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Josh Seidman, the President of the Center for Information Therapy, and someone I must confess to knowing and liking, has descended into the mire and started his own blog. He told me that a friend had suggested it to him—I told him his friend can’t have liked him very much!

The blog is called Information Therapy…and Other Ways to Change the World. I must also confess that I’m partly responsible for the recent entry on PHRs as I’ll be a presenter with Josh at a webinar for the Center on PHRs and Information Therapy which is coming up on Tuesday January 23. The idea is that we’d generate a little interest and get a few potential new members for the Center to listen in. I was hoping to invite THCB readers to fill out the crowd. But within 12 hours of sending out the announcement, they’d had more than 100 sites sign up, which means that we’ll have to do it twice at least, and I’m not sure there’ll be room for any more.

I’d like to think that Josh and I are such a draw that we’re responsible for the crowd. But I tend to think that (in my view 6 years too late!) the PHR is finally starting to get the attention it deserves. If you are really keen to attend, send Dorothy Jeffress at the Ix Center an email, and she’ll see if she can squeeze you in.

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  1. I think you’re right – PHRs are starting to get the attention they deserve. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Markle Foundation, and several HHS agencies hosted a conference on PHRs last month that drew a crowd of over 500. Now that people are getting excited about PHRs, we’ll need to sort out what they are and what they could be. I’d argue that this is far from settled and there’s an opportunity for some real creativity. For more on this idea, see my recent post: PHRs: They’re Hot, They’re Sexy, But What Are They, Exactly? on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneering Ideas blog.

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