TECH: The Magic Ingredient for E-Prescribing? And a trademark grumble

At iHealthbeat, the ever wonderful Jane Sarasohn Kahn tells you more than probably ever needed to know about NEPSI–the Allscripts et al backed free ePrescribing initiative.

BTW, if you use the words eRx apparently you don’t mean ePrescribing but you mean this company instead. Or at least that’s what their lawyer Mr Swindle (I shit you not) said in his letter to me. Pity that said word has been used to mean ePrescribing since well, well before the foundation of said company, and certainly before it got a trademark on it in 2001. But it’s good that said company is rich enough to pay high-priced lawyers to write stupid letters. I suspect that they’re not so pissed with me, as with these companies and government agencies—whom people have actually heard of—using the term!

Talk about fleas claiming that they own the dog! I’m thinking of trade-marking the term eIdiot.

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  1. Matthew,
    LOL. Tell the Swindler that “ePrescribing” gets 107,000 hits on Google. He will have a lot of letters to write, and perhaps even a few folks will suggest that the term is already in the public domain.
    ….gotta go, I think I hear the trademark police knocking…that’ll teach me to use the “eP” word.