POLICY: Uninsured in LA? Want to tell the BBC?

A BBC reporter called me looking for uninsured people in the Los Angeles area to tell their story. Is that you? Want to be a star on radio in the UK?  You have to be in LA, but if you want to tell your story contact her directly. Regan Morris 323 467 4134 or cell 323 828 6852

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  1. i live in the uk yes health system here has its flaws, but the fact is the nhs manages to cover the whole population for almost 3 time lees than the us system, this includes doctor visits, tests, hospitalisation, most operations, dugs prescriptions out patiant care some dental, ambulance sevices nhs along with the japanese health sytem is the most cost effective in the world no one here ever goes bankrupt from medical expenses. It is time to forget about the ideolagy of left and right and except that health care can only be covered by government. The private sector is intrinsically unable to to provide full coverage for those that need it because there is no profit in treating the chronically il who account for 80% of the costs to the system. National health insurance is essential for the health of the citezen and the economy. The usa is running out of time and needs to act quickly,Thank god for micheal moore he is the martin luther king of our age. health care for all

  2. Even a short search through Mr. Holt’s blog will uncover pretty categorically that healthcare in the US is somewhat less than “exceptional”… and costs a lot more.
    Sounds like the reporter is asking to hear the stories of people who are uninsured…and not whether the UK system is “better” than the US one.

  3. And, one more thing, if you think bright young people are going to spend 7 or 8 years training to become physicians in a VA-like government-run HC system, think again. Expect a dramatic decline in the quality of medical personnel if nationalized HC comes to pass. I, for one, will be looking for a new career, and I will certainly not encourage my children to enter the profession.

  4. Written like a true lefty. The fact is, 85% of Americans have exceptional care. Most of the rest are healthy young people bouncing from job-to-job.
    The Michael Moore types have this dream where white suburban mothers sit in filthy, urine-stenched government-run waiting rooms, clutching their young children for hours as derelicts, illegals with TB, and untreated schizophrenics parade about. They dream about the hostile receptionists, indifferent nurses, ancient technology, and incompetant physicians one typically finds in government run HC systems. They dream of the UK NHS, and of wondrous Cuban medical system.
    The day the Democrats succeed in nationalizing HC will be the beginning of the end of the Democratic party.

  5. Shedding light on the plight of the uninsured is as anti-American as reporting on the death and dismemberment of troops in Iraq.
    Of course, the media is just covering up all of the good stories.
    Nevermind the homeless invalid dragging his colostomy bag behind him…having been dumped by a “not-for-profit” hospital onto the streets of LA… Let’s do a feature on the hospital’s new “open, 4-D, MRI”!!!

  6. You and I both know it’s a hit piece. The BBC is never fair. It’s pure (left) agenda-driven media.

  7. Hmm….sure the BBC and all Brits hate America. And as for that reporter…well in your mind she’s clearly not bothering to come to America and is just making stuff up.
    Or perhaps the 323 area code (downtown LA) or the fact that she wants to meet the interviewee IN PERSON might just indicate that she IS here checking it out for herself.
    And anyone who criticizes the American health care system just hates America. In fact many of you reading this may be self-loathers.

  8. The BBC hates America. They just look for negative stories. Anything to smear the US. If she were an honest reporter, she’d come to the US to check out the healthcare system for herself. She might find that the most Americans receive far better care than most Brits. And, most Americans, unlike far too many Brits, can get a needed procedure done before it’s too late.