POLICY: Blue Shield dumps the realtors whereas Blue Cross dumps on Arnie

And in the kicking butt and taking names department (more great work from Lisa Girion on this), California’s big non-profit Blues plan manages to wriggle out of insuring one unprofitable group — Realtors . Whereas Wellpoint, the parent of California’s for-profit Blue’s insurer has decided that it just can’t stomach the insistence of the Governator that they spend 85% of their revenue on medical care (i.e. give up a big chunk of their profits) and is the first insurer to publicly oppose his plan. (Although I told you that was coming a while back)

Hmm….this is a deal I think they should take while it’s still on the table. They have a new CEO. I wonder how long she intends to be around? If it’s more than a couple of years I bet she’ll wish they’d not done that.

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  1. Blue Cross has never had a steller reputation. Their non-profit status is a joke. My experience with them here in NC caused me to voluntarily get out of the health insurance scam. Lost is right that we don’t need these paper pushing middlemen that do nothing but drive up costs while not adding any value. As for realtors, that industry should be big enough to self insure.

  2. Let these big for profit providers LEAVE, we don’t need these over paid paper pushers. Wellpoint, United Healthcare are the devil. They don’t care about people, all they care about is money and greed, these kinds of people should not be allowed to be in the Health care business. The only reason they are is because of the huge amounts of money going into it, that the only reason, and they want to raid it.