HEALTH 2.0 User-Generated Healthcare

Web 2.0 technologies including social networking, blogs,  patient communities and online tools for search and self-care management look as though they will permanently alter the health care landscape. Come meet the leading figures in Health2.0. You’ll see rapid fire demos from start-ups and  hear the reactions from established players in the field. Health2.0–User Generated Healthcare  is a conference with new content, a dedicated report, networking, exciting demos, and expert interaction. It features leaders from Google, Sermo, Intuit, PatientsLikeMe, Healthline, Healia, WebMD, Microsoft, Organized Wisdom, MedHelp and many, many more. You’ve never seen anything like this in health care before. www.health2con.com

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  1. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, is it better to learn on my own or go to school regarding medical billing .

  2. I forgot to mention in my previous post that the American Health Care Congress are looking for exhibitors working on innovative approaches to health care. Please feel to contact me at adamatus@mac.com. I love to talk to you about it.
    Dr. Atif Adam
    American Health Care Congress

  3. I feel that healt2con is a fantastic event that will get more people to talk more about health care IT infrastructure. Its something that is not as popular a topic in most conferences. Congrats on the initiative.
    I am currently helping to organize the American Health Care Congress (http://www.americanhealthcarecongress.org/Home/) at Ontario, CA for October and one of the key areas that we will be talking about is integration services amongst providers. It will be great if you could attend it.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Why are people so concerned about “Health 2.0?” The savvy tech companies have already leapfrogged 2.0 and are preceding directly to Health 3.0.

  5. Iri (www.iMedix.com) – i’d like to connect and visit on a couple of things… Matt – VERY nice of you to offer some limited scholarships! I know how expense it is to put on a QUALITY/WORTHWHILE conference and it is not cheap.
    Lastly, please keep an eye out as we open up the physician back-end of medbillmanager into our consumer search tool (www.findyourdoc.com) Acute care costs (aka charges, reimb, and costs) for top inpatient and outpatient service per hospital for all states is coming shortly (very shortly)
    Viva transparency!
    – christopher

  6. You nailed it, Marko. “Health 2.0” is just a BUZZWORD, nothing more, nothing less. Concepts and technologies themselves have been around forever.
    Let the stampede begin. Caveat Emptor!

  7. I wonder if Health 2.0 is going to be the next big buzz word for the web like web 2.0… Web 2.0 technologies have certainly made the web more interactive and user orientated but it will be interesting to see how these same technologies will be applied to health related websites. Looks like a great conference.

  8. Happy to hear the different kind of Social Network ,user-generated health community, which is very useful. I like this bolg, which is one stop to get the different eHealth information.

  9. Thanks for all the comments (even yours Dmitriy!). If you’re an individual concerned about the conference cost please write to us at info@health2con.com, as there are some scholarships available. But if I told you what it costs to put on this conference, and how much work an financial risk is involved, you’d just be questioning my sanity!
    Meanwhile there is another Healthcamp coming up in June in Palo Alto

  10. It would be nice if some of the mainstream web 2.0 companies were somehow brought into the conversation. I like the niche focus a lot – and it obviously makes a great deal of sense given logistics – but it would be great to hear what some of the other players.
    I’ve read a couple of pieces that suggest that Wikipedia is doing very well in this space. A lot of very interesting experiments are popping up on YouTube as well. Too bad you can’t go to two days. Or can you?

  11. I think it’s wonderful that health2con is occuring. However, does the cost HAVE to be so prohibitive? $949 with a discount to $799? This is so prohibitive to anyone but companies or wealthier individuals. There are a number of us who are starting our own “health 2.0” related websites and would love to be a part of this conversation but now cannot. I know there was a healthcamp recently in SF, maybe another unconference of this type (free) is the only way the rest of us can be involved in this discussion.
    Are there other means for reduced registration costs for health2con? What does $799 go to, especially since there are so many big sponsors?

  12. You forgot to mention MyDocHub.com (http://www.mydochub.com) a user-generated health community that enables you to rate doctors based on average waiting room times and total time spent at doctor appointments, and let users to pick doctors based on those and other criteria’s, as well as free search on doctors with criminal records, videos, forums and blogs.

  13. Matt’s observation is telling. We can only hope that well-intentioned but multifacetedly wrongheaded initiatives such as paying doctors for answering patient email will quickly find their way to the electronic dustbin of health 2.0 history, while innovations featuring more valuable IT applications find themselves rewarded by socioeconomic forces. That happy outcome is hardly foreordained.

  14. Regardless of whether or not we go to a single-payer system, move to a consumer-directed health care world, or stay pretty much status quo, the administrative and clinical tools & infrastructure that are being generated as part of “Health 2.0” will be here to stay.
    What is going to be fascinating to watch though is how the choice of a particular health care financing system is going to determine the winners and losers that ultimately emerge from “Health 2.0.” It has already been particularly interesting to watch the more savvy health plans (e.g., Aetna, Humana) hedge their bets.

  15. Fear not, 3.0 is coming sooner then you think
    But first thing is to get a good bugfix release. Most IT shops would not upgrade Windows till a service pack is out. So think Health 2.1
    Consider also including build number, e.g. Health 2.1, Build 1389, recommended stable version
    This versioning really helps keep things crisp and clear

  16. Iri–Good to hear. A few suggestions. a) email me some more details privately, b)get yourself listed on the Health2.0 wiki c) I’m pretty scared about using the 2.0 moniker. I think 3.0 is way too early! I’m not sure there is such a thing as a second generation search engine yet (although several people disagree). But search is SO important that any innovations there are vital to understand.

  17. I enjoyed reading your blog and this last post especially. I think it’s important to mention our 3rd Generation healthcare web application called http://www.iMedix.com. “The company’s service is a community powered health search engine, enabling consumers to easily find, contribute and share information with other people. Through its proprietary search algorithms and learning system technologies, iMedix allows people to make better health-related decisions and provide them with personal, relevant and valuable information with regards to their health.”
    I’d love to chat about consumer healthcare if you have a min. Btw – It is possible to receive an invitation to our beta test group.
    Co-Founder of iMedix

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