JOB POST: Passionate about changing health care?

We’re looking for curious and
innovative people to join our team of scientists, modelers, behavioralists,
people without titles, and visualization experts to create new innovations in
consumer health. We’re fusing knowledge
from engineering, clinical, behavioral and economic disciplines to build models
that understand and predict a person’s overall health, their healthcare needs
and their health behavior. 11 million
members, 11 million meaningful health solutions, I say!

Go read the corporate speak job
descriptions or better yet, just email me: mrosenthal@gmail.com

http://tinyurl.com/2rzpez (Clinical

http://tinyurl.com/32dnwv (Web

http://tinyurl.com/37v2wt  (Financial and Health Planning Informatics)

none of these fit you to a T, and you have something else to offer, shoot me an
email too. — Melanie

Go look at more healthcare jobs on the job board.

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  1. As a public relations student at Kent State Univeristy who is interested in health care, I am happy that you are taking the opportunity to better the health care needs of patients. I have learned, working for a hospital, that it’s important to understand the health care needs of individuals. I think hospitals and other health services should always strive to be one of the best places to practice medicine. Posting the jobs on your blog was an incredible idea. The applicants who apply for these jobs are your audience who are interested in health care. Great idea!