HEALTH2.0/TECH: Kosmix unveils new page

Kosmix has been known for having a number of search engine deals going with Revolution, Vimo and others. I spent a little time with the crew last week down in Mountain View, and will be interviewing Founder/CEO Venky Harinarayan later this week.

What’s most interesting is that they’re going into the portal business in a kind of mix between search and categorization. The site is called RightHealth –here’s an example of the different categories a search for diabetes brings up.

At the moment Ask.com is changing it’s search representation, Healthline is providing a mix of search and content, Healia and Medstory (now part of Microsoft) are doing a separate filtering approach, and you suspect that more is brewing within a small tech company in Mountain View (which BTW has city-wide WiFi up and running there…)

So search is continuing to get more and more interesting. (and yes most of these folks will be at the Health2.0 conference)

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