TECH: This sounds like deliberate trouble..

I was sent an email about a Global Competition Seeks Disruptive Innovations in Health and Health Care. Some of you like this kind of thing. The rest may be a touch cynical & I’m not sure $5,000 is going to change the world. but it might…

"Disruptive Innovations in Health and Health Care" is an open source competition to identify ways in which the health and health care marketplace can offer services, tools and choices that consumers want but are currently out of reach because of cost, complexity or because the right idea hasn’t come along. Changemakers is looking for entrepreneurs both within and outside of the health care field with ideas for new products, services, technologies, business models-or some combination thereof-that enable consumers to manage health and receive care in ways that are more affordable, accessible, simple and convenient. The “Disruptive Innovations” competition is running until July 18. Approximately twelve competition finalists will be selected by a distinguished panel of judges, then a global network of social entrepreneurs will then vote for three winners from anywhere in the world—each of whom will receive a $5,000 cash prize from Changemakers. The Finalists will attend a Change Summit to stimulate future collaborations and insights from thought leaders in the field. Enter the competition

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  1. Matthew,
    Thanks for the note about the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Changemakers competition to identify disruptive innovations in health and health care. I also wanted to add that the $5,000 Changemakers cash awards are an important component of the competition, but they are not where the action ends. All entries will be reviewed by RWJF’s Pioneer Portfolio, which has made available up to $5 million to support innovative, disruptive approaches that come in through this competition. Once the competition closes, promising projects may be invited to submit proposals to Pioneer for possible future funding. More info. is available at http://rwjfblogs.typepad.com/pioneer/2007/04/back_in_january.html