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  1. That’s probably close. If you are a gambler who’s not worried about catastrophes, then get an HD HSA plan. 8^) Sounds like it’s right up your alley.
    Here in Ohio, my plan for a guy your age <>> is about $206 according to Anthem.com’s quoting tool.
    The quoting tool for BCBS CA is apparently offline at the moment. Go figure… just when you need it.

  2. “What don’t you get?”
    Maybe I’m a gambler and not worried about catastrophe’s?
    Anyway, I’m in my early 50’s so I’d wager that a similar policy to yours would probably cost me more like $200-250/month. I seem to recall #’s in this range when I looked into this a while ago.

  3. You couldn’t be more wrong. If you have no conditions or meds, get a high deductible HSA plan. Get it now while you can. You won’t ever have to worry about being covered again. You own the policy. Your employer can give you a tax free allowance for he policy once you get another job. It’s yours as long as you pay the premium.
    I have an Anthem HSA plan with a $2500 OP MAX/DEDUCTIBLE. It costs me about $75 a month. It’s insurance. That’s what it’s for…nothing else. Buying a bundle of “benefits” from a carrier is like buying oil change insurance for your car. Your worst case above is $2250 at $993 a month. You’ll pay $12ka year even if you don’t have insurance. My worst case is $2500 at $75 a month. I’ll pay $900 for the whole YEAR even if I don’t use it. But that’s what it’s for.. it’s just health insurance. What don’t you get?

  4. No, no conditions or meds. But have gotten everything checked while I am covered [lol]. Yes, I know that I can get individual insurance. I’d probably have to go with a fairly high deductible to get the price down to something I might want to pay for on a monthly basis though. I’ve rolled the dice before and I’ll likely do it again until I locate my next gig.
    This is a PPO plan with Blue Cross California. It is a $250 deductible and includes a $10 copay, 90% coverage at participating organizations and a $2000 out-of-pocket annual max (then they pay at 100%). I am a single person. I can’t even begin to imagine what a family plan with a couple of kids must cost!
    We really need a national healthcare plan. There just is no way that the average worker w/o health care or the unemployed can pay the huge $$ required to obtain healthcare in the USA these days.

  5. Jojo, do you have any conditions or take any meds? If nothing serious, and provided you are not a rodeo clown or an underwater welder (ha!) you can look into individual insurance.
    In what state do you reside?

  6. Ha! Too true. I lost my job end of December. When I was given the Cobra continuation papers I found that my health insurance cost the company $933/month and the dental cost $56/month.
    Clearly, I won’t be able to afford healthcare coverage until I find another job (and someone to pay these astronomical costs!).

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