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  1. I am an American living in Canada, and I have US citizenship also. The Canadian health care system is atrocious! I encourage anyone to write to me to get my experience, both past and present. I came to Canada seven years ago and got sick here. My experience was a nightmare. I eventually left and had the operations I needed in Boston, a month after I saw a doctor. The Canadian system was toxic: doctors who wanted me to present with only one issue, not two or three…doctors who refused to diagnose…etc. And, it continues. I went in with a lump in my right breast today and the MD told me I should go to an emergency room and ask for an immediate referral…he also said I should do that with my lumbar pain…it was downright freaky…Oh, and he told me he couldn’t be my primary care MD because he was retiring…they say that alot here…and I am not sure why. cj_plourde at yahoo dot ca

  2. John, from a patient’s view it’s hard to see where the influence from government has been nothing but that which has been lobbied and bribed for by the health industry itself. I agree that a true free market does not exist in healthcare, but neither does it exist anywhere else in this economy. Are you saying that a total withdrawal of government from healthcare will solve our problems? Will we be able to afford those heart by-passes by paying cash or maybe chickens as they did in the 19th century?

  3. Please tell me some more about “U.S. Free Market healthcare”. Did it exist in the 19th century perhaps? Surely, you cannot be talking about the reality of the last half century, in which every level of government has exerted more financial infuence and regulatory control every year, with often deadly consequences that have been well measured by any number of policy analysts (including myself) who would like nothing better than to see the resurrection of a “U.S. Free Market healthcare”.

  4. If U.S. free-market healthcare was more efficient than the dreaded single pay countries it would be self evident with lower costs. It would also be amusing to see if the tables were turned (single pay 16% of GDP – U.S. 10%) how the free marketeers would point to that to prove the folly of government run healthcare. Follow the money from unfounded scare tactic spin.