POLICY: Susan Blumenthal–wanting to change the world by studying it?

Susan Blumenthal, M.D (who I’ve met and like a lot) thinks that we can change the world (or at least the health care system) by studying it  a little more. Then the incoming President in 2008 will have all the answers and we just have to pass the legislation. (OK she doesn’t quite say that).
I’m all for more better information on what we should do and on what’s wrong now. But I’m torn. Don’t we know the problems already? Don’t we know the solutions? And don’t we know that the health care system actors will do virtually anything to keep the status quo going?

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  1. I don’t want equal healthcare I want healthcare that works. I don’t really want much of anything that the hospitals offer for chronic disease. Really, the whole system is based on making money on a lot of treatments that don’t cure and don’t work.
    Revolution in the streets? There has to be a revolution in the mind first.
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  2. “those who don’t agree with me might just have some vested interests”
    Really. Well, I’m thrilled to learn that there’s at least one person on the planet who is innocent of vested interests. My congratulations to you, sir.

  3. Stella’s right. I might have been using the Royal we. On the other hand those who don’t agree with me might just have some vested interests at work. I have no doubt that in the absence of vested interests three people of different persuasions (e.g. to take from regulars on this site me, Barry Carol, and Eric Novack) could get to a happy compromise that would satisfy each of us enough that we’d support it.
    I have equally no doubt that said compromise would not survive the political firestorm it would have to go through. Which is why we wont get real change until there’s revolution in the streets.

  4. Personally, I do not believe that anymore studying will help out with the health care system just because a lot of corporation such as Walmart will not like the idea of having health care plans for their company. If we are to give everyone equal health care which is ideally what everyone would want just because not everyone can afford it. Since we live in a democracy, the equal health care plan will not work just because everyone will have their own opinion of what will be the best health care plan for the United States.

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  6. “Don’t we know the problems already? Don’t we know the solutions? ”
    Depends on who you include as “we”. If you mean only you and your friends, then yes you guys agree on your definitions of the problems and your solutions. But curiously enough, others – even some who post on this board – disagree, and have different definitions of the problems and different solutions.
    So the answer to your questions appears to be “no”.