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Over at tech blog TechCrunch, there’s a piece on Revolution Health. What’s most interesting is the comment section, where the CEOs from DailyStrength, Organized Wisdom, and others and the Chief Medical Officer of Revolution itself all pitch in.

Frankly, the nit-picking over who does what best reminds me of the line about the fleas arguing about who owns the dog. For this Health2.0 stuff, these are such early days that the only people I really discount are the ones arguing that we shouldn’t rate doctors or allow patients to talk to each other in communities. (Yes, there are a few commenters saying exactly that).

Of course people will still be trying to close that door long after the horse has bolted.

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  1. Disclaimer: I’m a producer at Revolution Health, and I’m proud to say our site has now launched. Feel free to go in and see for yourself.
    I’d mention to Marc that it’s just a public forum, and we’re all capable to judge the credibility of the posters as we see fit, just as we rate doctors, the news, and any other content we consume. It’s not fool-proof, nor is it intended to be. However, providing this medium for patients to share their experiences can only help the industry become more of a meritocracy.
    (Plus, we have a function that allows you to rate not only the doctors, but the ratings, as well. If you think someone’s full of it, just rate their evaluation as 0% helpful!)

  2. Well let me be the first on your blog to be discounted by you, by stating
    You can’t rate doctors until you rate the patients they treat, unless of course all you’re looking for is some subjective rating of what great personalities some doctors have.
    Knowing that and $2.35 will get you a cup of coffee somewhere I’m sure

  3. My favorite comment is #44 (excerpt):

    Pardon my candor: I’m surprized that none of you “insiders” have pointed this out…there’s been plenty of companies that have tried what Case is doing and most of them crashed and burned. I suspect some of you who posted here on behalf of your companies are some of the “walking dead”- companies margially funded in hopes of a merger or outright purchase by a company like Revolution. Time will tell if he can pull it off.

    The history will (as usual) repeat itself. Every new wave brings a handful of big winners and hordes of also-rans. What pains me to watch are people responding with pitches in comments section of their competitor’s announcement…
    Are they really counting on THAT making them the winners ??? Or on being called “Health 2.0” ??? How sad…

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