INDUSTRY: You can’t buy publicity like this

The kids at AHIP and PhRMA must be holding their heads in their hands this morning. Everyone in health care knows that Michael Moore’s Sicko is coming out soon. But in case you thought there wasn’t going to be enough publicity, the US Government has launched an investigation to see whether Moore’s trip to Cuba—where he followed some American patients seeking free care in a publicity stunt—violated US law. Apparently you have to be a journalist to go to Cuba…and by the Treasury department’s definition Moore might not be one.

This is so stupid that you have to believe that whoever launched this in the government is a mole for single payer interests or owns stock in the movie. Moore must be laughing his ass off with delight! 

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    IMHO, Mr. Moore went to Cuba deliberately, to piss-off GWB. And being the favorite whipping-boy of W.F. Buckley, GWB consumed Mr. Moore’s bait — hook, line and sinker.
    What a friggin’ joke.

  2. Do not purchase Covidien shares (formerly Tyco Healthcare).
    They purposely deceived the FDA. Instead of fixing products that harmed and killed patients, they initiated a cover-up and shreaded documents.
    They also fired all of the potential whistleblowers.

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