TECH/POLICY: Mr Quinn is a little cynical about Dr Brailer

Ex-Health IT Czar David Brailer is starting a fund for health care IT with a pretty damn ambitious goal — reducing health care costs —and some $500m in funding from the state of California (or at least its employees pension plan CalPERS). Most amusing comment so far is from my old i-Beacon colleague Matt Quinn.

Dr. Brailer is starting a healthcare focused VC company with a pretty significant benefactor…too bad this wasn’t around in the i-Beacon days! I really don’t think that more money flowing to entrepreneurial HIT companies will solve the underlying reimbursement, financing and adoption issues that are limiting HIT today.

It will make for a more interesting HIMSS, though.

I look forward to sharing a pint or two of that “interest” with Matt and Dr Brailer too!

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