TECH: Quadramed surveys consumers on EMRs et al

Just to show that you don’t have to be Kaiser to survey the public on EMRs, mid-tier vendor Quadramed has done so too. The basic findings are that few consumers were aware that national quality ratings exist. And frankly I think that the few who are aware are wrong! But if they did exist they say they would use them (which is now what actually happens now BTW according to Harris data). Even fewer had heard of P4P, but in general they liked the idea once it was explained to them. And while roughly half had heard of EMRs, they like that concept too. Finally 42% said they’d experienced an insurance related error. I assume the remaining 52% have never filed a claim!

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  1. As stated in the report, privacy is the big achilles heal of EMRs, ” However, respondents are concerned with privacy and cost. 77 percent of respondents would have increased concerns over the privacy of their records, and less than half (41%) would be willing to pay higher co-pays and fees for doctors and hospitals with the technology needed to access and update EMR’s.”
    Until a thorough method is developed to insure patient privacy, people will not consent to EMRs. If the American pulic truly knew of the plans of the healthcare industry and the federal government to create a medical internet(aka National Health Information Network), they would be truly opposed to it, as almost no one wants their sensitive medical information computerized and acessible on the internet by a doctor just clicking his mouse. It is the patient’s right to choose whether other medical information and history is discussed and to be accessed with a provider.
    The patient has the right ot determine whom can see and access thier private medical information as well as to segregate portions of their medical records.