TECH: PHR of cool

Here’s first press release I’ve seen claiming a PHR that works on your iPhone (from MedeFile). Having said that, as Apple advertises the iPhone as delivering the Internet (not a scaled down version) then presumably any web-accessible PHR is accessible on an iPhone, no?

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  1. Good point Tyler. I’m excited about Google’s new emphasis on the PHR. It’s about time. Hopefully providers will give web access to their patients so the Touch works in waiting rooms. I wonder if providers could use the Touch to document patient encounters?
    Kind of a cool concept eh?
    How’s your WRX running?
    Dave Smith

  2. Here is the deal with PHRs and the iPhone:
    -If you can access a PHR over the web, you can view it on the iPhone. However, if you need to download any kind of 3rd party proprietary software to view/enable the PHR application you are out of luck since Apple is not currently allowing any third-party software.