PODCAST/TECH: Allscripts CEO Interview–What’s the future for eRx and EHR?

Two really interesting conversations today. First a chat with Allscripts CEO Glen Tullman. Find out what he thinks about Barack Obama, the dot-com boom and the bust, and ePrescribing. Not necessarily in that order. He also brought HIMSS doc of the year Jim Morrow with him–a passionate and very interesting EMR user. Here’s the interview.

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  1. > He’s still a fan, though
    Well, sort of. I think its promising.
    Look, if you’re going to build software services delivered via the ASP Model you want John Doerr around. He’s famous for backing teams vs. products and so I expect Purkinje’s got the best guys he/they can find in each slot, adequate capital, and great guidance. He knows the technology itself, and understands very well technology management. His brother is a pretty bright guy too. If you’re going to implement an EMR from a newish-on-the-scene company, I don’t know what else you’d want to look for.
    None of this guarantees their success, and they could choose to engage in anti-social behavior like making it even more difficult than normal to convert one’s practice to a competitor’s platform, or by raising prices inordinately, or by failing to invest enough in the product going forward to keep it state-of-the-art. But so can everyone else, and a good many of them have.
    Implementing mission-critical software in any sort of company is like a marriage: its risky, it will influence the rest of your life, and for most people its indispensible. If it goes bad, you can get out, but its painful, messy, and expensive.
    So, does it mean quite as much that John Doerr is involved given that his brother founded the new company? I don’t quite see why it means less for customers…
    Matthew & MrHISTalk might have something to add.

  2. > new round of $10m in financing, most of which John
    > Doerr (of Kleiner Perkins) probably found under his
    > couch cushions.
    I guess it helps to have a rich brother(?)
    Anyway, FWIW I have helped to implement the Purkinje CareSeries EMR and PM system with a solo doc here in St. Louis. Too early yet to give a good report on effectiveness, but I think the prognosis is good. I think their model and price point will be disruptive in the market.

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