POLICY: Gratzer vs Cohn at TNR

The New Republic turned over its column to David Gratzer yesterday and today Jonathan Cohn responds. All good stuff, even if Jon yet again misses out on laying down the financial consequences of being poor and sick here. And he is a little too nice to David. Not hard because David is really nice, but all the same the positions he espouse are factually challenged and basically don’t pass the rational sniff test.

At least that’s what I thought after he and I had a more than polite agree to disagree conversation, in which I think I played Manchester United and he played Roma! Mind you they tied that first leg, so perhaps Jon is waiting till later in the week to really stick it to David!

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  1. I see … David is factually challenged, however Jon baldly states that over 40 million Americans are uninsured while including 14 million people who are eligible for Medicaid or SHIP, more than 9 million people who make more than $75K a year – and millions of illegal immigrants.
    I hope that David is not too hard on Jon with his response.