QUALITY: So I switch to diet 7-Up and Splenda, and what do I get?

No difference in my on-rushing likelihood of heart disease–according to the latest iteration of the Framingham study—the long running study of 9,000 patients in Massachusetts.

Might as well go back to the chocolate malts….

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Tom Leith
Tom Leith

> Of course, this study is unscientific….
> just my observation.
Observation is the essence of science.
There has been some speculation about the influence of “mere” sensation on the body, and as the article mentions, more on “behavorial conditioning” with respect to artificially sweetened drinks. Of course, the Lipton Tea people are surely behind it all…


To quote the article
“Vasan also said poor overall health habits may be one reason diet soda drinkers did not show lower heart disease risks in the Framingham study, but there hasn’t been enough research to say for sure. ”
I think that statement hits the nail in the head. A long time ago I used to work in the restaurant business, and I swear that every overweight person ordered a diet soda. Then they proceeded to order the unhealthiest meal they could. Of course, this study is unscientific…. just my observation.