TECH/CONSUMERS: Revolution Health & MedBillManager

 OK for those of you desperate to take a look at Revolution Health’s "invite only" site, here is an officially blessed invitation to go sign-up  (and of course to look at what $500m buys you!).

Meanwhile, at the other end of the opulence scale, start-up Medbillmanager is attempting to compete with Revolution/Intuit et al in the way consumers deal with their medical and insurance  billing/payment.

Obviously it’s early days. But it’s well worth taking a look at both of these two sites to see how new web technologies are putting information, organizational capability, and just maybe power, into the hands of consumers.

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  1. Lynn,
    I think you’re missing the point. Most of the site appears to be free with only high end personalized services behind the paid membership.
    I think there’s a lot here to be jazzed about. I think about the website as just part of what Case and Co. are doing. Look at the Redi-Clinic’s that he’s putting in Wal-Mart’s across the country. I suspect this will be a very large company…very quickly.
    Agreed, 500mm can buy a lot. You can also effect a lot of change for that money. I think that’s what he’s after. Sure, no one starts a business to lose money…but read his blog on the site. This is a mission for him. That makes a powerful motivator to build something that endures for the long haul.

  2. Let me see if I get this deal, Mr. Case will let me “explore” his Revolution site for a year for free as he collects my information and then to continue, it will cost me $10 a month to subscribe (not to mention the cost of the bill management software). No I don’t think so.
    Most of the information Mr. Case is providing for $120 a year is now available for free at the NIH webpages or ratings on Craig’s List.
    Now I remember why I fired AOL six years ago….

  3. Thanks for writing. We have a lot of great tools and membership offerings coming very soon (including a great way to manage medical expenses). We hope you and your readers check out our site and provide us with your honest feedback. It is very valuable to us, especially during this preview period. Thanks in advance!
    Revolution Health

  4. Thanks so much for posting about medbillmanager! We’re trying to make a difference in the lives of consumers who have to deal with medical bills, so we appreciate the link and ANYONE who has feedback as we continually improve and roll-out new features and tools.
    Thanks again,
    – christopher