TECH: Put this one down in the somewhat bizarre category

A NY Times op-ed, no less, exhorting physicians to adopt VistA. I assume this means that Scott Shreeve & Fred Trotter’s phones will be ringing off the hook.

Now I know this is a good idea and all that, but someone should tell Wired’s Thomas Goetz that Vista for the physicians office, which is where the crux of the problem lies, not only isn’t ready for prime time—it’s not even been officially released yet!!

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  1. As mentioned before, the introduction of WorldVistA was a terrible decision that is only confusing the market. A lot of people are wasting their time and efforts on a system that is as antiquated as the first PC.
    The laggards are finally catching up to the fact that transformation is necessary. Unfortunately, they are stuck on 20-year old technology. I talk more about this at http://blogs.firstaidsoftware.com/healthcare_blogmatica/2007/06/worldvista_you_.html

  2. Tom–YeahBut. WorldVista isn’t ready for prime-time for a physician’s office. There isn’t really a support network to put it in place, and as I mentioned the office-ready version isn’t — unless it snuck by me somehow.
    AND the biggest cost of the ambulatory EMR is not the software, it’s getting it up and running. Which is harder with these open source models.
    I am with you in spirit (honestly! whatever my other commenters think). I just think we need to pay and force doctors to use the EMR. Telling them to get on VistA isn’t going to do it.

  3. Thomas Goetz, author of the op-ed in question, here. Sounds like you didn’t quite read the piece – the whole point is that WorldVista has been certified as ready for the market, meaning it’s available now. Not sure why you think a 2 year old story disproves that…

  4. Agree with joe blow 1000%. Pundits hitting VistA are only after promoting their own interests…
    Most likely reason too, for why nobody has raised the curiosity about the “excellence” of VistA that was abandoned by the VA in favor of CPRS.
    VA is not sharing CPRS though, even if its development was funded by taxpayer money; could the “debate” over VistA being fomented to screen for the clamor for VA to share CPRS???

  5. Holt doesnt want Vista to be adopted nationwide because it would be largely free and it would cut out his business partner cronies from sticking thier greedy fingers into the healthcare pie so they can make millions making their own system. A system which would probably infinitely inferior to VISTA despite being 10 times more expensive.
    WE have a solution to the healthcare EMR problem and its called VISTA. We dont need a thousand companies trying to price gouge America with their price-inflated software that provides no added value over vista.

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