POLICY: Is Healthcare a right? By Eric Novack

Food for thought for
the weekend… and beyond. Should the immoral in the rest of the business
world be trumped by the needs of some people?

Would it be ethical for an employer to require overtime and not pay
employees for the work? What if it is just really a busy time and the
public needed access to the store? What would happen if the employer
instituted this policy? Would it be easier or harder for the employer
to find people willing to work there?
The answer, of course, is that employers cannot force employees to
work without pay. And employees would look for other places to find
work and make a living – quickly!
Yet, when we talk about health care, what we know to be morally
repugnant – forcing people to work without pay for fear of sanction –
does not seem to apply.
Some in government – elected officials and bureaucrats – and some
activists believe that health care is a “right.” They see a need for
specialty coverage in emergency rooms that are currently lacking. They
believe that physicians have a moral obligation to be available to
provide care that is needed. 
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