness? And
yet, this is the type of activity that both the Shaddeg bill and the
push towards unregulated individual insurance — promoted by the Bush
Administration and many others on the free-marketeer right — will
encourage. We also know that it’s similar to the activity that many
managed care plans are  using selling Medicare Advantage plans (or at
least were until thy voluntarily agreed to desist earlier this year).

I’ve also been told by someone who knows a little more
about Mega that some 30% of revenue goes to the commissioned sales
agents and that the medical loss ratios for the insurance plan is below
30%! Even Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks that MLRs shouldn’t drop below

So what if anything can be done about this? Mega Life and
Health is now not only the poster child for all that’s wrong with
health insurance–it’s squarely in the mainstream.  Why
do I say that?

Well it’s time to connect the dots.

Take a look at the governing body of AHIP, the health plans’€™ trade association. William J. Dewed, the
Chairman, President & CEO of Health Markets, which owns Mega Life
and Health, is on the board. HealthMarkets is right there next to
people like Mark Ganz from Regence, Scott Armstrong from Group Health
Cooperative of Puget Sound, Charles Baker from Harvard Pilgrim, not to
mention CEOs of several other big non-profit Blues and George Halverson
from Kaiser. And of course Angela Braly and Jeannine Rivet,
representatives of what we hope might be new guards at Well point and
United, are there too.

Now several people may be ready to say "a pox on all
their houses"€ and believe that no good at all can come from private
insurance companies. But many of those health plans are supporting, in
name at least, reform efforts in which companies like Mega Life and
Health would be barred from selling these type of policy.  Furthermore,
it’s in the best interest of those larger organizations to have a
serious conversation about the practical help that health plans can
bring to a reformed health care market. Many of those organizations
have decent proposals and something to offer. Mega clearly does not.

So step one in cleaning up their act would be for those
insurers to either jettison their scumbag colleagues from AHIP, or to
leave themselves.

Step two is not AHIP’s to make. It is though equally important.

Who owns Health markets? Like many companies it’€™s owned
by "€œprivate equity"€. But in this case these are not just any €œprivate equity€ companies. The three owners are a) the biggest and
now publicly traded private equity firm, Blackstone Partners, b) the
most prestigious and most profitable investment bank, Goldman Sachs,
and c) a unit of giant European investment bank Credit Suisse. While
the owners and employees of these august organizations are making their
mega-millions, it’€™s about time that they paid some attention to what
their "€œinvestment" is doing to the people it’s supposedly serving.

These connections need to be made.

We’€™re not talking fraudsters on the margins, we are
talking about them being aided and abetted by the privileged sitting
inside the gilded palace. And if those investment organizations can’€™t
bring themselves to change Health Markets out of shame, then perhaps
some Democratic congressmen can help them.

This is a case where for their own good, these organizations should do the right thing.

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  1. Just a little more FYI
    Article: MEGA Ordered To Refund $4.6M in Premiums and Pay Record $1M Fine
    MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company has been ordered to refund $4.6 million in overpaid health insurance premiums to Maine consumers – plus an additional $1 million in civil penalties for four years of calculating those premiums using flawed methods.
    More trouble for MEGA Life
    MEGA Life’s latest troubles originate in Maine where the Maine Bureau of Insurance and the state’s Attorney General announced that they have fined MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company $1 million in civil penalties and have ordered the company to reimburse policyholders $4.6 million in overpaid premiums, plus interest. The $1 million fine represents $250,000 per year for each year from 2004 to 2007.
    According to a press release from the state of Maine (www.maine.gov/), MEGA Life has 30 days to notify Maine’s Bureau of Insurance about how and when it will make those payments. It is estimated that over 9,800 policies are affected by action. Consumers can contact Maine’s Bureau of Insurance at 1-800-300-5000 or contact them at 34 State House Station in Augusta, Maine 04333.
    MEGA ignored Maine law
    Maine’s Attorney General, Steve Rowe, was quoted as saying, “Based on the evidence, MEGA Life’s rates were determined to be excessive under Maine law. Instead of bringing their rates down as required by law, MEGA Life continued to charge inflated rates. This practice resulted in Maine policyholders being over charged for years. This settlement will return the overcharge plus interest to the policyholder.”
    MEGA’s practices not limited to Maine
    The company’s practices aren’t limited to Maine and encompass other insurance practices as well. MEGA Life, along with its parent and sister companies, HealthMarkets, Mid-West National Life and Chesapeake Life insurance companies, recently scored very low on a multi-state insurance examination by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 35 states and the District of Columbia and will likely face large fines based on many areas of deficiencies.
    The multi-state investigation into the company’s practices recently showed that their operations were deficient in five major areas including:
    Handling of policyholder complaints and grievances
    Oversight, communication, monitoring and training of agents
    Processing and handling of claims made by policyholders
    Adherence to a compliance plan
    Disclosure of relationships with membership associations and affiliated companies to consumers and policyholders
    Source: Washington State Insurance Commissioner (www.insurance.wa.gov/)
    If MEGA Life has not acted in good faith and dealt with you fairly, contact an attorney whose practice focuses in bad faith insurance practices to discuss your situation. Consultations are free, without obligation and strictly confidential. To contact a qualified attorney, please click here.

  2. So you’re actually going to sit here and tell us all, that they only have 4 complaints in Georgia. Try reading this, and thet get back to me. I suppose I’m making up all of this.
    “States getting involved
    Consumers have been complaining about Mega’s sales practices and false promises for years. So many complaints have been filed that many state’s Attorney Generals are getting involved. Since 2002, Mega has been fined by seven states and is being investigated by 36 other states who are working together to find out more. While the results of the multi-state investigation won’t be known for some time, some states, such as Massachusetts, are not waiting. The Massachusetts Attorney General recently filed a lawsuit against the company alleging deception and unfair practices.”
    I suppose this isn’t happening either.
    “Everything is generally NOT covered
    Even though some insurance sales representatives make outlandish promises, most policyholders don’t realize that everything is not covered until it’s too late. Mega Life Insurance Company has been accused of just that. Their sales agents have been accused of aggressive sales tactics and misleading consumers on what their policies actually cover. In case after case, consumers have complained that claims for even the most basic of services, such as doctor visits, lab tests and prescriptions have been denied by the company – even though sales representatives told them otherwise. Mega, and its sister company, Mid-West National, do business with their parent company, HealthMarkets.
    Are you seriously going to tell people on here that your great state has only 4 complaints? But for some strange reason they are part of the National state to state investigation. GOD WHAT ARE THE FREAKING ODDS OF THAT. Provide all of us the link proving your great theory please.
    Here’s some more information for you’re ignorant ass. But I suppose this never happened either.
    Article: Major Insurance Investigation Leaves MEGA Life Facing Hefty Fines
    MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company, along with its parent and sister companies, HealthMarkets, Mid-West National Life and Chesapeake Life insurance companies, recently scored very low on a multi-state insurance examination by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 35 states and the District of Columbia. Regulators say that the companies will likely face large fines based on many areas of deficiencies.
    The investigation
    The much anticipated results of the multi-state investigation, which began in 2005, show that the companies’ operations were deficient in five major areas. According to a press release from Washington State’s Insurance Commissioner (www.insurance.wa.gov/), those five areas included:
    Oversight, communication, monitoring and training of agents
    Processing and handling of claims made by policyholders
    Disclosure of relationships with membership associations and affiliated companies to consumers and policyholders
    Handling of policyholder complaints and grievances
    Adherence to a compliance plan
    Although many of the states involved in the investigation have already fined MEGA Life and its parent and sister companies separately, regulators concluded that the companies’ actions and complaint histories had not significantly improved when the multi-state investigation had begun. Regulators say that hefty fines are likely to be imposed against the insurers and that they will make that announcement shortly.
    Continuous deficiencies
    While there were four insurance companies involved in this investigation, MEGA Life has made continuous headlines over the past few years for allegedly deceiving policyholders about the type of insurance it offers. MEGA generally sells low cost, low benefit policies to the self-employed through the National Association for the Self-Employed and Americans for Financial Security, which require policyholders to join these associations for a fee.
    However, MEGA agents often represented themselves as brokers – meaning that policyholders thought that the agents would be obtaining quotes from various companies and presenting them with the best plan available. Little did they know – the plans that MEGA agents always presented were only from those two associations.
    Continuous turmoil
    MEGA Life has been sued by individuals for bad faith insurance practices over and over again. The company has also been reprimanded and/or fined by several state insurance departments including Delaware and Massachusetts and has been given the lowest rating by the Better Business Bureau.
    Mega Life was purchased by The Blackstone Group in 2006 and has reported changing some of the practices for which they’ve been fined. While that is a positive aspect, consumers who purchased insurance from MEGA or its parent or sister companies – and then had valid claims denied – are entitled to receive those benefits. If you are one of those consumers, contact an attorney who understands insurance matters and whose practice focuses in that area of law. To contact a qualified attorney for a free, no obligation consultation, please click here.

  3. Sorry, I got the quote wrong about Assurant, it is actually, “The policies of these companies are atrocious. If only you had to deal with the folks selling them….”.

  4. Why doesn’t everyone type Assurant in the search window or go to https://thehealthcareblog.com/the_health_care_blog/2007/01/health_plans_do.html
    and see what others say about Assurant.
    One blog actually states, wait until you have to deal with the people of Assurant, and it was not in a positive manner. But wait, Kevin sell Assurant, so that blog must be nothing but LIES, LIES, LIES, from all “noobies” who aren’t financial planners. I’m gonna have fun on the new Assurant blog!

  5. You haven’t proved anything either. Becoming a financial planner and getting established are two different things. You have this knack for accusing people of dodging issues and so forth, but yet you do the same. Answer me this, do your Assurant plans pay the way you explain it to customers, and the way they understand it 100% of the time? You started your little bitch blog about Mega, called a bunch of people noobies and other dumb names, yet your company has been investigated by numerous states, cancelled peoples policies, even though you know so much you actually said it was against state law, so I guess your company is a law breaker, huh. Also, they have been investigated for denial of claims. It just sounds like you represent a company you claim to have left with HealthMarkets. I think it is so stupid we are actually arguing about insurance companies though. Did you call the GA Ins. Commissioner’s Office to dispute my claim that Mega has only 1 complaint is 2006 and 3 in 2007. The number, again, is 404-656-2056. You don’t bring that up anymore because it doesn’t help your argument. Your only defense is to say that I lie, Lie, LIE. Call me out on it big boy. But I know you won’t. You’re defense is so weak it is a joke. You rip on Mega for the same shit Assurant does. It was so funny when you stated “I see you went right after Assurant. SHOCKER. I love how you and all the other kool-aiders go after other companies, but you always fail to realize just how investigated your company is. God that’s funny. Look in the mirror for once would ya?” Problem is you won’t look in the mirror at your state investigated, negative out look, cancel people’s policies, insurance company, Assurant. People, I present to you , the King of Pot Calling the Kettle Black. Go ahead and accuse me of being drunk, on Kool-Aid or whatever dumb thing you want to say. I try to state that all insurance companies have issues, and I have proof that yours does also, but you try to act like a little kid, which you probably are based on your Finanical Planner statement, and point the finger somewhere else. I think an outside person, who doesn’t know HealthMarkets or Assurant, would easily see you for the “noobie” who “drinks the kool-aid” (god, are you really that lame?) you are. Have a great life there buddy. Keep selling the lies you try to push here at this dumb blog.

  6. I’m sorry, but were you drunk when you typed your last post? I can’t even follow it.
    If I understand the first part correctly, according to you becoming a financial planner is an easy title to get. Really? Easy? That’s news to me. From what I have been told, it’s one of the tougher industries to actually get established in. But hey, you obviously are much more informed than I am.
    Secondly, I didn’t know everything in 1 week. Obviously that’s a little tough to do in any industry. Why is it, I have to keep asking you to quit making false claims and accusations. Does UGA have that sort of sales practice built into your DNA? Lie Lie Lie. If you would pay attention to my posts, you would notice that I was there for 1 year and 3 months. The last 3 months are when I was starting to see that UGA/MEGA/HealthMarkets etc. were not what they claimed.
    Just for your information, this blog started out as a calling out, about MEGA health insurance. You ask me to talk about other insurance companies on here to play fair. Why would I do that, when this blog is solely about MEGA? Sorry for sticking to the topic, and informing the public about MEGA’s faults. Seriously, are you going to be the one to tell the public about product faults involving MEGA? I highly doubt it. You’re to busy making up stuff in your presentations to do something like that. So that’s where I thought I would come into play, and I could be helpful. Yet time and time again, ignorant noobies, such as yourself, all come on here and say the same thing. MEGA is misunderstood; you hate them because you couldn’t make it there, blah, blah, blah. Until anyone of you actually proves anything I’m saying wrong, than shut the hell up. Then on top of that, you have the audacity to tell me I’m the one who’s brainwashed. You tell me to play fair. But yet it’s you who is on here, telling made up stories about things you can’t even prove ever happened. Is that what you call fair? PEOPLE NEED FACTS. Get that through you thick skull. Christ, you might as well be a politician the way you dodge and dance around things.

  7. Congrats on being a financial planner, it’s a very easy title to get that makes other think you went to school for it and then you are more qualified to sell insurance than others. So you had never sold insurance before, went to, I guess, UGA and went through training and got appointed. You knew everything after training and one week selling the product? Maybe you should just go straight to the CFP instead. It just shows me how brainwashed you really are. You think you sell a product with no holes and pays exactly the way the CUSTOMER, not you, thinks it is going to pay 100% of the time. I do wish you luck and hope you stay motivated. I don’t think you are a bad guy. My whole point is that no one will talk about or try to rebuff the fact all insurance plans have hole in them, have state examination at one time or another, state fines, complaints, ect.. Just play fair, complain about all not just the one that didn’t work out for you because you look very biased(and ignorant) if you don’t.

  8. So if i have you’re rant straight, My FACTS are not valid because you think I haven’t been in the field long enough? That makes sense. I’m sorry for trying to be a master at my profession, and actually know what I’m talking about when I’m in front of people. If I had you fooled in thinking that I have been in the business for longer than what I have, than I must be a pretty educated individual, and someone who soaks up a lot of information. That way, when customers have questions about things, I don’t have to bull shit them and make up stories to try and pitch a product. My bad. I guess now that I switched over to become a financial planner, I guess I could approach that profession and half ass it, and “ACT” like I know what I’m talking about. Who knew that being educated could be something that you could get ripped on about. My question to you is prove anything on here that I said is wrong. GO AHEAD. I will be waiting for that.
    I like how you’re trying to make it sound that I hate MEGA beacuse I was terminated as you put. Ummm lets think about this for a second. I walked into my district managers office, and asked him a bunch of questions about the products. He then gets irritated with me, because I have conerns about holes in the products, and he can’t give me a straight answer on any of it. You following me ECB or am I going to fast for you. I then tell him that I no longer wish to represent MEGA, or UGA. Now, about 7 weeks go by, and I get a letter from MEGA stating that my contract is cancelled, because of lack of production. NO kidding. Considering that I haven’t been part of the orginization for 7 weeks. So any agent that has left there, that’s what it says when you look up their names on an commissioner website. It’s got nothing to do with the reason as to why I’m bashing the product. The product, and you will someday realize it, is a joke.
    I see you went right after Assurant. SHOCKER. I love how you and all the other kool-aiders go after other companies, but you always fail to realize just how investigated your company is. God that’s funny. Look in the mirror for once would ya?

  9. It’s funny that all ex-mega agents think that current agents think they have the “best gig” in town. Whatever company you sell, if you don’t have confidence in your product, it will show to the customer. I never claimed Mega was the best insurance plan. But in the year and a half I have been selling Mega, I have as of today, yet to have a complaint. It will probably happen one day but it hasn’t happened yet. And I have quite a few people on the books. And I did some research on what Kevin had such a problem with, the 20% assistant surgeon and 50% anestheia. Those two usually bill according to what the insurance company pays because they want to get paid as soon as possible.(Do you think an “assistant surgeon” is going to be able to charge anywhere close to the actual “surgeon”? Please!) Is it always, no, but almost all the time. I found this out from a medical billing department, not HealthMarkets. I will state one more time, I didn’t come here to defend HealthMarkets (remember, I am not captive and I would guess more than half our office here in GA isn’t captive) but for everyone who reads these posts know that all insurance companies have (one, some or all) state investigations, fines, bad press, complaints, bad bbb ratings, ect… All insurance plans have “loop holes” that allow the company to not pay all they promised whether it is “up to 20%” or “Reasonable, as determined by BlueCross” or Assurant had “questionably denied claims and canceled policies,” it’s all out there. Just make sure you bash everyone because when you only bash one company and you were actually let go by that company, it makes it seem you have hard feelings against them. Because you are complaining about them when your companies you now represent do the same things.
    Ex-Megaagent-thanks for your input, take care.

  10. My state does not have the CareOne Select Plan so I never saw a brochure. As far as the contract, don’t assume no one reads it or understands it because I did. As for working hard, good for you. I’ve always worked very hard in full time jobs – Mega wasn’t a hard job – it just made me feel guilty because so many customers ended up very unhappy with their coverage – so before you assume you’re the only one who works hard and understands their contract, you’re not. You’re not any different than any other agent who thinks they have the best gig in town because they don’t know any better.
    I wish you luck, I’ve said what I want to say and this is it. I am putting HealthMarkets, Mega, UGA, NASE, Cornerstone, MidWest behind me forever. My guess is they won’t be around much longer anyway.

  11. If you remember the CareOne Select Brochure, it does state Major Medical Plan. You have to add the riders to make it a major medical plan, but they are. We don’t have the Care Choice here in GA yet but it’s coming and what is slated for GA is supposed to have more benefits that the CareOne series. There is a 15 state investigation. Check it out at http://www.medicalnewstoday.com. That’s what I am talking about, it happens to all insurance companies. It’s a lame excuse but it’s true. HealthMarkets was under that 30 state investigation because of deceptive sales practices by unethical agents. They were not informing the customer that membership into AFAS or NASE was optional where it is applicable. Or agents were leaving off necessary riders to make the sale. That, my friend, is shitty and those people need to lose their license. I’ve looked up Assurant’s plans and there are things that are better than Mega’s and there are things that are worse. But if you structure Assurant’s plans to somewhat I have with Mega, I’ll have to pay way more with Assurant and those quotes for me were preferred and I have high blood pressure and cholestrol, so you know my rates wll go up 30% to 40%. I’m glad to be able to converse with someone who is a little more mature. I will agree with you both though, if you leave HealthMarkets and you were somewhat successful, then you owe them money. But I knew this before I signed the contract. I think I was one of the few who took this contract to my step mother, who is a retired lawyer, to look it over. I just banked on that I would be successful and it would take care of itself with hard work. And for Assurant, google Assurant complaints and see what you get. And Assurant’s outlook with AM Best is negative as well.

  12. ECB – I don’t represent any insurance company anymore. I do question the validity of you stating that Mega plans are major medical. I would check that out – even the new Care Choice is not a true major med. You might want to clarify that – I apologize if I’m incorrect, I’m pretty sure they are classified as indemnity plans or catastrophic expense plans.
    If HealthMarkets is taking steps in the right direction, good for them, they should have done that long ago – as far as Blackstone, I still feel like they are either going to sell the company or watch it crumble – that’s just my opinion – I have no facts to back that up.

  13. One more thing…..15 states investigating Assurant? I don’t know if that’s true or not and I’m not defending any insurance company, but what about Mega being investigated by 30 + states in the multi-state investigation? What about Mega having to pay hefty fines in Maine in addition to refunding people for over-charging their premiums? If the company is really on the up and up like they claim, I don’t see how they could be under this much scrutiny.
    By the way, here’s the link to the BBB – I think it has been posted earlier, but here it is again.

  14. It seems like different people had totally different experiences when it comes to UGA/Cornerstone. The plans are considered major medical plan though. I think what most people don’t realize is that whatever insurance company you have, you still have to pay more than deductible and coinsurance maximum, most of the time. My AllState agent had BlueCross with a $5,000 deductible and $2,000 stop loss and he still had $32,000 out of pocket for complications of pregnancy. I know most will say BS but I don’t have a way to prove it but that’s what he told me. Usual and Customary was designed to basically keep insurance companies from being ripped off (that’s actually kind of funny). My aunt, and this was years ago, had BlueCross plan and she actually had to pay for her anesthesia for her hysterectamy. I can see how some HealthMarkets people might seem brainwashed but it seems the same to me from ex-agents. I would be surprised if Kevin was not recruited by Bill Stone. I think that is his name. This guy constantly emails Cornerstone agents trying to get them to sell Assurant plans. Why would you try to recruit agents from a company that supposedly brainwashes their agents? I don’t think Blackstone is wanting the company to crumble. Why would they spend millions on the new Medicare Advantage Plans? Or why would they hire the BlueCross chief underwriter away from BlueCross of GA to run their underwriting department? Why are they rolling out new plans here in Georgia in the next few months? If anything, I would say they are making steps in all the right directions. Let me ask you this-with the plans you sell now, do you guarantee in writing that the deductible and coinsurance maximum is the absolute most they will ever pay for an injury or illness? If you don’t say yes, then your plans don’t have the true stop loss you refer to with Mega and if you say yes, then what companies do you represent so I can look into get appointed with them.

  15. Actually, my district always told me that the complaints with the bureau of insurance in the state I’m in were very low and that’s what we should tell our customers when we were questioned about the bad press to call the DOI to check the company out. What bothered me is the amount of negative information online and the Better Business Bureau has a lot of complaints about HealthMarkets, Inc. and all its subsidiaries. So the DOI in GA doesn’t have a lot of complaints, what about The Better Business Bureau? Nationwide, Mega has a lot of complaints – more than most insurance companies. I feel bad looking back at all of my appointments with customers, telling them how great Mega was, defending all the bad press. Not to mention when my customers would have problems with claims, underwriting, billing, customer service, etc., I would try and step in and help and I’d get a different answer from every person I spoke with at the Insurance Center.
    Maybe you will have a great career with UGA/Cornerstone or whoever you’re with, but since I’ve left there (very recently), I feel so much better. I regret the day I walked into UGA two years ago and got so excited about the “opportunity” only to find out that I was not “Helping other people everyday,” but really “hurting other people everyday.” By the way, I sold primarily CarOne Plus plan and I always explained the details of the plan, right down to the coinsurance maximum not being a true out of pocket maximum – the plan not being a major medical, etc. I was not one of the agents out there selling crap, and playing it off as full coverage.
    You seem very happy and that’s great, but I can’t help but take Kevin’s side because he’s been there and done that and knows exactly how it feels to finally wake up! I am sorry I wasted so much time in that evil organization.
    By the way, when I was getting ready to leave, I emailed Kevin and then spoke with him personally – he was very helpful and actually gave me good tips on how to leave. He may seem angry, but I can totally relate because I am too – I hate to see people continuing to get hurt by this company – my gut feeling is Blackstone is positioning itself to watch the company crumble – just my personal opinion.

  16. I’m not worth it, I know. I know Mega cancels your appointment if you don’t produce. Why give leads to someone who isn’t producing. My whole point to all this nonsense is that Kevin has been bashing Mega and acting like he’s been in the business for years and is the know all of insurance. He sells health insurance through Assurant and stated that Assurant is a great company and they won’t drop you when you get sick. That may not be the case, look at what I found at http://www.medicalnewstoday.com
    In an investigation into Milwaukee-based Assurant — a health insurer specializing in individual policies — CBS News found that the company has a history of “questionably denied claims and canceled policies,” according to “Evening News.” More than 500 consumer complaints have been filed against the company nationwide, and at least 15 states have investigated its practices.
    He dogs Mega for this same behavior. And he obviously doesn’t know his companies that much because they can drop people, otherwise why the 15 state investigation? I actually agree with you exmegaagent, it dumb to have a pissing match because its like a fat kid making fun of another fat kid for being fat. All insurance companies do things they shouldn’t do, fact of life. Mega is no different, Assurant no different and any company you represent, no different. But a total of 4 complaints with Mega in the state of Georgia in the last two years doesn’t sound too bad though.

  17. ECB – I don’t want to get into a pissing contest with you because quite frankly, you’re not worth it. I just wanted to clarify one thing – anyone who does not produce with Mega for eight weeks is subject to automatic cancellation due to lack of production. Many agents, who finally see what this company is about will stop producing because they’re ready to leave. After eight weeks, the company cancels your contract due to lack of performance. It does not mean the agent couldn’t produce as you often hear when people leave, it’s more often because the agent does not want anything to do with selling that crap anymore. I know this because when I decided to leave, I simply quit turning in business. After the seventh week, I got an e-mail from the company saying my contract will be terminated after eight weeks if no applications are turned in. BIG DEAL!!! That’s what I wanted!!!
    Then, what happens is the districts can point fingers at the agents who leave and say things like “oh, they were let go because they couldn’t produce.”

  18. Kevin, I have to admit that you actually had me believing you had been in the insurance field a long time. Actually you have been in the field a year and one month longer than me. Your Wisconsin appointments are as follows:
    Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company-04/11/2007
    Life Investors Insurance Company of America-06/28/2007
    Mega Life and Health Insurance Company-01/06/2006
    Time Insurance Company-04/13/2007
    You actually lost your appointment from Mega due to “Inadequate Production”. No wonder you hate Mega, they pulled your appointment with them away from you. Sounds like a jilted lover or something. And wow, you’ve been experienced so long with your other companies, just barely a year with 2 and not even a year with 1 of them. You never even made it far enough to become appointed with any other HealthMarkets companies because you couldn’t produce. Go on and retort by saying your conscience got in the way. That’s a good cop out. Fact of the matter, you are really no more experienced that most that have replied here and we both are considered new to the insurance field. I have uncovered the truth as to why you hate Mega. Your not alone if it makes you feel even better, many people don’t succeed in this business with any company because it’s not easy. No more personal attacks, you are probably an ok person. I just know the reasoning behind your anger. No more need for me to message anymore, so you won’t be hearing from me again, (sure you’re all happy) I just knew something else fueled this anger. Everyone-have a great weekend. And I will be the bigger man and not bring up the bad press on your companies, because we both know it there.

  19. Maybe you should change your name from ECB to OCD. I have already told everyone on this blog who I represent. Take a good hard look at some of the earlier posts. I realize that comprehending things are a tough chore for you, but maybe you should read a little deeper into things before you start making “MORE” false accusations about someone or something.
    My two main carriers that I use are Assurant (AKA TIME INSURANCE) and GTL. My life products are sold through Life Investors, a division of AEGON. There ya go hard on, start digging, because I know that’s what you need to do.
    Why shouldn’t I file a complaint about you? You’re a freaking noob who knows only what your district manager tells you to know, and says false things to try and put your product above the others. Just look at your first three posts. Lie, after lie, after lie, and you don’t even justify them after I pointed them out.
    I use to try and sell people that same line of bullshit that you’re trying to get away with. It’s how UGA teaches you to sell. Only let the client know so much, or else you will just confuse them. And make sure you throw in stories about poor little girls and other families. Have you told anyone about Doug and Dana Christensen? There’s a great story to tell. Are you seriously that stupid, that you don’t realize I was in your shoes for over a year? Blinded by the fact that money controls that entire origination, and is the only motive to keep selling. The products are a joke, and the only way to keep you going is to start every Rah Rah meeting by handing out money. You claim you know more than me, than prove it. All you have done is throw in conjecture, conspiracy, and lies. Maybe you should be a politician instead. What I do know, is someday the light will come on. Then all that knowledge you “THOUGHT” you had about MEGA, will finally fall through the cracks, and you will see that I am not the fraud you claim I am. Plus I would like to know how I am a fraud. The only company I am ripping on is your group. And I’m not doing that to sell more policies. I’m doing it to let the consumers know what a fucking joke your group is. I can sell my products over the phone or in person. When I take the time to explain every detail of a MEGA policy, and show them the gaps, its game over.
    Here’s a little more information for you. I have talked to two attorneys in the past year. Both are experts in insurance fraud, claims misrepresentation, etc. and both said, and I quote,” YOU CAN’T SELL A POLICY FROM MEGA, WITHOUT MISREPRESENTING THE INFORMATION. OTHER WISE IF THE CONSUMER WAS AWARE OF ALL OF THE GAPS, THEY WOULD HAVE NEVER BOUGHT IT.” Pretty hard to argue with that.
    But you keep on keeping on, and keep thinking that you know more about this than people that have been in the field A LOT, longer than you have. I’m sure the only person who actually feels you have won this round is you. Keep patting yourself on the back for a self proclaimed victory.
    p.s. quit e-mailing ya stalker

  20. Why won’t Kevin level the playing field and fess up to who he represents? People who read this blog, ask yourself this- Why won’t Kevin confess. I can answer. He stated that he was afraid i would dig up all kinds of stuff on his companies. So he just admitted he represents companies that have terrible past histories. This blog will make everyone dumber for having read Kevin’s BS. I award you all no points and may god have mercy on your soul. W-1 L-0. Actually, I have respect for Kevin because he feels for his companies like I do mine. Whether we agree or not (can you guess if we do) I wish no will ill on Kevin and hope he feels in his heart that he is doing his customers the best he can, just as I do. Kevin, much love brother, but you lost this round. There is always next time!

  21. Wow, Kevin is so smart… wait not really. He is looking at my permanante license. I had my temp since Feb. 2007. So really I have been selling for almost a year and half. Isn’t it sad how I know more than Kevin after only 1.5 years. And he helped prove I am not captive! Thanks Kevin. And you don’t have to be appointed with Chesapeake or Mid-West or United American to sell Mega, the company you have a hard on for. Get a little more educated and then talk to me. Who do you represent? People, does this not tell you something? Someone talks shit about certain companies but won’t disclose their companies or how long they have been in the insurance business. I have hid nothing. Who do you trust, someone who has no problem laying it all out there or someone who hides behind a name? Oh, I better calm down, he might file a complaint.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. Wow, false claims. OK Mr. King of Falsr Claims that can’t back anything up any more than me. Still no answer to who Kevin represents. I have no problem sharing with whom ever reads this who I represent. Why is Kevin so scared to share his info? He’s not going to fall into my trap….of truth.So why won’t he say who he represents, I can answer that, because then I can expose him for the fraud he is. “I’ll talk all kinds of shit about other companies and when someone calls me out,…..I’ll threaten them with a complaint from the ins. commissioner.” You all know the truth, just read Kevin’s dodging of anything that can be used against him. You probably represent companies that are like you, dodging claims and making excuses. There is no luck that’s gonna help you.

    All of these companies you have to be registered with when you work for UGA or cornerstone. That’s what makes you captive. What a fraud, HUH? And I see you have been selling for only 6 months. What a shocker. That really explains everthing. Get an education, and then come talk to me.

  24. I didn’t type “needs to change”. I typed “needs to be fixed”. Get it straight. Two totally different things. When HealthMarkets acquired UICI, they DID change things, basically everything. As long as you hide behind your blanket of security by not telling everyone who you represent, keep blasting other companies. I will keep on replacing the policies you pedel. But like I stated before, whether you represent one company or another, as long as you are 100% upfront with your clients, I hope all of you, you included Kevin, make a fortune.

  25. That’s your comeback. I must have gotten beat up a lot in school? What are you a child?
    Why do I need to have them answer the questions I’m asking you to answer? My guess is you can’t. All you do is come on here, talk shit, and leave. Congrats douche. You are the typical MEGA sales person. LIE LIE LIE, and you have no proof to support anything. You come back with one of the dumbest things I’ve heard of to try and insult me. Maybe I will call that number tomorrow. That way I can file a complaint against you for making false claims. People like you should not be in this business. So if you get a strange letter from the commissh, that would from me.
    I know, you’re trying to bait me in. Nice technique, but it’s quit obivous I’m dealing with someone with limited intelligence. Let’s see, I tell you who I sell for, and then you look up every possible thing you can to try and smear the products. I realize your childish, and are trying to conquer the world by selling MEGA, but the fact is your company can’t compete, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re exposed for what you are. And that voice you hear laughing in the background will be me. Have a good night and good luck, you’re going to need it.

  26. The GA Ins. Comm. website sucks. Call them and ask about Mega. 404-656-2056. I used to be insured under a 500 deductible ppo plan with BlueCross. I got doctor bills for shit they wouldn’t cover even though I was only supposed to have a $20 co pay. I have yet, in almost two years, to get a doctor bill with Mega. The Preventative Plus Rider is incredible and even covers things like colonoscopies and emergency room visits. Hate all you want but I know the Mega plans as good as anyone and I will put them up against any individual health insurance plan. Your shot Kev’

  27. All you HealthMarkets haters, Kevin has been proved a fraud. I am licensed with other companies besides HealthMarkets companies (as well as many in our office) and it can be proven. Email me and I will give you my license number so you can see for yourself.

  28. Just call the 404-656-2056 number. They will answer all your questions for you. In 2006, one complaint and in 2007, three complaints. Check for yourself tomorrow.

  29. I forgot to answer your question. Yes, the koolaid is great. I actually feel bad for you. Your comments make it seem like you were beat up alot in school. You should of been a cop instead.

  30. After I did some investigating, I looked up MEGA Life and Health on the Georgia Commissioners webpage. I’m curious about something. When I look up Human, Blue Cross, Assurant, they have an H next to their name. The H means that they are allowed to sell health insurance in Goergia. When I look up MEGA, all there is, is an L. The L means that they only sell Life insurance. What am I missing here.
    Also, find me a link for the complaints page in Georgia. I want to see the only “4 Complaints” claim. Can you do that for me, or are you going to continue to try and blow smoke?

  31. You really are an idiot. Lower margin is not the same as marginal. Wow, you can’t understand the difference. Lower margin means they make less money on certain health insurance plans because why…they pay much more.
    Insurance companies can and do drop people based upon their health here in Georgia. I even came upon a 10 person group who BlueCross dropped because one person got sick and their loss ratio dropped too low. I don’t feel the need to try to prove it because it’s true. What companies do you represent? Are you too afraid to say because you know I can tear them apart like you try to do to Mega. And I am not captive. Email me and I will email you back with my license number and you can go to the GA Ins. Commissioner’s website and check for yourself or are you too afraid that all your followers will see that you are a moron?
    About “your” plans. Do they have stop losses out of network? Do they guarantee that a deductible and coinsurance max. is all you pay? (If you say yes, then you really need to find some other blog to bullshit.) You didn’t address much of anything that I either stated ot better yet, quoted.
    You say bad press against HealthMarkets is still going on because look at all the exagents who made comments. So what! Wow, because an “exemployee” said something bad about a company doesn’t do shit for me. The proof is in the pudding. Call the GA Ins. Commissioner’s Office at 404-656-2056 and ask them about complaints (or lack of) and state fines(none) against Mega and then compare them against “your” phantom companies. You’re not even going to “read” my other posts right now, huh. Great cop out for not being able to retract my statements. Do you think your lame failures for followers will believe it. Bring it on. Give me your license number and let me contact Washington’s ins. commissioner and see what companies you represent. Oh, and by the way, HealthMarkets won the 2007 Stevie’s Award. Look it up. This means they won the TOP SALES STAFF in the WORLD! And again, I am not captive, call me out if you dare smuck. (This is for all you failures with HealthMarkets-even though I am self employed, all the leads I receive are A leads and most through NetQuote, real time, that the company pays 100% for. Keep paying $10 to $20 for the same leads I pay nothing for. Don’t hate because you can’t play.)

  32. ECB- How’s the kool-aid?????
    I really can’t get over the finger pointing justification that you and your pathetic “CAPTIVE” agents use to try and promote your products. They did this, they did that. Let me ask you, what have your products done for anybody, except break them financially.
    First of all, you can’t be a HealthMarkets agent and not be captive. It even says right on Blackstone’s website, “CAPTIVE SALES FORCE” for the Health Markets group. Are you special or something?????http://www.blackstone.com/private_equity/portfolio.asp?Order=ByInvstDate
    I don’t even know where to begin with this, but let me start from the top.
    You talk about HealthMarkets problems in the past. The name and group “HealthMarkets”, has only been around for about 2 years now. The “bad press” you talk about, hmmm, well that article that ex mega agent posted was released on the first of this month. Man that is sooooo long ago. Now, prior to changing the name to HealthMarkets, your pathetic little group you speak of was called UICI. But, and in a similar fashion, they started to get numerous complaints and bad press thrown at them. So what did they do? They used a nice little cloak and dagger technique to try and hide their crappy products, and up and switched their name. Way to go guys, you have fooled us all.
    Here is the thing I am having a hard time juggling with you. You say that HealthMarkets “NEEDS” to change. Yet, you use 3 posts, to sit there and defend their products and use “stories” that you can’t prove even happened to try and level the playing field. Now what am I missing here? What needs to be fixed? If your products are superior than why the sudden need to change? If you were on the stand in a court room, I would love to see you talk your way out of this one. Call me crazy, but that makes no sense. I would also bet that you use the same double talk bullshit in your presentation to try and peddle. What an ethical crew we have here.
    Now please, what plans of mine are cancelling people because they are sick? I have a very nice book of business, and so far NOBODY has been cancelled for any reason, except for not paying a premium. Can I legally prove that? Nope, I can’t. What I can do is cite WI insurance law. I’m not sure if you know this or not, and obviously you don’t, but in the state of WI. It’s illegal to cancel anyone for a sickness or injury. One more pathetic shot you guys take to try and sell. Seriously, when does it stop? Got anymore lies to tell. Hmmm, I’m still in the first paragraph of your 1st post. I would bet that there is.
    Here we go another lie. All of my plans cover out of network. There is a penalty however, of $2000 on top of their deductible. But, they still cover out of network. The co-insurance and co-pay stays the same. I don’t know what Blue Cross or Humana does because I don’t sell that. Lie to me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Look another lie. I don’t know what the hell goes on in your state, but you can’t change any coverage here in Wisconsin. Do you have any proof, what-so-ever on any of these allegations my friend? This is all the same here say bullshit that my district manager tried to sell me with, until I found out different.
    I am not even going to read your other posts right now. I have to go outside and wonder how you have made it through life this far, and tell myself that you will one day wake THE HELL UP.
    Lower Margin, has nothing to do with their financial status. I feel myself getting dumber the more I read your posts. So If I told you that you had a Lower Margin Intelligence. Would that mean your savings account is low? Lower Margin Health Products, in insurance language, means that the product itself is not up to the industry standard as to what would be described as a comprehensive health plan. But you keep telling yourself it has to do with them having a bad year in sales. That will be your little secret.
    And everyone wonders why I’m so frustrated… Holy cow, I really think I do need Jesus right now.

  33. It me again. I have to admit, I should be working but this is so much fun. I used to have a BlueCross PPO plan when I was ages 27 to about 31. In that time I saw my premium go from about $140 per month to over $350 per month. And I wasn’t seeing rate increases just once a year, one year I had THREE. But anyways, the reason I’m back is I found my old BlueCross outline of coverage book. Why does Mega’s so called limitations on second surgeon and anestheiologist matter when BlueCross very own definitions read as such: (and I quote)
    In the Limitations and Exclusions Section
    pg. 20, line 40.
    “Expenses in excess of the Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) Fees (as determined by BCBSGA).”
    So maybe 30% of a second surgeon would be deemed unreasonable by BlueCross and it would have to be paid by the customer. Maybe this is why my AllState agent ended up owing (because I called him today to ask him) $32,000 for the complication of pregnancy. So much for the deductible and stop loss, huh?!?
    Another exclusion you are probably not showing your customers,
    Under Limitations and Exclusions (pg 17)
    5.4 Exclusions-your Contract does not provide benefits for:
    1. Just talks the normal about maternity.BLAHBLAH, ok.
    (And this is GOOD and I quote again)
    “2. Care, supplies or equipment not Medically Necessary, as determined by BCBSGA, for treatmnent of an Injury or illness.”
    As determined by BlueCross. I should of just had an HMO, basically the same, managed healthcare, when the insurance company makes those decisions. Do you tell this “little” exclusion to your customers, Kevin? (And I’m pretty sure this is customary for most companies that pay on UCR.)
    Another “exclusion” because someone mentioned transplants and this is straight from the BlueCross book again and I quote:
    “The following services and supplies rendered in connection with organ/tissue/bone marrow transplants:
    * Surgical or medical care related to animal organ transplants, animal tissue transplants (except for porcine heart valves), artificial organ transplants or mechanical organ transplants;
    * Transportation, travel or lodging expenses for non-donor family members;
    * Donation related services or supplies, including search, associated with organ acquisition and procurement;
    * Chemotherapy with autologous, allogenic or syngenic hematopoietic stem cells transplant for treatment of any type of cancer not specifically named as covered;
    * Any transplant not specifically listed as covered.”
    I admit, most of this is pretty greek to me and I know most don’t cover artificial organs but what scares me is “Any transplant not specifically named as covered.” I looked in my book front to back and there was no listing of covered transplants. Mega’s transplants are covered at 100% after deductible and they actually pay for travel and lodging for one person if the transplant facility is more than 300 miles away and for two people if it is a minor. Also, and I quote from Mega, “Medically Necessary transplants not specifically defined as a Transplant Procedure under the Policy, which are not determined to be Experimental or Investigational Medicine will be payable the same as any other Transplant Procedure under this Policy in accordance with the provisions of the policy.” That, my friends, is strong. Whereas, with BlueCross, if they deem it unneccesary or not specifically covered and you need one, good luck. With Mega, if it is not experimental or investigative then its covered. That dog will hunt! (I’m not so much here to defend Mega or HealthMarkets, I am here to let everyone know that EVERY policy has holes and if anyone tells you a plan pays 100% after deductible and coinsurance max. with no possibility of owing more is a liar. Ask my AllState agent about that.)

  34. Sorry, one more thing. Plently of insurance companies have bbb rating or their outlook is/changed to negative. Since HealthMarkets target audience is mainly self employed, many self employed people are having to make the decision of do I put food on the table and gas in my car or do I have health insurance. Its alot harder for the small guy right now and usually most of the time. That’s the main thing I hear right now, before I even tell someone what companies I represent, they say if you have nothing under $200 per month, for example, we can’t do business. If I have to put them on a Mid West scheduled plan for the time being because it is all they can afford, then that is a situation where some is better than none. I don’t like doing that because he problem is with some people, no matter how much you explain something, they think “oh, I have health insurance” and that all plans work the same. Luckily for me that hasn’t happened yet, but it has to some people I know. Normally though I would never sell a true scheduled plan to anyone unless it was the CareOne Select, and then they get access to a program that informs the customer about costs and how to keep their costs either nothing or very little. Actually, the CareOne Select plan is featured on Clarke Howard’s website, a very popular radio personality in Atlanta who talks about how the average Joe can save money and things of that nature.

  35. Kevin, “lower margin health products” simply means they are not making as much profit off of those particular insurance plans, hence “lower margin”. It does not describe the actual insurance plan. Thought you might want to know that.

  36. I am a HealthMarkets agent as well as United Healthcare and AFLAC, so you can see I’m not captive. I am also a Mega policy holder. I live in Georgia and when I went through my training back in Jan. 2007, it was hammered into me about being ethical, doing the right thing for the client. All of these stories about Cornerstone, AFAS, and Mega, I just haven’t experienced. There are some very positive things happening with the company. I think HealthMarkets realize their bad press in the past and is working hard to fix it, and it does need to be fixed. They just aquired the chief underwriter from BlueCross of Georgia and there are new plans in the works as well. Not perfect yet, but no one is. I tried to sell to my Allstate agent, who had heard bad things about Mega and he didn’t want to switch from his BlueCross plan. He did experience a complication from pregnancy and BlueCross tried to stick him with a hospital bill of over $40,000, so much for his $5000 deductible and $2000 co-insurance max. Last I heard he was disputing it with them, so I have no idea if they paid any more. Fact of the matter is, Kevin’s main arguement for Mega’s new coverage is the 20% assistant, 50% anestheiologist and the the maximum per occurance of $1,000,000 (in GA). It is not hard to find holes in any plans. A few of Mega’s guarantees that I haven’t found anywhere else is the guarantee to never cancel you because you get sick, unlike alot of the insurance plans you probably sell Kevin that don’t offer that. BlueCross had dropped many people I have spoken to because they had a stroke, ect.. Mega also has a stop loss out of network. BlueCross and all others I know of, if they will even pay out of network, have no coinsurance maximums out of network. Most of the companies you represent have a clause that allow them to change your coverage just by sending you notice. What good is a plan that covers everything at 100% with a trillion dollars in coverage if the insurance company can take it away when they want? You also need to research the other companies a little more close. Humana of Florida, fined $48,000,000 by the state because Humana was bonusing claims adjusters to deny claims. All HMOs are facing a $22,000,000,000 (yes, billion) lawsuit for negligence. Poor girl in California who had Cigna who needed a kidney or liver transplant and was denied by Cigna. She died as a result (this was in every major paper and on the news). Cigna then came back and said they made a “mistake”. I’m sure that satisfyied the parents! Good god, BlueCross has been fined more that anyone, probably combined. And now look at how alot of you agents are selling your product, over the phone or internet. All these people who apply on line and get a response back in 24 to 48 hours, ask yourself this. Do you think the company received your medical records and reviewed them within that period of time? No and so when you are approved based upon the information you supplied to them and then you go to file a claim, guess what the insurance company does next? They pull your medical records. (This is called “Backend Underwriting” and BlueCross has been fined for this more times than
    I can count.) If they find even the smallest descrepancy between what you told them and what is on your medical records, they can and probably will deny your claim. I’ve done very well with HealthMarkets group of companies (Mega, MidWest, United American and Cheseapeake) and I try to explain the plans in as much detail as the client will allow. Some rush me because they want me in and out quick, in which I always say to read your policy and call me with any questions. For those who allow me, I go over everything and give examples so they know the plan as well as they can. Clients are not experts on insurance. There should never be the excuse that when they client doesn’t understand why their policy didn’t pay, it was because they didn’t read their policy. It is all insurance agents from every company to disclose everything and to educate your client on the workings of the plan. I have yet to have a complaint with any plan I have sold (hope I don’t jinx myself, sure it will happen one day though) and in the state of Georgia, there have only been 4 complaints in the last two years against Mega. And just an example of polcy gaps, have you read BlueCross’ definition of Emergency Room coverage. My mom went into the ER with a hurt foot. Turns out it wasn’t broken, but her claim was denied (and she has group coverage with them) because it wasn’t considered “life threatening or serious injury) and the bill was almost $1000 after her so called $150 co pay. Is Mega perfect, hell no, but no one is. All any of us can do, until you just pay a monthly premium and deductible, is to explain all the limits and exclusions on any policy we sell, regardless of the company. And why is it that Mega’s outline of coverage for people interested in the plans are 31 pages and most other “outline of coverages” are 2 pages. I actually left in someone’s mail box a complete outline of coverage book (for someone who claimed they used to be an insurance agent) so she could compare Mega’s plans with the other coverage she pulled off the internet. Without saying anything to her after I dropped it off (she lived pretty close to me) she called me up and scheduled the appointment and I made the sell. Hope everyone does well and with whatever company you represent, I hope you all make a ton of money, just treat the client with respect. Thanks.

  37. How does the saying go……….
    It’s hard to change someones thought process, when their salary dictates thier thought process….

  38. Kevin, I thought you’d like that article! You are right and have been right all along, but some people on this blog are too busy drinking the kool-aid and praying instead of taking a look at the facts that indicate that HealthMarkets, Inc. is in serious trouble – their policies are inferior, their agents are brainwashed and the people in charge are down right evil!

  39. HOLY COW. What an article. I am going to post a line that I found most amusing.
    “HealthMarkets will be challenged to demonstrate a rebound in earnings for 2008 due to a declining number of agents in the company’s captive agency force, increased migration of membership to its lower margin health products, continued costs associated with legal and regulatory actions, and large monitoring fees.”
    LOWER MARGIN HEALTH PRODUCTS. That pretty much sums it up. Now, poeple, I guess I don’t look like I’m so crazy after all. You can say it. I was right, and all the other agent/attackers were wrong. Excuse me a second, I have to go outside and LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess the word is getting out, as I knew it would. God I hate being right. LOL

  40. Wow! I haven’t been here in a while, but I see that people are still attacking Kevin for speaking the truth. I find it interesting that religion keeps coming up, too. It’s funny that people feel the need to pray for Kevin. Actually, you should pray for all the poor souls that have a Mega policy for themselves or their family.
    See “Fitch Revises HealthMarkets Outlook to Negative; Affirms IDR at ‘BBB'” – click on link below for article.

  41. OK, for anyone still reading this blog. I went online to look for new insurance since I got rid of Mega. Well the first 3 people that called me are trying to sell Mega, JE-SUS!! One insisted if I went into the hospital, they would cover my expenses up to 1 million dollars. I said in a lifetime? She insisted if I went into the hospital, my expenses would be covered up to 1 million dollars. Wow! Why doesn’t any other insurance company sell a policy like that? Next question, all the others that call, and I see the names on the caller id, don’t leave a message. They just keep calling and calling. What’s the deal with that? Any insight would be helpful on that one. Maybe if they left a message I would know what they want and call them back.

  42. After having Mega insurance, and NASE which I thought was a joke and a scam, for the past 7 months, I started going through the book closely that was sent with my policy. Things that were told to me like up to a million dollars max payout for hospitalization in a lifetime. If you read the fine print, it pays 80% of each hospitalization, up to 1000 dollars? So it will pay 800 dollars of a hospital visit if I stay in there for two weeks? What is that gonna get me? Whether I am there a day or a month, whatever my bill is, they will pay a max of 800 bucks? I found a lot of stuff like this in the book and guess what, when I emailed my agent and left him voicemails, the guy never called me back. He was happy to sell me the policy though. I went over and over what it actually pays, and the “max benefit per” is rediculous. When I tried to cancel the policy, the companny did everything to try and change my mind. When they realized I was not going to budge, they became instant scumbags on the phone, very rude. Thank god for the internet and all the info out here.

  43. Would you please shut up about god. I’m truly missing the relevance. If you think he helps you get through your daily life, then great. Keep it to yourself. At what point do I need to worship the almighty, or recognize him the same way you do? I’ve never understood why the die hard Christians tell people how or what they should think.
    Now Mr. Masters, let me give you an education on the “real” definition of reasonable and customary. I can’t believe I have to do this again. You’re confusing consumer driven health care with reasonable and customary. Calling around doctor to doctor isn’t the definition of reasonable and customary, that’s called consumer driven health, where it gives people the power to compare prices. Where have you ever gotten or heard that’s the definition of reasonable?
    Definition of reasonable and customary off of Google — Amount of money most frequently charged for certain medical procedures in a given geographical area. Uhhhhhh, is that enough information for you?? That is implemented by the insurance company, for protection from hospitals and doctors that overcharge on different procedures. In essence, it means that an insurance company is only going to pay “up to” a certain amount to any and all doctors for the same procedure. It’s got nothing to do with calling around from doctor to doctor. All Mega does, is say they don’t recognize what is reasonable. But, what Mega does, is put caps on most benefits, which is just a clever way of implementing a reasonable charge in their own little way.
    I keep bringing up the $4000 max, because the language after it is tricky if you don’t understand it. It always says, “up to” the maximum daily benefit. Therefore, even with the $4000 max, if the dollar amount goes over the maximum daily benefit, the customer is stuck with the bill. Did you forget to read that part???
    Actually guy, insurance policies are only as good as the insurance company writing them, not the agent as you put it. To my knowledge, and I could be wrong, but MEGA’s plans are one of the few, that you have to “build” by adding riders. And the only way you can make them cheaper is by jeopardizing the integrity of the plan by adding more holes to it. I know, your going to tell me that,” well if someone doesn’t want a pregnancy rider with us, they don’t have to have it.” Look chief, that’s nothing more than a bad sales pitch by you guys. Pregnancy riders on most, if not all are an option. The only ones where I don’t think it is an option are on employer sponsored group plans where it automatically comes with it.
    Also, where do you get the fact that a doctors office visit or a doctor making his rounds “only” costs in the neighborhood of $65-$85. Where is that written??? As I ask so many times, but you and all the agents keep failing, provide the proof. That’s all I have ever asked. Prove me wrong. You claim fact, but prove it. Show me a link or a webpage. You can’t make claims like that to your clients and call yourself ethical.
    Mega’s complaints look small, because they only are a fraction of how many people have policies in force compared to all in those states. Try and look at the complaints this way. The ratio of complaints to policies in force is what’s a high number, not the total number of complaints. So if there are 100 policies in force, and 10 people have filed a complaint, that’s a high percentage. So out of every 10 policies written, one person is complaining. That’s not factual, I’m merely pointing something out.

  44. Kevin,
    All I can do is pray for you. I simply gave my opinion and you ripped me a new one, questioning whether I had a masters degree, etc. You have no clue about the difference between “reasonable and customary” used by Mega compared to “reasonable” used by many insurance companies. Reasonable and customary means you can get on the phone in your area and call and check what 6-10 docs charge for a certain thing. It is verifiable for anyone willing to check. Reasonable…depends on who has the money. It is just an opinion, not verifiable anywhere. You keep bringing up the $4,000 max and saying it’s limited by the plan. You are right. It will only pay 100% up to the 1 million on most plans and up to 2 million on the PPO plan. $100 for doctor visits in the hospital? Yeah. For the guy who put you in the hospital and makes rounds every other day or twice a week. These docs charge the equivalent of a standard office visit, usually $65-$85. Verifiable.
    Insurance companies and policies are only as good as the person putting it together. I’ve written everyone in my family a policy, and the feedback has been great. I’ve had one complaint in two years, although I write people I go to church with, work across the street from, shop with at the grocery store, etc. I studied this deal a lot more than anyone I’ve seen on this blog. If you check the Complaint Department in TX, MS, AL, LA, you will see that MEGA is not leading the list. Acutally it is far down the list, almost insignificant. Factual. Not opinion.
    I don’t know what MEGA was like before 2006. I know I don’t make the money I need, so poo on your big money get rich stuff. But it’s manageable and gives me the freedom I want at 57 years old. I do understand your frustration, because although I was trained with integrity, not brain washing, your deal must have been different. Are there better insurance companies out there? Maybe. But many of them demand more of my time than I care to give. Do they hire untrained? Sure. So do all the others. Am I a rare bird with a masters degree? Probably. But I know that my leaders, thus far, will not tolerate deceit, lies, mis-information, or lack of product knowledge. I didn’t go into this with my eyes closed. It’s not perfect. But I’ve helped a lot of people. I have over 200 letters (I ask for people to comment to me on their experiences with the insurance…does it do what it says) that sing the praises of how well Mega pays, how wonderful the customer service works, how promptly they refund the initial premium if coverage is not accepted, etc. You may not believe me, but then you’re not the one I have to please. God is. And if you believe in God and think He’s proud of the way you “blog” yourself, then you don’t know the same God I do. Mutual respect counts for something, even if I disagree with you or your opinion. I believe everything you do, say, and think is followed by a blessing or a curse. You decide.

  45. I work from home doing insurance sales. That, however, is coming to a screeching halt soon, since I have accepted a position as a financial advisor. The free time, well that’s me checking in on this sight to see what people have to say. I’ve treated it as a way to get the message out. I have it on my “favorites”, so it doesn’t take to long.
    I’m not bored at all. I am a little bitter though, obviously. More so outraged, that this sort of sales practice still exists, when the insurance industry is in such turmoil. Let me put it this way. The NASE and UGA target self-employed people. The majority of my aunts and uncles fall into this category, and are paying for their own health care. Thankfully, their health plans that they do have (NOT MEGA),have worked for them up to this point. Had I never worked for UGA, I would have never known about how pathetic this group is, and how weak the prodcuts are. Chances are at some point, one of the slick MEGA agents would have contacted one of them and sold them a policy. Maybe not, but there is still a chance. So you could say, that it hits home a little bit and I want to let people know what’s going on. The funny part is, everything on here that I have posted is the truth, and nobody has ever said differently. They have tried, but the only way they have done it, was to come after me on a personal level, or bring god into it. If people have questions, I have answers. And I will continue. Don’t like the truth, then quit reading my posts.
    nice e-mail

  46. Wow! Impressive stuff kevin. Do you work? I mean, you have managed to fill this blog morning, noon, and night for the last 6 months straight. Are you bored or bitter? I’m serious, what do you do? I want that kind of free time.

  47. What state was your district in ex-mega??
    You are correct, there were some great people. I really liked my district manager, who seemed to be the kind of guy who would do anything for you. But it’s like you said, he is a believer. Which is somewhat fine, but where my frustration lies with these believers, is how they keep trying to make the product sound better than what it actually is, and to make it sound better than what else is out there.
    And you are 100% correct. The number of new agents that they go through is insane. I say new, beacuse like he said, they’re all new to the business of selling insurance not just new to MEGA/UGA/Cornerston. I would bet, and this is 100% my opinion, but if they cut the amount of bonuses in half, and the amount you could earn in half, that place wouldn’t have a sales force at all. The money, is the number 1 thing that gets people in the door and keeps them there. From the first interview, right up until the time I quit, money was thrown in your face. It was never a secret what people made. Or course all of the 6 figure earners got there checks last to really show you what you could make.
    Remember folks, for the first 2-3 years you work there, your earnings are not exactly “earnings” so to speak. It’s a loan or advance. If you quit before your break out period, you owe the company the remaining balance of your advance debt plus interest. It could be $1000, or it could be 10’s of thousands. So pretty much the company is at no risk of losing anything if an agent quits. Which means that there’s no vested interest from the company to keep you there. That’s why they hire so many people, there is always someone there to take your place. Look at it this way. If you quit early, you owe your advance debt back to the company, if you quit after you have “broke out”, or are recieving a monthly residual check, they still have all of your business on the books and earn off of that.
    Oh yeah, have I mention the insurance sucks.

  48. After reading all of this information and other articles regarding Mega I wanted to add a couple of thoughts. I do believe that there are good people who work for Mega, that try and do the right thing, based on what they believe – I was one of those agents who thought they were doing the right thing. I believed 100% in my leaders and we were constantly told that everyone posting negative information on the internet was just jealous.
    My question to my district leader was “if our company is the best and competitors were so jealous, then why aren’t agents from other companies coming to UGA or Cornerstone? Why does UGA and Cornerstone only hire brand-new agents? You never hear of an agent coming to UGA/Cornerstone from Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Aetna or anywhere for that matter – they’re always newly licensed agents. No one could answer this question for me.
    Another BIG clue that things weren’t right was the agent turnover. It was incredible how many people came and went. If it’s such a great gig, then why do so many people leave?
    There are many other questions that kept coming to my mind and when I asked, I got the same response as Kevin – nobody ever wanted to answer my questions – I was basically told to “stop worrying and go out and sell – oh yea, don’t forget to get the check!”
    The only advice I could give to anyone is to READ AND REREAD any policy you get and/or any agent contract you get. Get a second opinion from someone who is able to interpret for you if you don’t understand, like an attorney or another insurance agent. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    By the way, everything Kevin has posted is the truth.

  49. Exactly. I swear to god, that when district and divisional managers go to their so called “training” sessions, it’s never about the product or selling strategies. It’s only about what can we tell our sales force to keep them selling. My district leader told me the same thing as to what the EX-MEGA agent is pointing out. Things like, “don’t sell the insurance, it will just confuse the client” sell the concept.” That being the NASE concept. I was told flat out in one of our meetings that I was asking to many questions about the product. Amazing.

  50. Thomas,
    No Mega Agents are not required to carry E&O. We are told “don’t worry about that, the company will take care of you.” In other words, if something goes wrong, the agent will get punished, not the company. Nice, huh?
    Another ex-agent

  51. Kevin, are MEGA agents required to carry Errors and Omissions coverage like other carriers do? I’d be curious to see the claims ratio on that.

  52. That’s exactly what I have been trying to tell everyone. Even though it’s apparent that “other” people will tell you different. Other MEGA sales people to be exact. The facts have always spoken for themselves, and always will.
    This is a blog about MEGA health insurance, and calling out its weaknesses. Everything I have pointed out is an absolute fact, and has never been said otherwise. The only way that anyone on here has tried to refute this, is to either personally attack myself, try and pose as someone else, or bring god into it. On top of that, it’s the sales force that MEGA has out there, that is doing this. PEOPLE, WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU? Does the money that they are making, cloud their judgment? Would it be the first time in America that this sort of business existed? No, of course not, and it’s going to continue. But as long as blogs like these exist, my voice will be heard. And I will make sure, that consumers see the warning signs, and ask the questions that need to be asked to make sure that they receive a quality product. Phrases like, “other insurance companies have complaints too” need to be stricken from sales tactics. It’s all BULL. Call me a whack-job, evil, and whatever else you want. The bottom line is, I know what’s going on, and the majority of people are clueless about it. Can I change it? Of course not. What I can do though, is keep informing people that are willing to take it upon themselves to do the investigating on their own.

  53. I don’t understand how the Bible quotes are relevant to the discussion at hand. People should stick to the subject.
    Back on that- customers should always read the fine print on a health insurance policy. Some policies only cover inpatient procedures; some don’t cover outside the network. Blue Cross for instance, is typically only valid in the state it was purchased- any other state is out of network. Group coverage is not always the best- take a look at that Wal-Mart employee who is going bankrupt paying back their group health insurance carrier due to a clause in the policy (Wal-Mart’s group plan allows recoup of losses from the insured).
    Always be wary of ultra-low premiums. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

  54. Please spare me the pshyco bible bull. Who quotes the bible on a health blog? How am I destroying anyone’s life? In fact by telling you the information I am giving you, I may be saving you from financial ruin and ultimatley living the rest of your life paying bills you thought should be paid. Neither god nor Jesus can help you with that one. You even said it yourself, I’m the one who is insurance smart. Now shouldn’t you actually listen to what I have to say? You can think I’m evil as hell, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. If you want a health plan where that sort of risk is present, than be my guest. I’ve tried. But you seem to be the kind of person who even though they have been warned, still somehow ignores the consequences because they’re to stubborn.
    Funny how you both post again 15 minutes apart of each other. 1 more question, how could you block an e-mail coming from an account that I haven’t even listed on here? I’m not dumb enough to list my personal account on here, and that’s the one I e-mailed you with to see if you actually exist, and of course it came back to me as, “undeliverable account doens’t exist”, just like your partner Linda. I’m guessing your somehow related to either J.P. or to this new guy Steven Harris. But hey, good luck with everything, and if you want to say a prayer for someone, pray for yourself, and pray you don’t ever get sick.

  55. Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
    Acts 2:38

  56. Kevin, I live in Texas, my husband and I own a flower shop in a small town in Texas, I am not giving you the name of the town because I am sure you would do your best to ruin it also. That is where you get your kicks, destroying people. I have had two or three different plans, I am not insurance smart like you, so I do not know the exact name of the plan. I am just a hard working person with great insurance and thought you should know. I will not be writing again, because you see I am busy and I just wanted people to know there is more than just your side of the story. You are an evil person and I prayed for you last night. I have blocked you from my personal email, you are to scary for me.

  57. And what’s even more shocking is neither one of you have working e-mails. This is exactly the deception I am referring to. You need to make up phoney names and phoney e-mails to try and convince people that I am wrong. Obviously I’m going to check it out. Look how many posts I have on here. I have no life and what little life I do have, I am going to make sure that people know the truth. It keeps getting better and better.

  58. Well Amy and Linda, I am curious. What are the names of your MEGA plans, and in what state? Since you are both so happy with them, do share. It really shocks me that two different people, in a matter of 15 minutes of each other, have come on here and said the exact same thing. Hmmmm, could you both be the same person, posing as individuals? I THINK SO. Nice try. By the way Linda,or whomever you are, what were your grades in english class. God has already forgiven me. Ever since I quit UGA, he has given me a new lease on life.

  59. Kevin, I know you do not want to hear this, but I am also very pleased with my Mega Policy and with my agent. I have had no problems with the company what so ever. So I do not understand all your negative comments.

  60. I have had Mega for 8 years and never had a problem, I feel sorry for you people who are filled with hate and anger. You are eat up with it, enjoy your life and stop putting your unfounded opinions on the internet, you are hurting people, the one thing you say Mega has done. You are foinf, please ask God to forgive you, your weakness.

  61. Kevin, you seem to make your points, but I don’t think you need to do it in such a harsh manner. Let me try it my way which I feel is a much more sane approach.
    Stephen, I am a former Cornerstone agent, so I was able to look up your website in Alabama. http://www.steveharris.mw-ins.com/nleads/single_state.asp?state=AL
    I see the formats have changed a bit, and they went with a new look since I worked there. What concerns me is, I looked up your name in each of the 4 states that you mentioned above, to see if you indeed have a license to sell insurance in those states. There is a Stephen Harris, but it isn’t you, and it isn’t to sell the products that Cornerstone is permitted to sell. In short, you don’t have a license yet. Do you care to comment on that. I know that in the state I reside in, it’s illegal to talk about insurnace products that we are not licensed to sell.
    I mentioned that I was a former agent, and even though Kevin sounds like a wack job, he’s not lying about the products or about the company and the manner in which they sell and promote products.
    My guess is that you are retiring from a former career, and are now looking to get into something different. That’s great and all, and I admire you for that, but you really need to educate yourself about the path you have chosen, and more so on the company at hand. There are numerous people out there who will give you a fair opinion on MEGA, but that’s only if you are willing to listen to them. Do a search on google, and speak with an attorney or with a current insurance agent from another company, and ask them questions about MEGA. Most, not all, will give you fair and honest insight on the products you sell.
    Good luck

  62. First of all, what in the hell are you doing with a masters degree, allegedly, and selling insurance for MEGA. Something is really wrong with that equation. Shouldn’t you be out helping John McCain double talk his way into the White House with all of your self proclaimed knowledge and accomplishments. Sorry, but I highly doubt that a person with their masters sells for MEGA. My wife actually has her masters, and is now going for her PHD, and I can guarantee you, she would never promote something as pathetic as the insurance you keep raving about.
    So if I understand this correctly, which I don’t, but everything that everyone on this blog and all like it are saying is dead wrong, and none of us have a branch to lean on. Lets make sure though that everyone on hear knows that your way of living and salary depends on you saying the things you’re saying to sell MEGA insurance. Let’s just make that clear right here, and right now.
    All of the complaints to insurance commissioners across the nation, state departments, the Better Business Bureau, attorneys, Governors, lobbyists, and the numerous people that MEGA has screwed over the years. All of these people are wrong, and you and the rest of your organization are just misunderstood, and none of us know what we’re talking about. That is so amazing. I really wish could take that long of break from reality just to see what that feels like.
    I do pay for my own health care, and I would never, buy a policy from MEGA. All for the same reasons I refused to sell it. It’s full of loop holes. Terms like UP TO the MAXIMUM DAILY BENEFIT. 20% of this, 50% of that. Like I said before, if your product was as good as you say it is, agents would be beating down UGA’s door to go and work for them. The money was unreal. Almost sickening, but I and many others in good conscience, couldn’t continue to sell sub-standard insurance to people, and do it with a smile on my face or look them in the eye. Even your best plans are weak as hell.
    Number 1 there bible thumper, is health insurance coverage, unlike you, isn’t prejudice. Nor does it care or discriminate against anyone that has coverage. It doesn’t matter who we vote for, Dem. Or Rep., what religion we are. What race we are, or if we have a masters degree. How do any of the things you claim you have done or do, transfer over to health insurance and into claiming you have a quality product. Are you using words and phrases like these to cloud the air to deceive? You don’t need to answer, the question is rhetorical.
    Number 2. In your eyes you may think that doctors, hospitals, assistant surgeons, etc. are over charging, but that’s your opinion. The bottom line is you can’t make a guarantee to a client that they’re not going to get charged for those things, and you sure as hell can’t make a guarantee like that on here to promote your products. I would think that someone with a so called “masters” degree would have figured out in insurance law 101, that’s freaking misrepresentation, and breaking the law. Making claims you can’t back up is AGAINST THE LAW. Seriously, I have to ask, are all MEGA agents this stupid to go and make claims publicly, that they can’t back up. Impressive business practices you have there. You must be “REAL” proud now.
    And unless something has drastically changed since I left UGA, Texas, Louisiana, Miss., and Alabama were never leading regions like you claim. Maybe leaders in White Trash, KKK reps, and some pretty good NCAA Football teams, but never leaders in sales for MEGA.

  63. I am a proud Mega agent. I have a Masters degree and 15 years experience managing medical and dental clinics. For you to criticize a company without having full knowledge is what the Bible refers to as being a “fool”. I talk to people every day for whom $100 a month is too much money for an insurance policy. Especially when they reason that the hospital will have to see them anyway! For those with minimal budgets, national healthcare for all is an overkill and stupid if you studied other countries where health care is poor at best.
    I get complaints from clients on every insurance company there is, including Blue Cross Blue Shield. None of them pay right. None of them pay enough.
    Do any of you have any idea of how many ways Blue Cross Blue Shield configures a policy? There is not just one type. Nor is there with Mega. A 20% maximum of what the SURGEON charges for an assistant surgeon? If the assistant is charging more than that for ANY type of operation, he is the crook! I know from experience. If the person putting you to sleep and monitoring your sleep while being under the knife is charging you more than 50% of what the physician charges, again, he/she is the crook.
    The least of the MEGA policies does have maximums it pays, and is designed to meet the budgets of those who cannot afford more comprehensive coverage. It is based solely on that. Would you guaranty to a person that for $125 per month you would commit to covering their care at hundreds of thousands (per year) of doctor and hospital bills? If you did, would you expect a healthy profit? Probably not if you’re a democrat.
    I write policies every day that have a $2,000,000 limit per incident and $5,000,000 per lifetime, with a $4,000 max out of pocket if the copay goes over that. The doctor visits for all preventive care is paid at copay percentage. Cancer treatment is included (up to the $2,000,000. Second opinions are standard coverage. Serious mental health is standard in MS. Additional doctor visits for colds and such is an option, but if chosen, pays 100% up to an amount chosen by the client, with no copay. Good policies and best policies cost more money. It is a choice that people must make.
    In my training, by one of the leading regions that cover parts of Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana trains us to be FOR THE PROPOSED INSURED first in all dealings, regardless of whether the insurance is written or not. We are taught to not only show what IS covered, but to explain the limits of what is not covered. Remember, a bad policy is not one that does not cover enough stuff, it is one that is not explained with honesty and integrity to the client.
    MEGA has had problems in the past as all insurance companies have, with less than honest agents. Will that ever stop? No, but MEGA is good about weeding out those that promise the moon and deliver driftwood. Some of the responses on this blog are from those people. I can write a policy right now, that by definition of coverage, comprehensive nature, copay, inexpensive riders, and fantastic security, that will rival anything and everything else I’ve seen.
    I make it a point to study the coverage of other companies. I peruse websites to see if all is on the up and up with other companies. It is really trajic. In that, many of you are correct. But mostly, plans offered by any insurance company will not satisfy someone standing in the emergency room if it does not pay for EVERYTHING during their hour of need.
    I do healthcare Technical Assistance for clinics that are funding by grant funding by the federal government. I am a Christian, a Sunday School teacher, an ex teacher, a Mason, a cancer survivor, a Gideon, and I can tell you without any reservation at all, that if you get MEGA insurance, “the right plan” according to your ability to pay (budget), and ever have to use it, you will be writing to this blog too, to explain that there is always a story within a story. Especially if you are a back seat driver in a separate vehicle and have no idea what you are talking about.

  64. Jim,
    Chrones is an illness that will get you an automatic decline from most reputable insurance companies or at the very least a rider. It is a very complicated and expensive illness to treat.They will consider your wife ‘at risk’ for this illness and weigh the costs of that illness against the premium and decide if she is insurable. Typically it will be automatic decline if an agent submits the application in the usual way.
    The best way to approach this is have an experienced health insurance broker contact an underwirter that he has a good relationship with and have them access your wife’s medical records through the application process. Explain it to the agent the way you have here, so that the agent can have a conversation with the underwriter and companies physician. Then they can come back with a more empowered decision regarding this issue. Most of the time some sort of deal can be worked out , such as covering it with a high deductible, or excluding coverage on that illness for a year or two.
    Good luck!

  65. Jim-
    I’m not sure what to tell ya bud. It’s all going to depend on the company, and how stiff their underwriting regulations are. I have seen first hand in extreme situations such as yours, that the client has to jump through a lot of hoops in order to not have any pre-exising conditions ridered or waivered, even if the condition has not been diagnosed. To put it another way, even though nothing has been found, in an insurance companies eyes, they will look at it as if there is some sort of presence of the condition. I know, it’s not fair at all. I am speaking with regards to the state of WI, so your state might be a little different with regulations.
    Best of luck

  66. Anyone know a medical insurance which “does not” have a “pre-existing” clause?
    1. I heard a TV Ad (Fox News Channel) for a company that says it doesn’t have that clause; that is “is” insurance and “not” a discount plan. I can’t find the company. I remember only that it had a bunch of letters in it like OSSC or OCCSC or something like that.
    Would love to have their contact number.
    2. In 2005 a doctor diagnosed my wife with “Chrones Disease”. He actually made a pre-examination diagnosis and then did an colonoscopy. No Chrones. He did another test, no Chrones. Finally he did a test that showed it could be Chrones. My wife has “never” been treated for the condition. Is there any way to get that diagnosis “set aside” for insurance purposes, perhaps by a second opinion?
    Any suggestions at all?
    Thanks much.

  67. John (AKA Health Ins. California)
    Nice attempt at marketing your business. How clever. Actually it’s the independent insurance market that is in shambles in the U.S. Let me sum up my point. Independent agents are perhaps some of the most bias out there just to make a sale. Take a look at J.P. up there just so you know what I’m talking about. He pimps MEGA up and down. If you’re going to come onto a blog such as this, explain how you’re different, and what makes your plans stand out. Don’t take this post personal, but I just want consumers to understand that by you making a claim like this, you are doing, saying, and marketing the same way as a MEGA agent. Even there ESPN add says, “let us design a plan that meets your needs”. See what I mean. You’re using the same slogan as a shit insurnace company. Change it up a bit.

  68. I just want to say thank you to all who have posted. I am new to shopping for health care and just made an appointment today to talk to a MEGA rep. I thought the name alone sounded a bit phony, but figured I would check it out. After reading all the posts, I certainly will be cancelling the appointment.
    With that being said, does anyone have suggestions for a good, reasonably priced individual plan? Or a reputable company to check out? Regence sounded pretty good?

  69. MEGA is one of those companies that long time agents knows is not the best plan out there. Typically, its limitations and policy exclusions make it a product that most ethical agents avoid. Although MEGA may offer some products that are decent, any good major carrier such as a United Health Care, Aetna or Blue Cross, will offer a better or comparable plan, without as many exclusions at a competitive price.
    I’ve often replaced MEGA in my business, and the number one complaint about them is ‘they don’t cover anything’, and the #1 reason why they purchased MEGA in the first place, was the solicitation skills of the agent and the front organization’s pitch seeming like a nationwide affiliation that’s well known and reputable.
    Bottom line, you can do better just about anywhere else.

  70. Kevin – I really wanted to talk w/ you directly, but your email doesn’t work. My husband and I took jobs w/ these guys one month ago. We haven’t even started yet. We are taking the state exam on Wed. After the studying and spending the money, it seems like we should at least take the test, but at this point, I don’t even want to be in this business.
    I’m wondering if anyone here knows of any other good places to sell health insurance in Oregon (a place where I could feel proud of what I’m selling). If that is impossible in this business, then fine, I’ll just go work at Starbucks. I refuse to put my reputation on the line, and I feel bad that I roped my hubby into this.
    I’m feeling stupid, but I guess I should be thankful I figured it out prior to selling one single policy. Ugh.

  71. If I’m coming across that way, I apologize. I can accept that though, especially if people are understanding my points. Let me re-phrase that. I’m trying to get the “comsumers” to understand the truth regarding MEGA and their group. It’s obvious that agent after agent is going to come on here, and say that it’s great coverage. Dan hits it right on the head in his post. They want to feel justified for selling it, and will say whatever they want. I should know, I use to be just like that. I would defend MEGA until I was blue in the face. But just like every other agent at UGA or Cornerstone, I was new to the industry, and didn’t know any better. I’m just thankful, that I took the time to investigate and educate myself.

  72. Kevin may come across as a nut, but he speaks the truth. Mega is no health insurance to have. People want to feel justified in selling it, so they will say whatever helps them sleep at night. It is a poor product.

  73. Description:
    HealthMarkets (formerly UICI) is an underwriter and marketer of niche health and life insurance products which are distributed through a captive sales force targeting self-employed individuals, students, and hourly wage employees. HealthMarkets key products include traditional fee-for-service indemnity, PPO and supplemental coverage arrangements.
    Investment Type:
    Equity – Joint Control
    Transaction Size:
    $1,871 M
    Financial Services
    Investment Date:
    April 2006
    Type Of Business:
    Marketer of life insurance products
    I found this on the Blackstone Website. For those of you who don’t know, Blackstone had purchased health markets, which is the group that promotes MEGA’s products. What I found most interesting, is where it describes the products.
    “HealthMarkets key products include traditional fee-for-service indemnity, PPO and supplemental coverage arrangements.”
    Now I’m curious, where are the actual “health insurance” products that they claim they sell? One interesting fact about health insurance is, someone can label it health insurance, even if it classified as an indemnity. PPO’s also function under indemnities. Here is the link where I found this. Can someone please explain this further. Maybe I am missing something.

  74. I sent a private response to Prayingforamiracle stating that she she run fast from her Mega plan for infertility. There is no RX coverage in Mass that is offered so those costs can run 500-1000 per month.
    Depending upon the Mega plan there may be limitations and Mega would have to determine that the treatments are medically necessary to be covered.
    Mass is guarantee issue and based upon that, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone go thru infertility treatments on a Mega/MidWest plan.
    Let’s hope she reads my email.

  75. You are right on the money Randy… “but after a little research I am not seeing much difference between usual customary, or reasonable they all seem to open doors for decline” is exactly right. Your slick MEGA agent was trying to pull a fast one one you. I can’t believe that these crooks aren’t charged criminally for falsification of information…..

  76. Hello Kevin
    I live in Madison. I just had a NASE agent stop by to tell me about a great health insurance plan they have. MEGA. I thought it may be good but reading here I am now looking at assurant ( I also applied) as I am learning from this blog. You can contact me if you have other plans, I have been declined by local ppo for sleep apnea automatic decline for many insurers. Anyway thanks for the info. you have been posting, but one thing I do have a slight concern is your email on this post does not work. Mine does so if you are real and can help me let me know.
    One thing to mention the NASE agent stated the big difference between Mega insurance and others was they DO NOT HAVE a RESONABLE clause. Their clause is usual and customary, so I do not need to worry about paying out what the insurance company will not pay because it is considered usual and customery. That reasonable is up to the insurance company and they could decline any payments they seem not reasonable, but after a little research I am not seeing much difference between usual customary, or reasonable they all seem to open doors for decline.

  77. OK, I’ve read this blog, and have a question. UGA and Mega posted jos listings in my area, so I decided to take a look. I’ve been in sales my whole life (I’m now 54 and retired from the phone company). I like the idea of going into small businesses and helping them, and Mega’s shpeil looked like something I could do successfully. Now I’m cautious, but still curious.
    Does anyone have a recommendation as to which company I should look at if I want to get into this business? I’m a self starter and don’t want life in a cubicle.
    I have a friend who’s an NASE agent, and he seems happy and successful.
    Thanks to everyone for the info.

  78. I’m assuming “anonymous” must be another MEGA agent, because of him/her trying to still sell the usual and customary provision.
    I will take usual and customary anyday too, if it can be applied. Like I pointed out earlier. MOST, of Mega’s benefits have limits. So if a client’s bill goes over the desired limit, the client picks up the rest of the tab. Talk about a way to pose your own version of “usual and customary”. So this whole thing of MEGA paying the usual and customary charge is completly irrelavant. Show me a plan where mega covers someone at 100% after the ded. and co-insurance, with no limits on any benefit, and then have them still honor the usual and customary provision. The point of that last sentence is they never would. Because no insurance company could because hospitals are not limited as to what they can charge.
    Usual and customary charges were put in place to protect insurance companies from doctors and hospitals over-charging for certain procedures. As painful as that is to hear, it is still a fact in our capitalist society. Hospitals charge you for anything and everything. Even the bed pan you used has a charge linked to it. Then on top of that, nobody puts caps on hospitals as to what they can charge for items and procedures. Hospitals are a business also, and they want to be competitive with one other. If two people had the exact same procedure, at the exact same time, at two different hospitals, you would see two very different price tags. So like I said, usual and customary charges are there to protect the insurance company also. On a side note, being in a PPO network will help, becasue of pre-negotiated prices.
    In the future one thing that is trying to be implemented is for people to “shop” for a hospital or doctor. It’s pretty much going to be like a super-market. You get to go online and see what each doctor would charge for a knee replacement, and then go from there. No more hidden charges. Who knows, maybe we will see the day when “HEART TRANSPLANTS, 50% OFF.” LOL. Yeah right.

  79. In short:
    Call Mega to see how your fertilizzations are covered.
    I have see EOB’s, the assitant surgeons bill was remarkably 20% of the surgeons bills…shocking.
    I have seen the lifetime tranplant maximuns on those “more reputable insurers” policies.
    I have seen spinal limitations as well.
    Each companies plans will vary by state, their plans are what they are, and are priced accordingly.
    Can this market be more confusing…yes
    How do some of these people find time to monitor and post with such proficientcy.
    I will take usual and customary any day, I was told twice before what was reasonable/allowable. And then paid for it.
    All the insurers have exclusions and limitations, and all have had their horror stories. Waiting to check out for pre-existing until claims are made, then denying coverage. I think ABC had a series on that last summer.
    I hope anonymous doesn’t mind me using his moniker.

  80. Praying for a miracle: I would show your policy to a NON-MEGA inusrance agent and ask them to go over it, or better yet, an attorney. Nothing from MEGA is ever covererd at 100%. So, be careful. MEGA plans are designed to be “catastrophic” plans, not comprehensive pay for everything plans. Be careful.

  81. My husband and I are planning on starting infertility treatments in Massachusetts. This is a mandated coverage, as per State law. My Mega agent informed me that once I pay my deductible, that I would be 100% covered for all infertility-related treatments (as my plan doesn’t have a cap).
    Before I go in for treatments I want to make certain that what I was told is true. It’s hard enough with things the way they are, we don’t want the extra burden of unexpected bills. Can anyone offer advice, or have anyone experienced this?

  82. One more thing. Rate increases by “class.” What is a class? We assume it means, say everyone in your state, or everyone on that particular policy nation wide… that is how my sales managers painted it. Unfortunately, Mega reserves the right to rate up your particular “Class” of policies by the following criteria: Every policy holder in your Zip Code that is in your line of employment, that is married and has 3 children that signed up for a policy between this date and this date. I am not making this up. This is almost word for word from a Mega Customer Service Supervisor I called in 1998 with one of my irate customers on the phone. His brother had a policy that lived in West Jordan. He lived in Sandy (across the highway a couple of miles away). One was rated up 135% and the other was over 200% rate up. The Customer Service Supervisor cooly stated that unless they were living in the same zipcode in the exact same line of work… etc, etc… then they would not be rated at all the same.
    Does this ring a bell to anyone else? They basically were telling how corrupt the rest of the industry was and then selling their inferior products, raising the bejeebees out of people to get them to drop the plan when it became unprofitable for a certain “class” of policies, then they would release the next generation of policies with a new fancy name. This would create a whole new block of business that would never exceed more than a few hundred families over a year before the next generation was released. The previous generation of policy holders were then rated up accordingly until only those that couldn’t switch were still on the policy. The big problem? There just were never enough policies sold on any one “class” of policies to meet the criteria of economies of scale using the law of large numbers that insurance is based on actuarily. So all it would take is a few large claims and they could get rid of as many from that policy group as they wanted to using their definition of “class.”
    I know I sound like a grumpy old man. I am not writing you out of desparation or despair. It has been 9 years since I left NASE/Mega and I really live a charmed life now with months of vacation every year, and a six figure income rolling in every year whether I work or not. The rule of thumb is that if you have at least 500 clients you can live off that book of business. I can testify that it is true. Keep them happy and the money happens almost by magic. Yes it was hard the first 3-4 years, but once you get a taste of residual income you will never go back to work for anyone else.
    To all who are still selling the Mega products, I don’t judge you. I was one of you. It fell into my lap when I was in a very difficult time in my career and it was in fact a blessing in a way for the time I was there.
    But I have “graduated” from it now and can see it for what it was. It really was almost like a religion. I loved the incentive trips (had a great one to Puerto Vallarta while I was there). The money was good (even though it was in advances that will eat you alive if you aren’t careful). And I still go to lunch with 5-6 of the past agents that all are still in the business but NONE have stuck with NASE. We love to tell our “war stories” and laugh about how naive we were.

  83. I really have to say, I didn’t read the blog much before I made my comment… I sort of skipped to the bottom and told it like it was. Now that I read the comments, I have to say that my experience is like THOUSANDS of others. Yes, thousand. The year I was there, I think they recruited about 40 people a month in the Salt Lake City area. Of those 40, about 10 of them actually passed the test. The other suckers just paid their fees and they went to the General Managers pockets. Of the 10 that passed the test, about 3 of them ever got to their first application after the so called “training.” My training consisted of “Did you know the insurance industry is corrupt?” and “This is not a ‘Health Insurance” company, but an association of small business people like yourselves who are tired of being rated up or cancelled by the evil nasty insurance companies” and such drivel. In my sales packet was a picture of what we called “Wheelchair boy.” The poor guy had no idea he was being used as propoganda by clueless insurance agents. We would show this picture of the boy who’s policy ran out of money and he got stuck without any coverage. Those blankety blank insurance companies… After we painted the picture of the industry being so corrupt, rating up and cancelling people (which can’t happen since laws were passed decades ago!) We then went over the BENEFITS of the SMALL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION! You heard me right, the Association, not the INSURANCE! The insurance was the aside after you had sold them the “snake oil” from your travelling wagon, town to town. Yes I am overstating it, but not by much. My manager was a guy who just didn’t care. It was all about the money. His quote was “if you throw enough policies up against the wall, some of them will stick.” That is because he would write anyone with a pulse. There were only about 20 agents that came to the meetings month after month. The “trainees” would come and go by the dozens. It was the “game.” And we were selling a decent product back then in 1997. After I left when all my clients were rated up by 150-200%, they started selling the indemnity plan that was not worth the paper it was written on. They were hawking it as if it was real insurance when it was “up to $10,000 for this and $15,000 maximum for that.” It was designed to cover small bills (sometimes, if they weren’t excluded) and if you had a huge bill you were just out of luck. Only a very small percentage of people have those huge bills, so the majority of people that never use the policy thought it was great…. until the rate increases. No, I have only one good thing to say about the company: They got me in the business. Now I sell legitimate plans and incredible word of mouth has given me a 6 figure income… but I did it the right way, with real products that cover people properly.

  84. Here Here Greg. it’s funny how you mentioned the word religion. I say funny, because my wife and I had said it was almost a cult like atmosphere after I had atteneded one of their huge “Rah Rah” conventions. It wasn’t long after, I began searching out other companies policies and comparing them to MEGA’s. I say compare loosely, because after my findings there was no comparison.
    The sickening part of this whole situation, is the “agents” that still come on these blogs are saying the same things on here that I was taught to say to clients to defend the products. It just amazes me that this type of selling tactic is still used and worse yet condoned by the orginization. Can you say BRAINWASHED BY MONEY!!!
    And I still love how J.P. overlooks the fact that hardly any of the new agents hired have any type of insurance experience. I don’t care if the average age is 40 years or older. Do they or do they not have any health insurance experience? The answer is NO.
    That’s right J.P. was number one in his class. I’m still a little confused on the Math. You claim you’re 55, which would mean that you were born in 1952 or 53. But yet you somehow graduated in 1973 from college at the age of 21. Genius or community college.
    If none of you believe me or need proof, please go onto monster.com or some other job search engine and look up SALES CARREERS FOR INSURANCE, AND CLICK ON UGA/ASSOCIATION FIELD SERVICES OR CORNERSTONE. Under experience necessary it says 0-1 years. 0-1 is the minimum any search engine allows you to put. Everyone out of the 9 that were in my training class had not sold one insurance policy or even so much as had an health insurance license. What does that tell you?
    And one final point. If this orginization sold such great products, and offered at the same time a huge benefit package, than why is it that no current health insurance agents that have been in the business, are not flocking to UGA by the 100’s to sell their products and make good money at the same time. If that was the case, great products for a great payday, agents would be beating down UGA’s door to work there and sell MEGA products.
    Or go onto Rip Off Report, and you’re going to see much of the same. Former agents ripping the products to shreds, and new agents defending it. Funny, I never see any current MEGA policy holders on those blogs defending it. Wow isn’t that wierd. Hmmmmmmm.

  85. I got into the insurance industry with a slick NASE/Mega sales manager promising big bucks back in 1997. Back then we were selling a great PPO plan that had maternity and really was an easy sale. It wasn’t like the Indemnity plans they sell now. I was good enough that I won an incentive trip in the first 9 months due to my number of sales. I drank the koolaid and swallowed it hook line and sinker. It was like a religion to me. I started to see cracks in the foundation but was sure my manager hadn’t lied to me. Within a year of my signing my first application they doubled the premiums for my whole book of business and I left the company and lawsuits were threated by them if I continued to spread “bad will” to my dismayed clients. I was able to move most of them to “real” insurance companies and have continued in the business with legitimate companies. I often run into clients that are still buying these severly financially retarted indemnity plans peddled by Mega agents. I haven’t ever run across one that I haven’t successfully switched to a real plan unless they have developed a medical condition that makes it impossible to switch.
    The worst one was a man who realized too late that his policy was a piece of… well, you know what. During his application process with Blue Cross it was discovered that his wife had lymphoma. I called Mega with him on the line and we got the claims department to admit that if he had a MILLION dollar claim they would fork out a massive $24,000. The client was speechless. They were able to cancel the policy and somehow got on the Utah Health Insurance Pool (government plan for those that are uninsurable) for about $500/month for her alone. But at least it was real insurance.
    Looking back I see all the warning signs that I should have recognized for what it was… a scam. Luckily I realized I was very good at insurance sales and have made a very successful recovery with legitimate insurance companies.
    I really can’t figure out why Mega hasn’t been sued out of existence. They are the “Hugo Chavez” of the insurance industry.

  86. The MEGA plan is more of a supplemental policy and is not meant to be comprehensive and cover all maternity expenses. It especially doesn’t pay for naturopathic practitioners or nurse midwives. It will pay for some delivery costs AFTER the deductible UP TO the “reasonable and customary” level, which may be only 70-80% of the cost. You’ll probably end up paying quite a bit out of pocket. You should just get a “real”, comprehensive, health policy where you can actually have office visits paid, tests paid, BEFORE a deductible has been met. It isn’t that much more.

  87. I used to sell the policy that NASE offered back in the early 1990’s. Back then it was junk.
    The new one seems to be ok unless I am missing something.
    It pays 100% after a $4000 deductible and they claim that the “usual and customary” will pay the actual charges within their PPO.
    So I’m confused by the complaints about paying only a small fraction of the bills.
    I know you have to pay attention the exclusions like the experimental procedures etc.
    I don’t like the part about max $100/day for inpatient doctor visits. That doesn’t seem to make sense. If I’m in the hospital and the doctor has to see me a few times a day, why should they only pay $100?
    Unless there are hidden exclusions, like I may not understand what else is needed besides what they say in covered for things like diabetes or cancer.

  88. I’ve got a question about all of this. I got a policy with Mega after I was referred by my midwife to NASE, who she said had a way of getting a good benefits for self-employed. I had this slick looking sales guy come to my house and show me stuff on his computer and talk a whole talk about NASE and Mega. I explained to him that my husband and I were planning on getting pregnant within the next year and wanted to make sure we got good insurance that would cover me. I also explained that we often go to natural healing dr’s as opposed to traditional ones and that I planned to use a midwife. Based on what he told me, I would end up paying $1440.00 total for the maternity care and birth.
    So I got this policy and went to get an ultrasound, and I find out because I went to an “in network” hospital to get the ultrasound my midwife had ordered, it does not go to pay down my deductible that I will be paying for the midwife services because the midwives our out of network, so the only way I can pay down that deductible is to find out of network labs and hospitals, which is almost impossible. Of course no one took the time to explain any of this to me until I was denied.
    So now I find that all the benefits I will be getting for this maternity care and birth are about $1000.00, which don’t even begin to cover the payments for the 10 months I will have had the policy! Not what I had planned on and now I can not get any other insurance because I’m 5 month pregnant! Any ideas? Is this normal?

  89. Slander
    A type of defamation. Slander is an untruthful oral (spoken) statement about a person that harms the person’s reputation or standing in the community. Because slander is a tort (a civil wrong), the injured person can bring a lawsuit against the person who made the false statement. If the statement is made via broadcast media — for example, over the radio or on TV — it is considered libel, rather than slander, because the statement has the potential to reach a very wide audience.
    Now let me clarify these accusations:
    I was never “let go” or “fired” or “shown the door” as you have stated, and made so publicly. The funny part about that is I was actually hired upon (completion) of my probation and AODA classes. The proof of that is, my “misdemeanor” was in 2003, and I was hired by UGA in 2005 and then quit in 2007. So your accusations stating I was fired because of a criminal record are complete crap and or (libel). All anyone has to do is look up my name on the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance page and see that my termination date was in 2007 from MEGA due to lack of production. And since they (UGA) do such a thorough background check, as you have, they would have known about my past prior to hiring me anyway. Now what does that say about your precious company? They hired someone who was charged with a felony. The important part being charged never convicted.
    Since you made the claim that I was fired because of my criminal background, I’m assuming you can prove that in a court of law, or to my attorney who I’m sure is going to be having a nice conversation with you soon enough. And since it is quite obvious, public record in fact, that you and a couple of your family members, are no strangers to a court room, hopefully you and I can meet up there real soon and have a nice chat about your accusations. I will be speaking with my attorney on Monday. It is one thing to have a subtle debate on a blog and degrade a company, but it is quite another to come after myself and my wife on a personal level, and then in turn say things that #1 you can’t prove, and #2 are inaccurate. It just speaks volumes about your character as a person.

  90. Well, JP is being quite presumptuous; perhaps he has a degree in psychology as well. I see nowhere in this blog that one company was shot down in order to promote another. Nowhere is it suggested that any other particular company was being highlighted in favor of MEGA. All that has been written here is factual, and can be supported by documents/ websites/ research, and has been proven numerous times by several different people within this blog. Until YOU started acting like a spoiled, belligerent ass by dredging up someone’s past, which is not accurate, no one was personally attacking one another. It reminds me of typical republican tactics. “I was trying to take a piece of toilet paper off of my shoe, and not trying to reach under the stall to signal another man that I wanted to have sex with him in the bathroom stall”… etc, etc.
    What it appears here, is that a pathetic, disgruntled, unhappy person, who is attacking another agent because he has failed to find ways to avert the “attacks” (bringing forth factual information) that MANY others have posted on this blog over a period of time. Not only are you making yourself appear as a colossal asshole, but you’re representing your company as someone who would use highly unethical and unprofessional tactics to make sales.
    Oh, by the way, I prefer to remain anonymous because I don’t need some pathetic asshole with no life, to look up my personal records, and email me incessantly because he literally has nothing better to do!

  91. You’re absolutly right J.P. They are a matter of public record. Such forclosures, tax evasion, 2 disorderly conducts in 1994 and 1998, statuatory rape of a 16 year old girl, (your child), things like that. Those are a matter of public record.

  92. Anonymous: I stand by my posts. How can one defame an anonymous poster. If you feel that you were wronged. Post yourself.
    Insurance companies are held to a very high standard by Insurance Commissioners, or they would lose the right to sell in my state.
    The poster mentioned has committed crimes that are a matter of public record. Their significant other was identified by their initials in the public record.
    The ‘victim’ (like most abused victims) is an obvious case of the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. (J.L.) Much like a spouse who stays with their abuser. Is this you?? You write in the same style, in your (if you) threats to me.
    The poster also posts repeatedly using MANY email addresses, to give the appearance of many different posters. Couldn’t stay away, if that was in fact you…
    I’m PROUD to write for the three companies that I represent. Do your companies approve of your unfair competive attacks? Do they endorse it?

  93. “One of the Big three insurance companies, last year, paid out more money in ‘back dating’ stock options (Bonuses) to their officers, than the total amount premiums that were paid for all Mega policies”
    So basically MEGA screws their clients who pay HUNDREDS in premiums per month, only for them to turn around and have to pay thousands more for what MEGA doesn’t cover, all to pay their agents huge bonuses?! Wow, what a great company! I personally couldn’t work for a company that scams hard working-class people out of thousands just to pay out millions and millions that their agents. What about a company that stands behind their promises and has great customer satisfaction. That isn’t more important? Not to heartless capitalists…. More than half of all bankruptcy cases stem from unpaid medical bills, many of which actually had insurance, but insurance that didn’t provide good cverage.

  94. JP,
    I believe that you really should reconsider what you post on this blog for the public to read. You must be sure that what you are saying is indeed ACCURATE and truthful, or you may be commiting defamation of character and libel. Let me give you the definition: An untruthful statement about a person, published in writing or through broadcast media, that injures the person’s reputation or standing in the community. Because libel is a tort (a civil wrong), the injured person can bring a lawsuit against the person who made the false statement.
    You have indeed written false information regarding an agent that once represented your “company”. Unfortunately, your source is NOT accurate. You just don’t seem to understand that your view point is a minority, despite the WEALTH of neagtive information surrounding the MEGA company. If you want to be a “loyal and devoted” employee, that is great, but that DOES NOT in any way, give you a green light to spew false information about someone on a public website.
    It appears that you are the one with an anger management issue, otherwise you would be the “bigger person” and let the company’s reputation speak for itself instead of foaming at the mouth with lies about former agents who realized that they were working for a shit company. Instead of attacking the agent, why don’t you post some information for all of us to read that proves what everyone is saying wrong? Because you can’t. You can’t dig up any information, so the next best thing to you is to verbally attack a former agent. Pretty pathetic JP. I can just about imagine what your sales tactics are. Your personality speaks for itself.

  95. Joan: I resent you painting with such a broad brush. The majority of our ‘recruits’ have professional sales backgrounds, and I formerly sold for American Life Insurance Company, having been recruited out of college by my insurance instructor. I chose Mega because of the freedom of being able to choose my hours, rather than ‘play office’, waiting for calls. The average age of new agents is over 40 years old, not 20’somethings as you would lead readers to believe.
    Many agent recruits come out of the ‘downsizing’ that corporate America has been going through. Others resented working as captive agents. Choosing to work for commission only, rather than a hand out, is commendable.
    Few companies are unwilling to offer an opportunity to those of us over 40. Mega to their CREDIT recognize that we have much to offer. We bring a work ethic, have paid life’s dues, and are willing to give it our all.
    It is obvious that some of those attacking my chosen company have an agenda. One of the posters was in fact let go for having been convicted of battery, aggravated battery with intent to do great bodily harm, multiple disorderly conduct charges, felony false imprisonment. Not because of a conflict with conscience, and was ordered to go through AODA treatment, which he/she has completed, and I wish them well. That agent now represents another company(s). After their actions were discovered he/she was shown the door. I guess that misplacing blame, is a form of therapy.
    Consider this fact. One of the Big three insurance companies, last year, paid out more money in ‘back dating’ stock options (Bonuses) to their officers, than the total amount premiums that were paid for all Mega policies. That Billion $$$ plus benefited none of their clients. The CEO of another of the big three caused their company to pay tens of millions to be paid in damages for ‘sexual misconduct’.
    Who’s buttering your bread? Are they without fault? I don’t really care, all we can do is my best.
    Have a great day……

  96. These criticisms are accurate and true. The marketing company, however, is UGA. They are the marketing company that recruits, trains, and sells the Mega products. They do recruit young sales people with little or no experience, and their selling tactics are greatly flawed, and they teach little about the product, and hours on how to close. They do treat their agents as employees, not independent contractors, and there is very little freedom, no matter what they state, because you are a captive agent. You can’t sell anything but MEGA products yet you will pay for your own expenses as a self-employed person (down to pens, paper, marketing materials and leads), and you pay for your insurance license as well as the education for that license, and your own liability coverage. People abroad need to educate themselves on this company, and the products they sell. By the way, the information in this blod is very good, and very accurate. These crticisms are coming from people who did their homework. I have been in the insurance industry years both on the sales side and in operations for 2 different companies. There is good information here.

  97. Thanks for looking that up Doug. And for those of you that don’t know, Doug is just someone trying to find out info about MEGA and its practices. Great info Doug. So pretty much everything I was saying on here is factual. MEGA IS bad news people, and now the proof is on the blog……again….
    Sorry J.P. but game, set, match.
    I don’t think JP is going to be able to argue the BBB. But he his an ultra conservative, so I’m sure there is some underlying excuse. Maybe (I DON’T RECALL THAT AT THIS TIME)
    p.s. viagra, propecia, and ritilin

  98. Here is a link to the national Better Business Bureau page that I found some information. Kevin and his friend JP may find this useful to settle some ruffled feathers.
    Customer Experience
    Based on information in BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory file condition due to failure to correct the underlying cause of complaints.
    Complaints processed by the BBB in its three-year reporting period concern selling practices, credit and billing disputes, refund practices and service issues. Specifically, complainants allege sales people misrepresented coverage. Other complainants allege the company did not pay claims in a timely manner. Others allege the company did not stop debit of premiums after policies were canceled and that refunds were not made in a timely manner.
    Attorney General Martha Coakley filed an amended complaint in Suffolk Superior Court August 22, 2007, against MEGA Life and Health Insurance, Mid-West National Life Insurance, and their parent company; HealthMarkets, Inc., raising serious new allegations about unfair and deceptive trade practices. Specifically, the Attorney General’s complaint alleges that the insurance companies violated state law by misrepresenting the provisions of their policies, failing to cover health benefits and services required by Massachusetts law, disclosing personal health information about insured consumers to third parties, and illegally requiring self-employed individuals and small businesses to pay fees to join associations to gain access to small group insurance. The Attorney General’s action seeks to stop the alleged unlawful practices, to require that MEGA and Mid-West pay refunds and restitution to harmed Massachusetts residents and substantial civil penalties and costs to the state.
    The complaint asserts that MEGA and Mid-West failed to comply with Massachusetts law by denying claims for benefits, such as maternity health care, “pap” test screening, contraceptive services, infertility treatment, mammography and preventive care for children up to age six. Similarly, health insurers cannot exclude coverage for a preexisting condition if an insured had proper coverage. The complaint asserts that MEGA and Mid-West failed to comply with Massachusetts law by denying claims for benefits, such as maternity health care, “pap” test screening, contraceptive services, infertility treatment, mammography and preventive care for children up to age six. Similarly, health insurers cannot exclude coverage for a preexisting condition if an insured had proper coverage.
    Under Massachusetts law, health insurers must provide insurance to individuals and small groups where the consumer has met minimum eligibility criteria. Today’s complaint alleges that MEGA unfairly required membership in a third-party association as an unlawful condition for self-employed individuals and small businesses to gain access to insurance.
    This goes on for pages so I won’t waste any more space with cutting and pasting. Go to the sight and see for yourself…. Yikes….

  99. I did go and check this out. I also did some other digging around and there are close to 20 states in the US that have lawsuits and large class action lawsuits pending against MEGA, and also appears that some have been settled out of court for undisclosed amounts. That is NOT a good sign in my opinion. This is not a company that I plan to work for. I’m glad that I checked this out before I applied to this company.

  100. Well well well, J.P. is back again with guns a blazing…..
    My being on this web site and my numerous blogs holds no weight to what you have accomplished, my ignorant friend. I typed your name into google. Numerous links (blogs) have your name attached to them with you spewing your pathetic “conservative” and often ignorant opinions. I would say close to 20 in the past couple of years. I would hate to break this to you, but your opinion, is just that, your opinion. You can’t use your opinion to support your own conclusions. You seldom defend your point with any type of evidence or fact. I would expect someone who was the “self proclaimed” number 1 rank in his insurance class to know that. I doubt that anyone here cares about you or your resume. They want facts. Is Mega a reputable and reliable company? Or is it is mostly a second rate catastrophic plan? I say the latter, and I have facts and reasons why. The only thing you use to refute those are personal attacks on me. And good one by the way, by claiming that you have a MEGA policy, on your 3rd blog. How convenient that is after I made that post about none of the agents on here have said that they have a MEGA policy. I sincerely hope that you don’t develop any major medical problems while on the MEGA plan, or you just may be out thousands of dollars, or more.
    SO PEOPLE, THIS IS MY LAST POST! THANK GOD, RIGHT? I don’t have time to debate with clowns on a personal level who simply refuse to provide me with the evidence to disprove what I’ve been saying.

  101. Hey Doug, thanks for your civility. Usual and customary is what is the usual fee charged in say a geographic area, the ‘going rate’. There are sometimes in an area a hospital with all private rooms, with extra services beyond the ‘norm’. I have yet to see such a discrepancy where a usual and customary fee varies by such a huge difference. The optimum plan would cover ‘regular’ charges, basically ‘rack’ rates. (A little hotel lingo, for the maximum undiscounted rate.)You can purchase a maternity rider, they’re hardly a bargain (with any company) as the actuaries pretty well figure that you’re PLANNING to utilize it. Even if you don’t choose the maternity rider, complications of pregnancy are covered, and the child is covered at moment of birth. Having 7 children for me it paid off.
    Oh yeah. I have a Mega plan. Actually was a very satisfied client, because it covered me on and off the job. I owned a very large chimney service company. It was prohibitive to put work comp on myself at that time as the rate was roughly $20. per $100. of payroll for coverage! Coverage for the self-employed is where Mega really shines. Most plans do not cover you on the job if say a spouse is self employed. If you look at a plan look for the phrase ‘if workman’s compensation is available’. The get out clause is ‘if available’ as work comp is always ‘available’ the choice was to NOT take it out.
    As a side note I’m 55. I was recruited out of college by my insurance instructor (top of my class) in 1973. Back then I sold for American United Life and Health Insurance Company, of Indianapolis, Indiana. Why I like it here is that I write/book my own schedule, as I dislike ‘playing office’. I get to meet with many self-employed people, and can relate to their situation. I love what I do, and have not been brain washed.
    Kevin, and your lady friend. Would you please stop sending me up to 5 emails an hour. You are also multi-repeats on this blog thread too which is irritating to others, and doesn’t advance your cause. I do have a few liberal friends…really. And yes, I am a conservative, and yes I lost the last Assembly race big time (out spent 12-1). But in 2004 I did run against a 14 year RINO incumbent and got 36.1% of the vote in the GOP primary (that time outspent 5-1) a very remarkable showing by any standard.
    PS: Lithium carbonate.

  102. If anyone needs more info, go onto RIP OFF REPORT and type in MEGA health insurance.

  103. I’ve been reading up on the MEGA company and other sites have been syaing things like “MEGA (or NASE) only covers ‘usual and customary) fees that are deemed ‘usual and customary’ by the company. In other words, if your physician charges $900 for a procedure, and NASE says the usual and customary fee is $200, that’s all they are going to pay. You’re stuck paying your deductible AND the $700 difference. Also, the MEGA plans do not cover anything pregnancy and childbirth related.”
    One couple reported getting a $40,000 bill after a complicated delivery that resulted in an emergency c-section and a stay in the NICU.
    I did read in another place that hospitalization related to pregnancy was covered if you purchased a rider, and covered at 80/20, but up to the usual and customary fee which was about 40% of the actual cost, so that couple had a $5,000 bill plus their decuctible. The second couple still paid a $460 month premium. At $800 a month, they could have had a plan that covered 100% of the bill.

  104. Um, it seems as if we’re getting off track here. As a health agent from a diferent company, I would like to know if there is a way for “Kevin” to give us some examples of situations where a client has been “duped” by MEGA? As “JP” points out, there is always room for improvement. But there is a HUGE difference between improvement and overhaul of a company’s faults. I’m not sure I understand the “anger management” accusations being thwrown out here, it seems as if “Kevin” is tyring to warn potential consumers because he truly believes that MEGA is scamming them. Also, what else is so confusing, is if the insurance regulations are so strict, then how can a company such as MEGA operate in some states? It is not a well known company in my state.

  105. Sorry J.P. something else is still festering with me right now. You claim that “Liberals” are the ones who attack someone personally. Do you need to re-read your first paragraph again as to what you said about me? Your only way to discredit me so far, has been to attack me personally about “stories”, and to attack me politically. Neither one of which you can back up with any sort of facts. Am I a liberal. Nope. Do I like Bush. Hell No. Do I have anger management issues? Just because I can’t stand MEGA’s insurance products doesn’t constitute anger management issues. And as I pointed out to you in the e-mail I sent, now that I know who you are, if you attack me again in any personal manner, I will make sure that my attorney contacts you promptly. A debate about a product is no reason for someone to begin attacking another on a personal level. But I guess that speaks volumes about the people that sell MEGA’s products. You guys are class acts. What’s really sad, is I have a 56 year old trying to rip on me. Get a life.
    Oh yeah I almost forgot. If you haven’t noticed, the conservatives, have not done a real good job the last 8 years.

  106. Two more points I would like to make.
    #1. Not one of the MEGA agents on here have said that they too have a MEGA policy.
    #2. The only people on here defending the products, are in fact the MEGA agents, not the clients.
    Conflict of interest I would say. Those are two reasons enough for anyone to stay away from MEGA.

  107. J.P.
    So now automatically, I’m a liberal. J.P. I would suggest on getting your facts straight before you start making accusations you can’t back up.
    As far as Wisconsin being so “heavily regualted”, I guess you have not heard that Wisconsins commissioner was just let go recently, because of him not enforcing illegal kickbacks. Now there’s a commissioner we can trust. If you need proof of this, just google Jorge Gomez, WI commissioner of insurance.
    Now that you have alledgedly, “learned my story,” what did Landall tell you? That I quit because your products suck. Or let me guess, they said, I just couldn’t hack it or sell the products. I can sell the prodcuts I have now with no problems. Isn’t that wierd. J.P. it’s damn hard to sell a product that you wouldn’t purchase yourself, or trust to sell to someone else. You, and all of your other clones may not have a problem selling that shit, but I do. The question I have for you, is in the year and 3 months I was working for the Madison office, why is it we went through almost 70 agents in that amount of time? And do you know how many of the agents, including the ones who are still working there, had any insurance experience prior to working at UGA….. Only 1. And his experience was with All State with Homeowners, property casualty, auto, etc. Why is that. Why is it that UGA preys on inexperience to sell it’s products? Is it because that any agent with any knowledge of the health insurance industry would laugh at your products. I THINK SO. Please people, if any of you are able to get a hold of a copy of one of there plans, take it to someone who can help you break it down and understand it, and see what they would tell you about it.
    Now we, can go back and forth on this blog for days. You will defend it, I will tear it to shreds. Anythime you want to sit in front of a client with me, you and I can let the client be the judge. You will have your products, and I have mine. We will see who is being “objective” then. Yes, that’s right. I’m calling you out.

  108. J.P.
    So now automatically, I’m a liberal. J.P. I would suggest on getting your facts straight before you start making accusations you can’t back up.
    As far as Wisconsin being so “heavily regualted”, I guess you have not heard that Wisconsins commissioner was just let go recently, because of him not enforcing illegal kickbacks. Now there’s a commissioner we can trust. If you need proof of this, just google Jorge Gomez, WI commissioner of insurance.
    Now that you have alledgedly, “learned my story,” what did Landall tell you? That I quit because your products suck. Or let me guess, they said, I just couldn’t hack it or sell the products. I can sell the prodcuts I have now with no problems. Isn’t that wierd. J.P. it’s damn hard to sell a product that you wouldn’t purchase yourself, or trust to sell to someone else. You, and all of your other clones may not have a problem selling that shit, but I do. The question I have for you, is in the year and 3 months I was working for the Madison office, why is it we went through almost 70 agents in that amount of time? And do you know how many of the agents, including the ones who are still working there, had any insurance experience prior to working at UGA….. Only 1. And his experience was with All State with Homeowners, property casualty, auto, etc. Why is that. Why is it that UGA preys on inexperience to sell it’s products? Is it because that any agent with any knowledge of the health insurance industry would laugh at your products. I THINK SO. Please people, if any of you are able to get a hold of a copy of one of there plans, take it to someone who can help you break it down and understand it, and see what they would tell you about it.
    Now we, can go back and forth on this blog for days. You will defend it, I will tear it to shreds. Anythime you want to sit in front of a client with me, you and I can let the client be the judge. You will have your products, and I have mine. We will see who is being “objective” then. Yes, that’s right. I’m calling you out.

  109. Thanks Dan. I prefer objectivity too. Kevin has ‘serious’ anger management issues. Having learned them I better not elaborate any further. Wisconsin insurance law frowns upon attacking other companies, regarding it as an ‘unfair competitive’ practice. I too am from Wisconsin, just returning from the UGA annual meeting. I’ve learned his story.
    One really has to read between the lines. Especially when hatred is ‘spewn’ from a KC from the ‘very’ liberal ‘people’s republic of Madison, Wisconsin. Liberals commonly resort to personal attacks. I don’t drink the water when I visit Madison for that reason.
    For instance, with ‘complaint ratios’. It needs to be pointed out that complaint ratios are linked to millions of dollars in premiums collected. If a company such as Mega charges (for example purposes) charges one third the premium yet has twice the complaints of another company, they are doing considerably better per policy written. 50% better.
    Pick any company out there, even companies that Mr. C. represents. There is always room for improvement. It’s the same in other industries too. Some swear ‘at’ Fords, some swear ‘on them’.
    Kevin’s state (Wisconsin) has a very consumer orientated Commissioner of Insurance. This is a very heavily regulated state, and Mega would not be allowed to do business here. They’ve got too much to lose.
    Merry Christmas to all. Good night.

  110. Dan, Thanks for the definition of anecdotal, but I attended 9th grade. And yes, I am sitting in front of my computer with all of the policies. Obviously you need the definition of comprehend, because I said I use to work for them, UGA, a branch of MEGA for 1 year and 3 months. When I left, in Feb. of 07 I took copies of all the plans that are sold in Wisconsin VIA MEGA. When I left these were the names of the 6 policies. Health Choice, Signature, Premiere PPO, Care one, Care One Plus, and Care One Value. I have copies of each of these plans and to my knowledge I believe that MEGA has come out with an H.S.A. plan that is going to be sold after the first of the year. For the most part, the language in each one is very similar. Obviously some are different than others, otherwise why would the policies have different names. The main difference between the 6 plans though, is the limitations. Some plans have more limits than others.
    Since you have such a hard time believing what I am saying, why don’t you go onto a MEGA website and fill in your information. Next, wait for the phone to ring, and set up an appointment with one of their agents. Now, don’t buy anything, and demand a copy of that plan. I say “demand” because as agents we were instructed not to leave any information or copies of the plans with the clients. Then I want you to give a copy of the plan to someone who will be objective and thorough. Preferably someone who knows the independent health insurance market, and has been in the business for a few years, and see what they say about these great plans. That way you can see that I actually know what I am talking about. Or, if you really want to get educated on their plans and limits, buy the plan, and get sick or injured. You will get a front row seat about what I am talking about.
    Here is a link for anyone to copy, and I want you to read it and let it sink in. These are what I mean by limits, and how their agents neglect to tell their customers.
    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\USA Today Mega.mht
    Next, I don’t know what “complaint” websites you are looking at, but MEGA is usually leading the pack. You point out that the complaint level would be much higher if what I am saying is true. The cold hard fact is, the majority of people refuse to complain or just don’t take the time to do it. For the most part they almost expect at some point to get screwed over by an insurance company. That’s a sick and sad point to make, but it’s the truth. Another cold hard fact is, Major complaints, and I’m talking about ones that people have gotten a monetary settlement from, never reach the publics eye, because MEGA and or Health market’s, make people sign a form, “confidentiality” stating that if settled they can not go public with any information regarding that case.
    Now if you think I’m spewing bile and preaching hatred, you are right. I can’t stand dishonesty in my business and in health care. People in our country, are making house payments right now for their own health care. Then in the balance, they have to wonder if the coverage they are paying for is actually going to work for them when needed. Plans have gotten so complex, that you need an attorney present to understand the meaning of the language in them. But yet on here, MEGA defenders claim that they are explaining each and every provision of the plan. But don’t take my word for it. Good luck all.

  111. Your level of hatred and the amount of bile that this guy Kevin puts out makes me question what he says. He surely sounds unbalanced because he doesn’t seem to admit one positive thing about this company he rants about.
    Since healthcare costs are high and people have to choose whether to buy insurance or not, isn’t it acceptable for someone to choose a plan that is legal and has some benefits even if it does not have all the benefits of a fortune 100 type of group plan?
    Of course, people should be informed about what the plan offers and does not offer before they make a commitment.
    If all the agents for those companies (mid west and mega) were deceiving all of their customers, then their complaints would be much higher.
    Frank admitted that he is also in the insurance industry – so he sounds like he is putting down his competition.
    And Kevin sounds like a spurned lover or something. Someone who cannot point out even one positive thing seems unbelievable because they seem unbalanced.
    You cannot make a responsible and logical decision about a company with thousands or hundreds of thousands of customers by using an anecdotal evidence.
    Here’s the definition of anecdotal:
    anecdotal evidence – “based on personal observation, case study reports, or random investigations rather than systematic scientific evaluation”
    And when Kevin snidely says that someone is not reading the entire policy, how does he know exactly what policy the other writer was referring to? Is he sitting at his computer with all their current polices in front of him? He made it sound like this insurance company only has one policy or has the exact same language in every one of their policies. (Well…they may use the same exact wording for all I know, but it just seems unlikely.)
    Hey, I’m checking them out just like everyone else here. But I seem to be reading more hatred than objectivity.
    I prefer objectivity.

  112. Does anyone know of a reputable Insurance Co. For a small business? We now have Mega, and have gone threw heart surgory, and have been left with Mega Bills.

    Contrary to posted assurances that your emails are “not displayed with comment”, they ARE DISPLAYED!
    Just hold your cursor over your name – or anyone else’s – at the bottom of a message and you will see it.

  114. They may have a $2500. deductible, then the plan may pay 70-80% until their 20-30% co-pay hits a ‘stop gap’ of $4000.
    J.P. Once again, a perfect example of you mis-representing your company and your policies. Like I have said numerous times on this blog, keep reading after where it says $4000 co-insurance maximum. It says, up to the maximum benefit. You know what, I am going to type the entire “MEGA” definiton of coinsurance maximum so everyone here can read it and try and understand it. This is from the Care one and Care One Plus series
    (Coinsurance Maximum $4000. “After the deductible is met and insured has paid covered expenses up to the coinsurance maximum, benefits pay at %100 after any copayment, UP TO THE MAXIMUM BENFEIT, IF ANY, for the remainder of that sickness or injury period of treatment for that insured.)
    Now let me exlain the benefits: and we will pretend it’s a 80-20 plan
    Inpatient Hospital: coinsurance level
    Outpatient Surgery: Same
    Surgeon: Same
    Second Surgical Option: same
    Now here is where this maximum benefit crap kicks in:
    Assistant Surgeon: At coinsurance level; UP TO 20% of surgeons covered expenses. So mega is only going to pay UP TO 20% of the surgeons covered expenses if an assistant surgeon is present. WOW THATS GREAT.
    Anesthesiologist; Coinsurance level up to 50% of surgeons covered expenses. Same principle.
    Ground Ambulance; Key word here “If admitted” they cover $500 bucks and you pick up the rest, or if your not admitted to the hospital for over 24 hours you pick up the entire bill.
    For chemotherapy and radiation, MEGA chooses whether or not they approve of the type of chemo or radiation treatment you get. So if they approve of it, it is at the 80-20 coinsurance level. If not approved MEGA only pays $1500 bucks per day. And for those of you that know anything about either one of these, sometimes it’s an experimental procedure, which I can guarantee you that MEGA won’t approve of it, and it will cost more than $1500 bucks per day.
    So the point of all this, is to show all of you reading this, that whether or not these great MEGA agents have been working there for 3 months or 3 years, they still are experts at decieving clients, regardless of how much they sit on these blogs and make claims that they tell everyone everything. BULL SHIT. And that pretty much sums it up. Like I have said before, these MEGA agents make a ton of money, which in my humbled opinion clouds their judgement, between doing what is right for the client, or what is going to put the most money in their pocket.
    So what I find amusing, amazing, and sad is the simple fact that a 3 year veteran of UGA still doesn’t have a freaking clue about the product he is selling. And J.P., I’m assuming the only reason you and your wife are the only 2 still selling this crap out of your class, is because the rest of your class, as I did, got a clue.
    The funniest thing about all of these blogs, is that not once have I heard any of the existing agents defending this crap,say that they have a policy through MEGA. Isn’t that ironic and just plain wierd. We sell it, not buy it. Please people, take my advice and stay the hell away from them.

  115. I find this all very amazing, amusing and sad. My wife and I are currently Mega (UGA) agents, and have been for nearly 3 years. We’re considered self employed and have been for 25 years. We used to run our own chimney repair and sweep business for 22 years. I’m 55, my wife is 53. We’re college graduates, my degree is in Business, her’s is in the health field. Maybe it’s our age, or our work ethic, but we’re doing OK. We properly represent our product, and take on average 2 hours explaining what’s covered, and what’s excluded. All plans MUST be approved by each state’s commissioner of insurance in every state the plan is offered.
    Low deductible group plans are becoming very rare, with a few exceptions, state, local and public employees, teachers, and some union plans. When someone leaves these ‘special cover nearly everything plans’ they’re often ‘shocked’ at what they’re asked to pay in COBRA premiums. Often $1200. to $1800. per month. They most often can’t afford that premium, so they look for more affordable coverage. I’m often able to write a premium for about a third as much. They may have a $2500. deductible, then the plan may pay 70-80% until their 20-30% co-pay hits a ‘stop gap’ of $4000. Compare what I can offer, to their $14,000- $20,000. in annual premiums, or going without coverage, and risk losing EVERYTHING!
    Regardless of what business a person chooses to enter, only 5-10% actually succeed. Being a self-employed insurance agent is no different. You’ve got to really work at it. In Jan. 2005, there were 13 in my new agents training class, my wife had 12 in her Feb. 2005 class. We’re the only ones from our classes who stayed to make it work. Give Mega a call. If you have the desire, thick skin, work ethic, and some smarts maybe you can make it. I suspect that a few who posted above, either didn’t give it the effort we did. They’re probably the types who blame George Bush for everything too.

  116. Run, don’t walk away from Mega. They have recently changed their name to try and escape all the negative press. Even People Magazine had a negative story on them.
    I was a Mega rep, and can tell you first hand there are much better products out there. I am now a broker providing REAL health insurance. I can sleep at night knowing my clients have REAL health insurance.
    The smart leave quickly. Some early success reps end up owing the company soooo much money they can’t afford to leave. Oh, yea nobody has mentioned that as commissioned reps you get paid a 6 month commission. They charge interest on that money and when agents who finally figure out that the policies are trash, they can’t afford to leave! So, the Golden Handcuffs can become in conflict with morals.
    Run, don’t walk away………

  117. I sold Mega health in the east coast for a few months. Don’t do it any more. My experience with company was mixed but on balance negative. On the plus side, (1) my product training was thorough so I knew what I was selling, (2) division leaders spent much time on ethics and explaining state laws in staff meetings. BUT on the minus side, leads are phony. As someone else pointed out, many of the leads had already been called many times and/or had declined the insurance. More than a few said they were on “do not call” lists. I was also misled about the number of other Mega agents I would be competing with in my territory.
    As for NASE, it’s not a bad deal. Dues are low and you can make them pay for themselves fairly easy. You don’t have to buy Mega insurance to belong to NASE.
    As for my own personal health insurance, I bought Assurant.

  118. I fell for the MEGA scam! This agent promised me all these awesome benefits and when it came time to use them they have paid almost nothing. I used to have Assurant Health and I should have kept them. Their coverage was EXACTLY as they explained to me. The only reason I switched was because Assurant was a little pricey and Mike Hamilton, my agent for MEGA, fed me his whole line of crap on how MEGA was so great and covers all this stuff. I knew it was too good to be true, but for financial reasons I went against my better judgement and tried them. I learned my lesson the hard way! MEGA has all of these little loop holes in their coverage, and they like to talk in circles when you call them wanting to know why they aren’t covering a single $! Why all of the money I’M PAYING doesn’t go toward my deductable. Then, after you argue for a couple of hours with them they tell you that they’ll recheck the claims. In others words, they just want to get you off of their back, but they still don’t cover anything. One more thing my MEGA agent, MIKE HAMILTON, won’t even return my calls.

  119. In regards to the “A-” rating received by A.M. Best…
    This rating speaks nothing about Mega being a reputable company. The rating only signifies how much money the company makes. Below is an exact quote taken from the Mega website on this subject.
    “A.M. Best is an independent rating company that evaluates and rates insurance companies annually. The rating refers only to the overall financial status of the company and is not a recommendation of the specific provisions, rates or practices of the company.”

  120. I realize that some of the grammer and punctuation is wrong so don’t bother ripping on me about that. I get in a zone with when I’m writing things on here. These agents piss me off, and I just type and type.

  121. Mike- Christ, you are the same as every other agent out there who represents MEGA. Answer me this, what good does a Reasonable charge do when you have limits on almost all of your benefits. Please explain that to me. Also, how many times do I need to explain that there is no such thing as a “true” $4000 out of pocket maximum with your plans. Keep reading in that paragraph where your $4000 dollar co-insurance maximum is, it says, and I quote, “up to the maximum benefit.” Enough said. Do I need to argue this more or would you like me to type in every provision of the policy and point out that your 4000 co-ins. max doesn’t exist beacuse of your limits.I still have copies of your great Care One Suite from when I use to represent your joke of a group. Your group, by far let me remind you, is the most complained about orginization in the U.S. Maybe that’s why you had to change your name from UCIC to Healtmarkets. Of course your division managers will tell you that the reason for that, is Health Markets has such a nice catchy ring to it.
    Hey moron, as far as your managers account and getting a check from that, where do you think Association Field Services comes from. All that is, is the name of your District, Regional, and Divisional managers business entity. And if you look at the top of the checks from your weekly advances, it says association field services. Mega funds the accounts of your district and divisonal magagers accounts so you can get paid. Did you think it actually came from UGA. If it came from UGA, it would say that on the check. Wow, your six months of expierence is really showing how well you know your company.
    Other peoples policies in this industry, such as Assurant, Golden Rule, Humana, Guarntee Trust Life, have true 80-20 plans with a deductible. They don’t need to cap stuff like you do. Pay your deductible, and co-insurance and your done. No limits. The reasonable charge won’t even show it’s face because these groups function with a PPO. Therefore, the prices are already negotiated. If you need proof of this, reply to this post with your e-mail and a fax number and I will prove all of this to you. I will even high light things for you since it’s painfully obvious that you have a hard time comprehending what your reading. And yes, Transplants are coverd at 100% after the ded. and co-ins. I see on yours that you cover up to $250,000. Wow, tell someone that who needs a new heart or liver transplant, I bet they’ll be lining up for your policy.
    One more thing there chief. I noticed that you said you have been an agent for 6 months now. Wow, that’s a long time. Let me ask you this, what did you do before this. I’m spit balling here, but I’m assuming that it had absolutly nothing to do with health insurance. Why don’t you ask your district manager why you have such a high turn over rate, and why most people in your orginization have been there 2 years or less. I know, he’ll tell you that everyone that quits wasn’t a “go getter” and that if they couldn’t hack it at UGA or Cornerstone. Someday you will figure this all out my friend, and I’m assuming that will happen once you get more than 6 months experience. And believe me kid, if you and I sat down in front a client, you would have no chance against me or my products with that crap you pedal. Not a chance in hell. As soon as I let a client know that most of your benefits have limit caps, it’s all over. I’m guessing that in your “great” presentation you leave that part of it out. So what does it say about my plans, what it tells me is that your group preys on people with inexpierence and have know knowledge about what they are buying. Case and point. You have been doing this for six months and still don’t know what the hell your talking about. So how are your clients going to know the difference.
    Now that this debate is over, all of us are now dumber for having read your pointless blog. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

  122. I have been an agent for Mega and NASE for 6 months. I present my plans clearly. There is no misreprsentation at all. I have never received a check from my manager’s personal account or been pressured to sell NASE over the Mega Policy. I am not sure where you guys get this stuff. Yes it is hard. No one ever said it was easy to me. You are dealing with people’s health insurance, a tough subject. Ithink it takes an ethecial person to present teh correct information, dont you?
    On that note….. To clarify the comments about the Assistant surgeon and the Anesthesiologist. You forgot to mention that the primary surgeon is covered at coinsurance level selected (70% carrier responsibilty, 30% patient responsibility upto $4000 max OUT OF POCKET for the patient to $1Million / $5million max lifetime) The Secondary Surgeon is covered the same way. You forgot to mention the defenition of a covered expense. Do you know? I do! Also you forgot to comapare the Anesthesiologist and Assistant surgeon benefits to other individual policies. What do others in the industry cover? Also you for got to mention one major issue, REASONABILITY! Do the plans you carry have a reasonability clause? You know the answer to that don’t you!? Do you explain that to your clients? I do! If you are going to site the Mega policy in your argument, you better include all the details, not just pieces that you can spin. Oh, by the way. Does your plan cover transplants at 100%.
    The simple fact is that there are pros and cons to every insurance plan. If you explain the policy correctly to the customer and disclose everything and they still take the Mega Plan over what you offer, and the Mega Plan is so BAD, then what does that say about your plan.

  123. I have been a MEGA agent for a short period and currently have one foot out the door. I have been very successful and until recently was introduced to this very negative campaign. Currently, I am seeking another opportunity. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  124. KEVIN,

  125. Rick- you’re not to bright are you. It seems that UGA has a strangle hold on your preception of what is and is not considered insurance. First I would like to comment on your $4000 dollar “maiximum” out of pocket expense. If you keep reading in that section, it says that it only pays up to the “maximum benefit.” Which then leaves your client hanging out to dry, to pick up the rest of the tab. So lets take a look at what the maximum benefits are. Assistant surgeon-(At coinsurance level up to 20% of sergeons covered expenses). Wow, theres a benefit. Anesthesiologist-(At coinsurance level up to 50% of surgeons converd expenses.) Another dandy. My case and point, you are already mis-representing the policy in hand on a blog sight, and I would imagine that it is the same thing you say to your customers. You know why I know this? Because I use to work for these clowns for over a year, before I finally figured out that these insurance plans, are no more than a highly price indemnity plans and do nothing for the consumer except put them in the poor house. Every rider and or benefit has limits. Can’t you freaking read. That is not insurance. But what do you care right? YOu like everyone else gets caught up in the web of lies that UGA and Mega spins, and on top of that you guys make a crap load of money on customers who don’t know any better. That’s sick and pathetic. I hope you wake up someday, and realize that you are messing with peoples lives, and potentially ruining them in the process. Get a clue about what your selling before you start defending your “great” company. And as far as them getting approved, any company that provides some sort of relief on medical costs can get licensed and approved through the federal gov. and state commissioners office. Watch t.v. sometime and see how many commercials there are with companies stating that they can insure someone for 80 bucks a month, and then label that insurance. All that is, are plans just like the crap you pedal, indemnities. So my advice is to get an education on your products, tell everyone you sit in front of, the limitations of each of your benefits, and then get back to me on how good your sales are. GOOD DAY.

  126. I am an agent with Mega life and health in Colorado. The plans that are being referred to are a limited indemnity plan where the client chose his/her limits. This plan was sold as a “some insurance is better than no insurance” concept. The name of the plan was called “Health Choice” and is no longer available probably due to the problems it created if someone were to go over the limits they chose. It also offered a “safety net” rider whereby if you went over your limits then once the total hospitalization bill hit either 75000 or 100,000 (you as the client chose) then the plan took over 100% from there. You as the client choose your limits and you again choose to pick up the safety net rider. If you chose not to pick up the “safety net” then you had to sign off that you did not wish to carry this. There was no deception with this since you as the client (not the agent) are the one making the choice on your limits. This plan is no longer available and Mega now only offers plans with a coinsurance maximum out of pocket of 4000. However this does cost more and this leaves many people in the situation of not being able to afford any insurance at all. Also the NASE is not marketed as health insurance. It is simply a package of benefits for the self employed (that anyone can take advantage of)ranging from business to personal products. In Colorado you dont have to have any thing to do with either company to gain access to the other. Again there is no evil deception or conspiracy involved here. If there were, agencies like the state insurance commissioner would severely punish them and they wouldn’t be around for very long. Health insurance is highly regulated as it is. In fact any health plan developed by any insurance company has to be approved by federal and state agencies before it can ever be sold to a client.

  127. John, Mega Life is A rated because they pay on their claims. Of course they pay their claims. Their coverage is so frieking limited that it is easy for them to pay their claims. $3000 for brain surgery?! Mega Life lures the unknowing in with low deductibles and office copays. What people don’t know is that once the deductible is met there is basically nothing left of the policy.

  128. Show me someone who loves their insurance company and I will show you someone who has not used it. There are many factors that affect cost and coverage. Pharmachutical companies, doctors, hospitals, spiraling cost of care, immigration, and the lack of affordable insurance all contribute to the problem. Mega has attempted to provide coverage that is flexible so that anyone can afford care. You never hear about all the good things Mega does or the millions of dollars of claims it pays out each year, or the charitable work it does, or the thousands of customers that are happy with their coverage. It is unbelievable to me the venom that ex-agents have towards Mega. In almost every case, the agent blames the company and not their incompetence for their failure. Mega does everything it can to provide training to agents. It only takes a few bad apples to create negative press. Mega has policies that allows agents and customers to build plans. Brokers sell “cookie cutter” plans that they take no ownership of, and require no training other than reading a brochure. Mega agents are vested in the company and it is in their interest to have happy customers. If you look at the dates from the majority of negative information about Mega, you will see that they are not current. Mega has done everything possible to correct the problems that have existed in the past. No one spends more time on being compliant and ethical in their sales practices. There is a huge benefit for brokers and agents to try and discredit Mega, because of the competition they represent in the market. If a customer has a complaint with one company, the broker simply moves that customer to another plan. There is no loyalty or concern for the client. In the hands of a competent agent, Mega plans are an excellent choice. It all comes down to the personal integrity of the agent.

  129. John Moore? Email of abc@aol.com? Wow that’s reputable and forthright. Any chance that there’s a vested interest going on here? Oh, and of course, a rating from a credit agency is by far the best way to analyze the ethical behavior of an insurance company.

  130. Research facts, not opinion.
    MEGA is a VERY reputable company; they are rate A- by A.M. Best and you can also check them out on naic.org. Their complaint ratio is very low.

  131. I am a real estate agent, naturally self-employed, I always carry health insurance, but always chose the wrong one. I did have Mega and now I got talked into(over the phone) Continental General Ins. For my husband and I it costs us about $750 a month. Does anyone know anything about this company, is it another Mega? We live in WV so not every company insures in our state.
    I know houses and the real estate market, I don’t know health insurance. Can anyone help me?

  132. Yes, these investment houses are doing my work, aren’t they doing a great job. I recruited them myself. Of course we don’t care if you don’t have Health Care It’s just more money for what we spend it on, you know the HGA Fund, Hookers, Golf and Alcohol, of course some of us like boys too. Isn’t America great! and to someone above, yeah, just try weeding out Goldman Sacks, and Blackstone, thanks for all your support ! and thanks to ” W ” too.

  133. I have been offered a job from UGA a subsidiary of MEGA, I am getting the feeling that they have distracted me by flashing a high income and telling me they are honest. No one in my area has heard of them. I guess that should be my first clue…thanks for the warning

  134. Who is the regulatory agency for this health insurance? There is a license issued, isn’t there? Who is responsible for issuing it?

  135. Some would believe that the perfect free market solution would be for those people caught with essentially worthless insurance to simply file for bankruptcy, after all healthcare bankruptcy is at an “acceptable” level. The insurance company makes money (good for the economy) while caregivers and the insured foot the bills. Of course the free market will eventually weed out the “bad” insurers and balance will return. Yea, that’s how it works.

  136. I barely made to through Mega Life training about 5 months ago and quit before going on my first appointment. They taught us to deceive clients during training by saying to focus on the NASE benefits and not the health insurance. The quote from the manager was this:
    “These policies tend to confuse a lot of people so just focus on the member benefits. When it come to the policy the important thing to tell them is they can design their own plan, but you don’t want to get too wrapped up in details.”
    If you thought a time share sale was high pressure you ain’t seen a Mega agent!
    PS. As a note, they flat out lied to me during the interview telling them they provided leads. After training I got handed about 10 sheet of names to cold call. I spent about two hours on the phone before realizing these poor people had been calling many times before over several years.

  137. You are making an effective argument for regulation.
    We have to remember that a free market can only work if the information is approximately equal between buyer and seller. Needless to say markets are made by differences in the interpretation and quality of the information. If the playing field is not level, you do not have a free market, you have abusive practices. We should go after these people the same we go after price gougers in civil emergencies because they are unfairly profiting from an advantage not derived from natural market mechanisms.