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    Narumol Narula
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  2. I am a graduate student from London School of Economics and my thesis is on medical tourism. I am looking to interview people (particularly US residents) who have traveled for medical care. Any feedback is appreciated.

  3. I know lot of people going abroad for medical treatment. Earlier, even I too got lot of doubts on “Medical Tourism”. But, after reading Medical Tourism Testimonials and Press Releases I got convinced that it is safe. Apart from that, some my close relatives and friends got surgery done at abroad. And, there were no complaints. They did enjoyed their trip. Anyhow…Nice Article on Medical Tourism in Singapore. Thanks!

  4. Peter Teiman– Franklin here,
    Considering the impact of resistant TB, one wonders how long TB can be attenuated in “safe” countries with international air travel.
    Peter Teiman– Franklin,

  5. Interesting article. It certainly exemplifies the breakdown in international borders when it comes to healthcare. This is also described in the book by Peter Teiman.
    Peter Teiman

  6. Interesting interview. My 70-year-old Mom is going to need both knees replaced at some point in the next couple of years. She won’t take meds just for pain, but the pinot grigio is doing less and less for her all the time. And she loves to travel, so I’ve been thinking about counseling her to consider an overseas procedure.
    I did catch one thing in the interview that gave me pause, however: the fact that Singaporean docs are doing procedures to keep up their skills. I know they are generally US-trained, and the tourist hospitals go through JCAHO or some similar US accreditation. But all other things being equal, the best place to go for a planned surgery is the facility that does the most of your planned procedure. If these tourist hospitals are struggling to keep their count up, it makes me wonder if you’re not placing yourself at risk for complications or other bad outcomes if you go to a place that is low-volume. And how could you seek recourse from a place half a world away?
    On the other hand, if you don’t pay the bill, one would think it would be tough for collections to track you down.

  7. Isn’t working?
    Click the link provided, scroll down, look for the May Archive and click on that.
    I read the interview just last night and checked again this morning -its still there.