HEALTH2.0/TECH: Kosmix unveils new page

Kosmix has been known for having a number of search engine deals going with Revolution, Vimo and others. I spent a little time with the crew last week down in Mountain View, and will be interviewing Founder/CEO Venky Harinarayan later this week.

What’s most interesting is that they’re going into the portal business in a kind of mix between search and categorization. The site is called RightHealth –here’s an example of the different categories a search for diabetes brings up.

At the moment Ask.com is changing it’s search representation, Healthline is providing a mix of search and content, Healia and Medstory (now part of Microsoft) are doing a separate filtering approach, and you suspect that more is brewing within a small tech company in Mountain View (which BTW has city-wide WiFi up and running there…)

So search is continuing to get more and more interesting. (and yes most of these folks will be at the Health2.0 conference)

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  1. Thanks for your comments, folks. Your point about the site needing more rich media elements is well taken. Please check back tomorrow (June 14th) and send us feedback – feedback@righthealth.com
    Also – our categorization engine is continually fine-tuned. If you have specific examples of when the system gave you unexpected results, I’d love to hear about it so we can improve upon it. My email is saumil AT Kosmix DOT com.
    I’m also not quite sure about your concerns regarding scaling Kosmix. Our categorization engine knows about hundreds of millions of health pages on the web!

  2. Looks nice, but perhaps a little too busy. It also seems that some of the same articles appear under both basic and advanced reading. Not sure why they chose to categorize in this manner, as it must be a maintenance nightmare. How do they plan on scaling this in order to categorize the enormous volume of health care information available on the Internet?